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Respawn on Xbox One work: Will not exclude other consoles from future projects

The team at Respawn Entertainment only worked on the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall, and that undoubtedly had to help the team hit their launch date without having to delay the game passed its March 11th launch date. (PC, PS4, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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Hatsune-Miku   497d ago | Off topic | show
XiSasukeUchiha  +   497d ago | Well said
Ok so Titanfall 2 on PS4 incoming!
randomass171  +   497d ago
Was there any doubt about that?
Abash  +   497d ago | Well said
Still won't buy Titanfall unless the next installment has an AAA campaign. Sorry but I just don't like multiplayer enough to buy a game where that's the only game modes
Ezz2013  +   497d ago | Well said
EA must be slapping them self right now
for not doing ps4/ps3 versions
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MeknSence  +   497d ago
And then, EA signed another contract behind RE back with Microsoft for Titanfall 2! SMDH. Wonder why EA voted as the worse company.
rdgneoz3  +   497d ago
EA bet on the wrong horse, it's pretty obvious their desire for money will bring them to make the game multiplat in the future.
aragon  +   497d ago
off topic but ea has been kind with pvz garden warfare, i wonder if they are not feeling well, they being kind tho.
thezeldadoth  +   497d ago
And then suddenly this site will say titanfall 2 will be revolutionary next gen and the ps4 version is so much better than Xbox and PC version
Septic  +   496d ago
Nice! Glad its coming to PS4. At least now the Titanfall bashing will stop ;)
Biggest  +   496d ago
It'll stop if Titanfall 2 isn't hyped with buzzwords like "Cloud", "Revolutionary", "COD KILLER" and "Framerate King". Titanfall isn't hated for its "exclusivity" alone considering the multiplatform release.
zebramocha  +   496d ago
@septic the game wasn't getting dash because console excusivity but for crappy performance on the xbone.
barb_wire  +   496d ago

Don't think EA has a say in it. They don't have publishing rights to any sequel(s) to 'Titanfall' - they do have first refusal but no publishing.

Respawn, if they wanted could go to another publisher.

Although, I firmly believe that before that would happen MS will write Respawn a huge check to keep 'Titanfall' a MS exclusive.
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Patrick_pk44  +   496d ago
@Abash And some next-gen visuals.
guitarded77  +   496d ago
EA is absolutely kicking themselves in the ass. It's not just the missed game sales that the check from MS covers... it's all the merchandise that can come with a game. If they want to sell t-shirts, action figures, etc, they cut their market down significantly. I think it's more than half of what it could have been because there are more PS4's in the hands of gamers.
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BitbyDeath  +   496d ago
Not surprising considering how badly Titanfall flopped.
NukaCola  +   496d ago
Its clear EA went behind Respawns back and made a deal with MS. Quite shady.
KwietStorm  +   496d ago
Uh yea?
SilentNegotiator  +   496d ago
Maybe next gen publishers will learn not to back a horse off the bat, when it is absolutely anyone's game.

Good news, I say. It's always nice for developers to put their games on the system that people are buying. Good for everybody.
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erathaol  +   496d ago
@Abash, seems like they want to add some dept to the story behind the setting. Titanfall was MP only so that they could make the best FPS MP they could make, to compete with other big hitters like CoD, Halo, etc...
Silly Mammo  +   496d ago
I look forward to how they will advance TF. Something was lacking for me with this iteration.
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morganfell  +   496d ago
It's going to generate some serious salt at E3 when Respawn shows up on the Sony stage, super humble with hat in hand and shows a PS4 demo...running Morpheus.
TheXgamerLive  +   496d ago
TitanFall 1 2 3 ....MS only. Other projects as in other IPs could come to other consoles as well but never TitanFall games.

@bityD flop? Ohhhh i see ...your an idiot.nm.
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BitbyDeath  +   496d ago

Xbox consoles are known for their shooters.
People usually buy Xbox to play shooters this stereotype is also further proven by the US being it's #1 market. (which many are gun fanatics)

Now keep in mind it has not sold over a million otherwise it would have been already announced.

The Xbone userbase is roughly 3.5 million. Take into account the new console sales will also be included in this under a million figure so either not many bought an Xbone for it or the current userbase did not buy it.

