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Thuway: Infinity Ward & Visual Concepts Not Fans of Xbox One

Insider Ahsan Rasheed (AKA Thuway) confirms that two high profile studios such as Infinity Ward and Visual Concepts clearly prefer PS4 over Xbox One. (Ahsan Rasheed, Infinity Ward, PS4, Visual Concepts, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   500d ago | Well said
Yep let the COD developers decide the fate of Xbone!
Abash  +   500d ago
If the PS4 is stronger and easier to develop for, why would they *not* prefer it?
Hatsune-Miku  +   500d ago | Well said
Ps4 is the best console in history so they'll prefer it to the inferior xbox one.

The ps4 is over 50% more powerful than xbox one so they're able to make their games perform better and look better
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tuglu_pati  +   500d ago | Well said
Can we stop giving this guy (Thuway) so much importance...
JP1369  +   500d ago

I'm so glad you're constantly on here continuing your unpaid PR campaign, so that I never have to hear you being a megaphone for nonsense on PSN. I agree that the PS4 is great, which is why I spend a good part of my free time playing it, rather than practicing fanboy rhetoric on N4G.

PSN ID: Wendel_T_Stamps
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NancyRVelez   500d ago | Spam
Alexious  +   500d ago
That's right. It's pretty obvious that developers prefer it.
Eizhale  +   499d ago
Good logic buddy :-)
otherZinc  +   499d ago

Since the PS4 is so easy to develop for, where's Drive Club?
ShinMaster  +   499d ago

lol weak argument, dude. Driveclub devs never stated that they had any problems with the PS4 at all. Where'd you pull that out of?
They're simply making their game better and more feature complete. The delay has nothing to do with PS4's hardware.
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Gekko36   499d ago | Immature | show
Rainstorm81  +   499d ago
Gekko you a bigot or racist.......who decides to buy products based on country and not quality.....SMH sad consumers indeed
ocnkng  +   499d ago
@Gekk..something stupid!

What about Chinese then? Do you refuse to buy that also? And German is good? Do let us know.
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solidt12  +   499d ago
The thing I can't understand is why the Xbone graphics look so much worst than the PS4 if they use the same chip and amount of memory. I know the PS4 has faster memory but I didn't think we would be seeing this big of a difference. the MGS V GZ video Hideo put out was a big eye opener. The XBone is looking mor like Wii U Graphics which is a shame since it has so much more power than a Wii U. I just don't get it.
Septic  +   500d ago | Well said
Sorry but those COD developers, who are a shadow of the previous outhouse that comprised the greatness that now is Respawn, are in no position to decide the fate of the Xbox.
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KNWS  +   500d ago
They don't want to be labelled second best on the x box platform behind Titanfall. Its fairly obvious what there up to. They want to become the leading shooter on PS4 to match up against Titanfall.

They also hate the fact Vince Zapella is doing well with Titanfall. Activision and him fought a court case and by all accounts it was bitter feud.
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Kingthrash360  +   500d ago
respawn didnt want a tf contract with ms to begin with it was ea...activision has to be second best on the same console regardless if respawn has anything to do with it http://n4g.com/news/1476990... i'm sure ea will follow the money and go multiplat with most its games too.
it's just business, follow the money.
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nicksetzer1  +   500d ago
@kingtrash except you are 100% wrong, respawn stated on multiple occasions it chose xb1 due to their willingness to provide needed assetts. (such as cloud compute) As for the first title NEVER coming to PS4 well that is a seperate discussion, but your insinuation they were forced to work with MS is a farce, much less to say they had no say in the matter.
Copen  +   500d ago | Well said
Yes greatness in all its 792p glory and sub 60 fps and 6v6 with ignorant AI bot cannon fodder. Screen tearing,lag,fluxuating frames per second that drop into the teens at times.I could go on but my point has been made Respawn has NOT delivered as the hype suggested it would just because you have blinders on doesn't mean all the bad things don't exist. Respawn rushed a game out that was neither optimized or ready for the masses so you really look uneducated putting Respawn up on this throne it hasnt earned and doesn't deserve.
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Kingthrash360  +   500d ago
thats what i ment, mabad bad wording.
Septic  +   500d ago | Well said

I look uneducated? I actually play games instead of babbling on about resolution. They delivered a brilliant game. When has the new Infinity Ward done that?? Name me one decent game that they made after MW2.

