Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes: PS4 Versus Xbox One Head To Head Screenshot Comparison

"Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is finally available for North America players across current and next gen platforms, but we've known for a good solid month now that it's the Xbox One and PS4 versions that fully realize Hideo Kojima's open world vision."

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jhoward5851526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

The PS4 version of metal gear 5 has better dark shadows than the x1's version.

ToastyMcNibbles1526d ago

Don't know why we need more comparisons. Everybody knows the PS4 version is superior.

christian hour1526d ago

Plus Konami, being very transparent about their games, which i foudn unusual for a big publisher (Ubisoft, take note!)released their own comparison comparing all 4 platforms.

This is all you need to see

PS3/360/XBONE are very similar, with xbone coming out on top with higher resolution textures etc and better shadows and AA.

PS4 is above and beyond all 3, its the only version touting a dynamic sky box, however I dont see why the xbone does not have this feature at all, even though its hardware is slightly weaker than the ps4's, theres enough under the hood it should be able to do this.

Hopefully by the time MGS5 comes around they'll have figured it out and xbone people can get that nice pretty, supposedly Dynamic, sky.

Either way regardless of what platform you buy this game on you're going to have hours of enjoyment, Kojima Productions did a bang up job on making this game look beautiful on all platforms, even the 360/ps3 versions look fantastic despite being on extremely dated tech at this point in time.

dantesparda1526d ago

I think these two shot say it all. And all i got to say is DAMN!



Anthotis1525d ago

The differences are significant in a few of those pictures.

_FantasmA_1525d ago

We need to rub it in. We still got like 6-7 years of doing this to pay back those bros who always use to brag about a tenth of pixel that was missing from the PS3 versions last time around.

Gaming1011525d ago

It isn't just the darker shadows, it's the more advanced lighting, higher resolution textures and lighting on each individual object. It's also the higher and steadier framerate. We DO need comparisons like these, as not everyone is schooled in the differences of each version. I always hear X-bone fans clamoring about how the differences aren't anything noticeable in a feeble attempt to justify their fanboy attitudes.

Gekko361525d ago

@all This is ridiculous!. I can't tell the difference between the screenshots. I've got good eye sight and there is no difference I can see.

I think this is like some pompous art lover seeing something in a painting where 99% of the population seeing nothing but a painting of dogs playing cards.

Dumb article and dumb comments!

Corax1525d ago

Or maybe it doesn't matter because a person is going to buy it for whatever system they prefer to play on or what ever system they have at the moment.

cozomel1524d ago


Damn, dude, seriously? you still cant tell after looking at those 2 pics? Damn, click on them to make them bigger then flick back and forth between them, Its clear as day. The PS4 is sharper and has better textures and more rocks, plus its also got dynamic sky whereas the XO ver. doesnt. You may have soemthing wrong with your eyes

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badz1491526d ago

I'm scratching my head too over this comparison. The xbone's version is not even on the technical level of the PS4 version and which version would looks best is already decided before the comparison even made. It's like comparing multiplats on PS3/360 vs PC version which is also a waste of time because there already is a clear winner.

So what does this comparison suppose to do? Just for the sake of rubbing it on the xbone's face or trying to deceive people into thinking that the xbone version looks comparable despite the low res?

Ra30301526d ago

I agree with you.

"So what does this comparison suppose to do? Just for the sake of rubbing it on the xbone's face or trying to deceive people into thinking that the xbone version looks comparable despite the low res?"

These screen shots where carefully selected to show there is no difference between the 2. I can't see any difference in them. For the record maybe you and others can see it. I think if you put them side by side and remove the PS4, Xbox One title most people would not see the difference. Someone above also said the PS4 has better shadows. I took another look just to see that and I didn't. But there were really no good screen shots to highlight that. With all that said if they added the Xb360 and PS3 screen shots some people would not see enough difference to call the PS4 screen shots better. IMO.

DemonChicken1526d ago

I am no techie but I like to raise the question of why is the shots of both the PS4 and X1 at 1920 x 980 dimension (I just clicked on screens, zoomed in, right click, save and checked the properties of pic)?

At least the screens are .png (lossless). But kind of questioning this and where the shots came from as if it was me I would take actual shots of the game running on their respective consoles.

dantesparda1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )




Seriously, you cant tell that the PS4 version looks sharper? its also missing stones on the X1 version and also has lower res textures. And this is with res truncated pics like DemonChicken said. So its not even showing the full res, which benefits the X1.