Either way, yes that means it flopped.
Saigon  +   496d ago
I think what @BitbyDeath was trying to say is that TF wasn't as earth shattering as many thought. It moved some consoles but not enough to say it was a pure success. I honestly think the reason behind this is that the game was only focused on MP. If there was an SP variation, I believe more would have purchased. To me this direction was most likely applied because MS want to show case its cloud infrastructure. Did it do justice; I can't answer that but I am sure some others can.
morganfell  +   496d ago
No Xgamer. MS does not own Titanfall. Titanfall isn't my type of game but MS does not own the rights. Respawn owns most of the IP with certain business aspects (publishing rights to T1) belonging to EA. And T1 did not move mountains. In major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and Gamestop Titanfall and the X1 couldn't outsell the PS4 on launch day. They sold more PS4s than copies of Titanfall on launch day.
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Pekka  +   496d ago
XGamer: So people thought about Mass Effect also when it was released. Titanfall IP isn't owned by MS so there is a big chance that sequel goes to other consoles too. There is even a possibility that first one goes to PS4. Unless MS is prepared to pay minimum 200 million for exclusivity.

Anyway, Titanfall may not be a flop but it is definitely a big disappointment. It is already certain that Titanfall won't become nearly as big as Halo or even Gears.
morganfell  +   495d ago
maniacmayhem  +   497d ago
He never really specifies Titanfall 2 though.
lsujester  +   497d ago
True, but it's pretty safe to assume that's what they'll be doing next.
Newmanator  +   497d ago
Microsoft's $$ must not be enough to counteract profit from Playstation sales.
Rimeskeem  +   497d ago
It's pretty much implied though
Cupid_Viper_3  +   496d ago
The amount of potential money EA left on the table by going MS exclusive with titanfall is substantial tbh.

Let's say that close to 1/3 of the current Xbox One user base buys titanfall, that's $60 times 1 million = $60 million.

Now if 1/3 of PS4 owners bought titanfall, that would put it at 2 million times $60 = $120 million dollars. (See killzone shadow fall who wasn't marketed anywhere near the level of titanfall)

To for EA to get $180 million from Titanfall, every single Xbox One owner would have to buy the game. And we know that's never going to happen. And Sony have already pointed that out to them during a conference call. So you know for sure that when Sony brings that up,it is them basically saying to EA " well if you didnt give a damn, and now we won't a fack".

In business term that means that you made your bed, now lie in it. Just watch how destiny/Watchdog/The Division gets marketed on the PS4.

So I'm not surprised at all to hear those tunes from Respawn. "The Next Water Cooler is leaking and devs are thirsty, not a single "cloud" up in the sky, so i bet you they can see clearly now since the rain is gone"

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Sitdown  +   496d ago
But ps4 has Killzone with jet packs, so why would 1/3 purchase Titanfall..... and all the PS4 owners who want to play Titanfall are already doing so on their PC. ;-) You should definitely make your numbers lower.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   496d ago

The same reason why ps4 owners have purchased more multiplatform titles than Xbox one owners.

So the short answer is because the game would be available for the console.

Killzone was always available on the ps3 and the ps4 when millions after millions bought COD and Battlefield. It would be no different had titanfall remained multiplatform. Just like it will be no different when Destiny comes out, and The Division etc comes out.

Had titanfall stayed multiplatform, I have no doubt that the PS4 version would outsell the Xbox one version. And I believe it would also edge out the Xbox one version on a technical standpoint as well.
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k3rn3ll  +   496d ago
She... abbie heppe is a she
Naitron  +   496d ago
@cupid_viper_3 EA/Respawn will not see the full $60 of those estimated figured. A large portion of that goes to marketing, retailer, and console fee.
Pekka  +   496d ago
If Titanfall would be released on PS4, install base would at minimum 10 million at that time. So it would even need to sell even to 1/5 of the install base at that time to get 2 million sold. And games sell for many years, I've bought several games years after they are released. It is even completely possible to have a game which sells 10 million copies even though it is released when install base is just 3 million.
jay2  +   497d ago
Abash: Mate couldn't agree more, I'd get it for £20, its not worth a full RRP.
1nsaint  +   496d ago
you can actually get it for 20 pounds. (for PC)
Just check some sites that sell origin keys.

most of em list titanfall for 35 euro's and 25 for the russian version (which u can easily update to english)
ABizzel1  +   497d ago
And don't buy it, or at least don't buy it new. This is another of these publisher tactics we shouldn't be supporting.
B1uBurneR  +   497d ago
Sloppy seconds like Mass Effect? I guess thats cool we're all gamers
scott182  +   497d ago
Oh well, it didn't make Mass Effect any less enjoyable. Plus I got to enjoy true PS3 exclusives while I waited.
duplissi  +   495d ago
I will admit that that pissed me off. Mass effect was THE reason I bought an xbox 360, then it moved to PS3, I guess I can take consolation in the fact that I played it sooner than I would have.