I dont have my blinders on because I know that I, along with countless others are enjoying Titanfall. You carry on hating from your sofa as the rest us actually play games. Go put your tinfoil hat on and tell me that the reviews for the game were bought by Microsoft.
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scott182  +   500d ago

Please no more cloud compute... Please. It never proved to be anything special for games, it is hyped up PR bullcrap for MS to get business for their servers. It has been done in games before Azure and will be done on servers other than Azure in the future for tiny things.
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T2  +   500d ago
and yet COD will probably outsell titanfall 2:1.... so tell me how they are not an important studio for any platform regardless of how much some of us are beginning to tire of COD
_FantasmA_  +   500d ago
LOL if I were one of COD developers, I wouldn't worry about Titanfall. Sure the Doritos Dudes will buy it, but COD has been declining on its own. COD shouldn't be worried about being the biggest seller. They should just worry about innovating their game and I think now that they will be more PS4 focused, they can start to make the game look and perform better. But who knows, maybe they've gotten lazy and used to not really having to do anything. But I still wouldnt worry about Titanfail. Its just COD with robots and won't sell like COD because its on less platforms, is online only, and doesn't push the shooter genre forward.
kickerz  +   500d ago
@ scot . Cloud compute may just be dedicated servers but hell I'm playing Titanfall in Australia on the new Microsoft Sydney servers @40ms ping which is amazing . Never had a online game with such good connection here. Awesome game with awesome connection. Couldn't be happier.
thehitman1398  +   500d ago
Lol @"a shadow of the previous outhouse that comprised the greatness that now is respawn".

So a 6v6 only, 792 output, really bad AI, bland graphics, and no sp campaign or co-op game that can't even handle 60 fps on your new next gen system is greatness???

Seriously dude get a reality check. Oh n before you away that you like 6v6 only, well they code very well have put more people into the game and let us, the gamers, decide how big of a match. They could do that if they are the greatness that you speak of, right???
Alexious  +   500d ago
Maybe, but it's not like they are the only ones with this tendency.

It's widespread, and for good reason.
Mikelarry  +   500d ago
im sorry but only now that MS has titan fall and COD is a former shadow of what it used to be is the time they speak up about MS....... PUHLEAZE
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harrisk954  +   500d ago
"Yep let the COD developers decide the fate of Xbone!"

Oh, the irony!
webeblazing  +   500d ago
So preferring a console mean you Dont like the other? I know this logic runs rampant on n4g but I doubt that's what they meant
DigitalxAlchemist   500d ago | Spam
medman  +   499d ago
But, but, but....dem clouuudddddzzzzz!!!!!
BakPAin  +   499d ago
So what exactly happens to MS with COD now leading on PS? You guys make it seem as tho COD is going PS4 exclusive! COD will still sell well enough on Xbox platforms! Also even if COD was crap on Xbox who cares theres plenty of other games besides COD! Dont get me wrong I like COD but its not a game I play everyday all day like others!
IcicleTrepan  +   499d ago
I doubt any company would ever say 'I am not a fan of system x', as a multiplat company you have to be a lot more diplomatic than that. One does not simply crap all over a console and then release a game for it.
Neonridr  +   500d ago
... Gamers not fans of Infinity Ward
360ICE  +   500d ago
That's... not entirely accurate.

Anyway, how can Thuway confirm anything? This article is even labeled (correctly) as a rumour!

Anyone ever heard the phrase/antithesis "rumors confirm that..."?
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DeadlyFire  +   500d ago
Well the old Infinity ward was awesome. Activision stepped on them for MW2 then most left and the new guys made MW3 and Ghosts. They are not said to be the best of Call of Duty at all.
nicksetzer1  +   500d ago
Funny not only are we back to trusting thuway after multiple lies in a row,but now he is a source so accurate his words aren't even rumor ... how does this crap keep passing?
nukeitall   500d ago | Trolling | show
Flatbattery  +   500d ago
Some believe, some don't. The important thing is that we discuss it because one way or another it could affect both consoles.