Boody-Bandit1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Never mind.

dantesparda beat me to it.

morganfell1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Every website, unless it was run by fanatics has acknowledged there is no question the PS4 version is on a different level than the X1 version. Then I read this:

"These screen shots where carefully selected to show there is no difference between the 2."

Do you know what an agenda is? Because I smell one and you are giving your website a huge black eye. Can you say BIAS?

Dependability rating? Absolutely zero.

I don't think you realize the impact of what you wrote. It reads like someone in a desperate situation willing to subvert the truth to support a platform.

I don't think anyone is going to want to pay your site the least bit of heed from now on and that includes not giving a click. When this hits a place like Gaf I would say you are sunk because they'll be all over this.

If I were you I would look for two knobs. One says, "DAMAGE CONTROL IGNITION". If that one fails find the one that says "EJECT".

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ITPython1525d ago

My goodness, this specific screenshot show the biggest difference between the two:

PS4 -

XB1 -

XB1 version is significantly blurrier (looks like a last-gen game in that screenshot), and if you switch back and fourth you see that the PS4 version also has more things laying around on the ground, and has more plants, cactus etc.

If they didn't accidentally use the 360 for that screenshot, then the XB1 version might as well be a last-gen game. Because it looks absolutely terrible.

Aloren1525d ago

XB1 is significantly blurrier indeed... but what strikes me the most in this screenshot is how terrible it looks even on PS4, I'm glad I saw gameplay footage, cause based on this screen alone, I'd say the game looks terrible.

user95970821525d ago

That's really the only thing I noticed. Darker blacks.

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Fishy Fingers1526d ago

Well even Kojima admitted the PS4 is slighter prettier, but looking at those screens there's not much in it.

HeWhoWalks1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Sure, if you don't consider a difference in res (1080p vs 720p) to be anything but "slight".

Edit: "but looking at those screens there's not much in it."

My reply was based on your words.

shazui_201526d ago

Yeah, from a technical aspect that is a fairly huge difference but it doesn't translate to a gigantic visual difference, really. The difference I'm interested in seeing is the dynamic atmosphere simulation on the PS4 version

Fishy Fingers1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


No, your comment post edit was centred purely round the use of the word "slight" which as I said is Kojimas words. Now you've edited your post to try and pick fault in my comment. I'm here to read about games, not play games. I'm getting it on the PS4 regardless so I'm not interested in making a big deal out of something that has little to no impact on me.

HeWhoWalks1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

@ Fishy: If it's no big deal to you, stop replying to it, then. Problem solved. :)

And, btw, I know what Kojima said, but if you're backing his words, then you're supporting the content, which, again, was what I replied to, no matter how pedantic you want to be about it.

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mynameisq1526d ago

He was hardly gonna alienate Xbox fans by stating their version is much worse even if it was so the words don't really matter, however I do have eyes and yup the difference is minimal yet at the same time noticeable

Fishy Fingers1526d ago

I'm not here to psychoanalyse the agenda behind his wording, I merely stated it as in an article comparing versions of his game his opinion is probably the one that carries the most weight.

nucky641525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

fishy, if those screens above are indicitive of the game - the ps4 version looks much cleaner and lifelike compared to the x1 version. you must not be looking at those pics to say "there's not much in it".also, what carries "weight" with me is how the game looks - and that ps4 shot above looks stunning.
and no - i don't own a ps4 or x1 yet - but i'm leaning ps4 when i see screen comparisons like the ones the poster above showed.

shysun1526d ago

We all get MGS, Lets be happy.....runs to PS4!

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Locksus1526d ago

Not as big a difference as I would've expected as both look pretty good.
PS4 looks to have darker colors and higher resolution compared to the Xbone version.

Cryptcuzz1526d ago

Its not only the resolution that is better on the PS4.
Look at the two screenshots posted above by members like BattleTorn.

It clearly shows better anti-aliasing, sharper images overall, better textures, and even rocks/cactus are missing from the Xbox One version.

That and the fact that the PS4 version is the only one with dynamic sky, whereas the other versions is a static sky. Plus, I found the use of the DualShock4 built-in speakers to be quite a neat feature that does not get talked about much.

If all that is apparent with just one screenshot, imagine the overall differences throughout the whole game.

Either way, I am sure the game is enjoyable on all versions, but if anyone who has a PS4 or plan on getting a PS4, I suggest getting the PS4 version for all the reasons listed above.