@nukeitall........grow up!
BakPAin  +   499d ago

I will agree that people with the most bubbles are Sonybots. Disagree all you want, but before you do, when your commenting on an article just observe the people with most bubbles and see for yourself that most are anti xbox!
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aragon  +   499d ago
Anything bad against xbone is true, have fun guys greatness awaits in the form of high resolution lol Imma get a wiiu this is getting pathetic and I definitely think this website is biased just by the stupid crap that gets approved and what the mods actually moderate which is bad Sony news.
jebabcock  +   499d ago
When a majority of gamers purchase ps4s expect most sites to have a majority pro ps4 comments... it isn't rocket science. Quit complaining.
BakPAin  +   499d ago
Lol...good one!
dboyc310  +   500d ago
Now that the ps4 has a bigger install base than the xbox one developers want to go for it. Money hungry hypocrites. I know it's all about the money but most of last Gen some developers gave the middle finger to the ps3 community. As a consumer we suffered from it. At times I just wished Sony gave them the middle finger just for payback but like I said at the end of the day it's just business.
morganfell  +   500d ago
I agree, it is business. However, a lot of 360 owners are moving to the PS4, a great many of us PS3 supporters took a beating from these nose thumbing studios and publishers with several instances of unnecessary shunning of the PS Base.. An apology and some comeuppance at a minimum are in order.
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2cents  +   500d ago
It happened on both sides to some extent but it was definitely skewed towards the 360 being the lead platform. Even so, the ps3 always had the prettier games from the exclusives. I remember first playing heavenly sword and thinking OMG, and that was very early in the ps3 catalogue. From then on games just got prettier and prettier on playstation.
The 360 had its exclusives but they never beat the ps3 in the graphics department in like for like games. So all the xbox really had was that the multi-plats often looked better on the 360 but not by much.

Roll on this new gen and Sony will dominate the multis for the foreseeable future and have stunning exclusives. Xbox will have compatible but slightly gimped multis and stunning exclusives. So its almost a complete swap.

I just hope that the temperature drops in the fanboy wars and that people move on from this very boring way of 'enjoying' this new generation.
morganfell  +   500d ago
The bad thing for 360 owners regarding Heavenly Sword is that it started out as a Microsoft exclusive.
2cents  +   500d ago

now that, I didn't know.

Ill never forget the last battle in Heavenly Sword, one of the greatest experience I have had in gaming.
morganfell  +   500d ago
Yeah the multistage fight with Bohan was incredible. My favorite moment is here. She knew she was damning herself but as she said, did she ever really have a choice. You can see the horror on everyone's face as they cannot believe what she has done:


Maybe with the movie coming Sony will announce a new game:

2cents  +   500d ago
Right, that's it. You've done it, lol

Now I have to play through it again :)
BakPAin  +   499d ago
I liked Heavenly Sword but lets face it Xbox community didnt miss out on much! And if it was so great why wasnt another one made?!
morganfell  +   499d ago
Well bakpain attacking all Sony titles, did you ever see a great game that didn't get a sequel. If you haven't then you have been living under a rock.

Why am I bothering with you anyway. You never played the game and have no idea of the greatness in that title.

Here: http://image3.mouthshut.com...
barb_wire  +   500d ago

I'm looking at you, Bethesda..

Let's be honest, nothing is going to happen though. Money talks.
BakPAin  +   499d ago
Ok and now its MS consumers who will suffer so im pretty sure your excited about that!
Alexious  +   499d ago
PS3 was actually harder to develop for, so it made sense for developers to be more wary of it.

PS4, however, is both powerful and easy to develop for. There's no reasno not to like it.
christocolus  +   500d ago

Wth does that even mean?

Ontopic : "Thuway: Infinity Ward & Visual Concepts Not Fans of Xbox One"

Is this a studio thing or an individual thing?

Another one of them thuway and pete articles.. some of the developers like to play on ps4 so does that mean they all dont like the xbx one or will stop developing for it? I guess not.

These pete and thuway guys imo have too much time on their hands cos any info is automatically news worthy to them also how does he even know what all the staff of IW and VC like to play? Do they bring their consoles to work to play? Or do they all hold round sessions discussing their preferred console of choice with thuway?...Is he friends with them all?.. weird.
#4 (Edited 500d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Festano  +   500d ago
Ps4 is a great console and easy to program, now beginning to be a lot to say.
PoSTedUP  +   500d ago
then make a good ******* COD optimized for the PS4. prove it, show it, stop trying to just flatter us!!!
Elit3Nick  +   500d ago
Let's start with them making an actual good COD first...
AngelicIceDiamond  +   500d ago
If true then, so? Or why does it matter? Is this even real news?

Ok this isn't even significant news.
christocolus  +   500d ago
exactly what i said...lol.
scott182  +   500d ago
I think it matters what devs think of a system you own. Look at how much valve hated the PS3 and were very vocal about it. It took them years to be swayed to support it, and they weren't the only ones. PS3 fans suffered with no release of some third party games and horrible ports because of it.
#7.1.1 (Edited 500d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report
christocolus  +   500d ago

I totally understand what your saying but this isnt like the issue valve had with the ps3 earlier on,where Gabe came out and openly stated his dislike for the system and where devs like cdprojekt made their games only on xbx 360. This aint like that. All these devs including vc and iw are developing on both platforms and they have never come out to state their dislike or unwillingless to develop for the xbox one...its insiders like thuway and pete that keep trying to make gamers think its all downhill for the xbx one..its obvious vc and iw will keep making games for the console and so will other devs (big and small)..it doesnt matter what console most of them like to play at home at thier spare time cos even phil and larry play ps4 too and as long as ms keeps working on the sdks and the games keep coming in there will be no issues..some devs might find coding for the esram a burden right now but it will definitly improve and even now some devs like cd projekt find it quite useful, you dont take the opinion of some individuals in certain studios and then generalise on behalf of the entire studios and thats the reason why i find this article uneccessary and fanboyish.
#7.1.2 (Edited 500d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report
AutoCad  +   500d ago
Gamers are not fans of yours infinity ward.
MasterCornholio  +   500d ago
But there are gamers on the PS4.

AutoCad  +   500d ago
Thought everyone hated call of duty.I know i am tired of the same ol call of duty game
Dudebro90  +   500d ago
So the studio that makes call of duty, the franchise everyone on n4g hates, supposedly likes ps4 better so now n4g loves call of duty? Hypocrisy at its finest.

Thuway isnt even a real insider. Stop listening to these insider clowns from both sides.
Snookies12  +   500d ago
Umm, I haven't seen any comments in here praising Call of Duty as of yet, so I'm not sure what you're reading.
DanielGearSolid  +   500d ago
Where? I don't see anybody praising IW
dboyc310  +   500d ago
No one is loving the COD franchise on this post. Stop putting words in people's mouths. It's not like it was an exclusive that's switching sides. The series does sell on the ps console so there are fans for it just like there is in the xbox one. You my friend are an instigator
#9.3 (Edited 500d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   500d ago
Did you actually read any comments?

The former Infinity Ward was incredible. They made some of the best games ever created. The current Infinity Ward and Treyarch suck hard.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   500d ago
So me where someone say they love COD now. Stop making up lies.
GTgamer  +   500d ago
Show one comment of someone hating on Cod then show another comment of the same person saying they love Cod and you would have a valid argument but I have abandoned the COD series after Black Ops 1 never bought another Cod and that's probably not gonna change no matter what console they prefer :/.
ZombieDust  +   500d ago
Trust me people, go on the one article about ps4 being lead console for Activision now, CoD love a over the place all of a sudden lol.
Xsilver  +   500d ago
@ZombieDust Where ?
SoulSercher620  +   500d ago
Now THAT post made no sense. It's obvious all you like to do is take shots at PS. No one on here likes Call of Duty plain and simple.
KNWS  +   500d ago
Of course this has nothing to do with Titanfall at all. Activision get a life and stop being upset Microsoft prefers Titanfall now.
Whitey2k  +   500d ago
Or just a reaction to EA teaming up with MS
WeAreLegion  +   500d ago
I wish they would change their name. This is not the Infinity Ward that gave us COD, COD2, MW, and MW2. These guys suck.
Ko_Uraki  +   500d ago
Please not another "insider" speculation about nothing...
SolidGear3  +   500d ago
ESRAM is to the Xbox One what the Cell Processor was to the PlayStation 3
GTgamer  +   500d ago
Well except when Sony First party devs Worked with Cell they made some amazing looking games (•ิ_•ิ).
SoulSercher620  +   500d ago
But esRAM is nothing special unlike the Cell processor.
Qwagy UK  +   500d ago
Join the que
Wikkid666  +   500d ago
Love twitter articles... and a second hand source at that. /s
quenomamen  +   500d ago
infinity Ward should be happy their tired ass game is on any consoles.
TomahawkX  +   500d ago
Hideo Kojima also prefers PS4, damn Ground Zeroes is AMAZING!
TomahawkX  +   500d ago
Hideo Kojima also prefers PS4, damn Ground Zeroes is AMAZING! 1080p 60fps bliss.
Shnooze  +   499d ago
...Nice use of your bubbles, I guess?
HappyWithOneBubble  +   500d ago
MS should have never made the Titanfall deal. They need to stop all these FPS deals its not making XB1 better.
OiNioB  +   500d ago
Infinity Ward upset with a company that made a deal for Titanfall and Battlefield? who would have thought :/

Especially after they where getting deals previously with the very same company.

Isn't there timed exclusives on PS4 for COD as well....
DawnOfDon  +   500d ago
No there is no timed exclusives for cod on PS4
corvusmd  +   500d ago
Haven't we stopped listening to retards like this guy, misterx, Cboat, etc....they are wrong 99 times out of 100..I'm right about insider stuff more often than that. That being said, even IF Infinity Ward is not a fan of XB1...who cares? Clearly they are a broken company right now. They took a tried and true game, tried to put it on next gen consoles, and failed to do a good job. On PS4 it has framerate issues, and on XB1 it has a lower resolution (and after a patch, now it has framerate issues on Stonehaven). I understand it was a launch title, but of the launch titles it was probably the least demanding one, and it failed the most. IF they said they aren't fans of XB1, that sounds more like a kid that isn't good at something..blaming the something he isn't good at for his short comings. I've long thought that IW needs to be taken off the COD rotation...their dreams were just crushed by a Titan.
#21 (Edited 500d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
MCTJim  +   500d ago
LOL@thruway....stirs the pot when he feels he is not getting the attention he deserves.

here ya go Thruway..here is a rumor....Exlcusives coming to E3 for both MS and Sony machines and we will be surprised.
JoseV76  +   500d ago
Maybe its because it's Hardee for them to develop for and now they are crying like a bunch of bitches!
Father Murder X  +   500d ago
i am done with this piece of shit website. Good buy fanboys. I am done. deleting my account right now!!
HaveAsandwich  +   500d ago
saint_seya  +   500d ago
Omg i think N4g wont be able to carry on, please dont, dooooonnnttttt!!!!

OT: who cares about what they feel about the consoles, show me on games, let them do the talking.
Unreal01  +   500d ago
Hahaha, goodbye brave soul. I love the way he leaves a comment before he leaves, attention seeking?

Christ how embarrassing.
Flutterby  +   499d ago
Can I have your stuff?
True_Samurai  +   500d ago
Who cares still not buying another cod after mw2
kewlkat007  +   500d ago
Garbage insider article again...

How is this even confirmed to make an article..
#26 (Edited 500d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Fz6soldier  +   500d ago
lol, I'm loving all the defensive Xbox fanboy comments how "IW sucks...only Respawn matters now!" I bet when Titanfall releases on Ps4 Respawn will the "suck" too.
ZombieDust  +   500d ago
Not defensive... Just a true fact my friend.
Fz6soldier  +   500d ago
not even close to a fact. titanfall 700,000 copies sold doesn't even scratch Cod sales.
Flutterby  +   499d ago
Yup cod sucks yet somehow is the highest selling game every time a new one releases and is usually the higher seller on the 360 but yes let's forget that and pretend titanfall is the best now lol you guys and your goal post moving
ZombieDust  +   499d ago
Fz6soldier clearly from that last reply I know I shouldn't bother with you. Delusion at its finest. Higher sales in anything dont automatically mean better product.
aragon  +   499d ago
I'm loving how titanfall is cod with mechs repetitive and filled with dumb bots, but any article insinuating a ps release all the hating is reversed , double standards I think it's called
Fz6soldier  +   499d ago
@Zombiedust, I understand, the WII and Justin Better are proof of this. but to say Titanfall is anywhere near a Cod killer is just stupid at this point.
Kingoftherodeo  +   500d ago
so now ps4 will get content first? no way iw is going exclusive. iw could have used microsoft servers but noo they had to use their shitty servers. they might not be fans of x1 but they are fans of that Microsoft money, its all money if sony can't match Microsoft's offer for content first none of this matters
DawnOfDon  +   500d ago
There will probably be no more timed exclusive content that is all. I agree their servers are complete garbage i don't know what they did I never lagged once on any other cod
DawnOfDon  +   500d ago
Too bad this means nothing because MLG is with Microsoft and Cod on Xbox won't go anywhere not matter what IW prefers. It will never be an exclusive so why does this matter anyway? Money talks and we know that Microsoft will give whatever cod developer it is all the money they need to do whatever it is that they want.

Also I would put money on Xbox overall selling more than the PS4 for atleast another year with the X1 and 360 combined
#29 (Edited 500d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Kingoftherodeo  +   500d ago
Cod is the decline Microsoft just save the first content money and put it towards to lockdown titanfall.
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