I learned my lesson, I am not buying a console for one game or franchise. My xbox Has only played halo and Mass effect and the odd cheap game I picked up. This is one of the reasons I built a gaming PC. I will still get a PS4 in the near future, and maybe an XB1 down the road. The vast majority of games come out on PC and consoles, except sony and nintendo exclusives.

My PS4 will be for Sony published games and my PC for everything else since games play sooo much better there.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   496d ago
NOW Sony fans are happy, but before it was. "It doesn't look next gen." "Its COD with mechs" "I'll get it on PC."

Imo it will come to PS4, in fact I'm 90% sure it will because its not MS's game. And that's great.

But the attitude of certain Sony fanboys is ridiculous. If its not on PS4 lets cry, complain and go on a hate bash campaign to be little it.

But now that it possibly fanboys love it.

There is medicine for Bipolarity.
MightyNoX  +   496d ago
Still not getting it as I loathe EA but it's simply fun watching MS lose third party exclusivity. :)
DigitalRaptor  +   496d ago
Understand that fanboys will be fanboys.

We have said for years that relying on third party exclusivity is not the answer. It is, in fact, a short-term solution to a long-term problem. We said that Mass Effect, and BioShock would come to PS3 eventually, and they did, despite all the denial that MS continues to piggyback on third parties- just look at their lineup so far.

People are just pointing out that there's no point in putting all biased hope and wonder into a franchise that will end up not defining that console. Pointing out the facts doesn't hurt either. EA lost a ton of potential revenue by going MS exclusive and ignoring the colossal marketshare of PlayStation. Saying that the next one will probably be coming to PS4, is just common sense at this point - hardly anywhere close to port begging.
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GW212  +   496d ago
I agree with everything you said above. Regardless whether it comes to my console of choice, playstation, it's still COD with mechs and last gen visuals in my opinion.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   496d ago
@Mighty Like I said its not MS game or Ip in fact the games not even EA's its Respawns. So yeah its coming to PS4.

It'll be interesting because apparently Activision is going with Sony this time around when it comes to COD.

And MS will probably team up with Respawn to promote their console.

Like I said its interesting.
Whiskeyjacked87  +   496d ago
Fz6soldier  +   496d ago
you ever think not every sony fan has the same opinion?
Tony-A  +   496d ago
I'm also glad that the title will be making its way to Sony platforms, but I for one stand by what I said:

Whether Titanfall comes to PS4 in the form of some sort of "Special Edition" or Titanfall 2 comes to PS4 and PS3 with the same engine as the first game, I still think that the game looks very 7th generation and not at all the kind of game you would showcase if you wanna show your friends how powerful your new console is.

Doesn't mean it isn't fun as hell, though, and I'm itching to play it.
k3rn3ll  +   496d ago
We're talking 3 years from now people. That's the earliest respawn will have another game out. A lot can change in that time
Copen  +   496d ago
Be f***ING honest okay....Titanfall is crippled on the Xbox one and the Xbox 360 version isn't even 720 p and 30 frames per second!! So you're damn right Sony gamers will be excited because they'll have the best version of the game just like we do now with every multiplat running and looking better on the PS4. I've got both systems okay and Titanfall on the Xbox one is ugly as hell and suffers from frame rate drops and lots of screen tearing when the framerates unstable here's a video depicting what i'm talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

So YES ps4 fans and customers will be happy to play the next Titanfall knowing the first game on the Xbox one and xbox 360 was nothing short of a beta test for the next multiplat release.
ABizzel1  +   496d ago

Considering where your comment was placed "2.6" I doubt you read any of the comments above you, because Septic and maybe 1 or 2 other people are remotely excited about this.
gigoran  +   496d ago
Actually, no. We didn't want it because... we didn't want it. If that too hard for you to comprehend? Let me use an example to help you understand. So the icecream man comes in his truck. Opens the window. The only flavor he has is toilet in a cup. Don't want it. The next day he comes back. Now the toiler flavor also comes in a cone. Guess what? still don't want it.

So while you think you are getting immense pleasure gloating over the people that hate the game, what you are feeling is actually fake. There is no flame to fuel your xbone fanboy pleasure.
Magicite  +   496d ago
no way MS will buy exclusivity for this one.
Unreal01  +   496d ago
I don't think they will, I'm guessing the amount would be a whole lot more next time around and I don't think Respawn would be that silly
1nsaint  +   496d ago

I Just hope Respawn has the right to say what platform they will be on and not EA
webeblazing  +   496d ago
And suddenly TF is now a great game to PS fanboys lol. The hypocrisy always get me on this site. They never want the game or something is not needed until its on their precious PS.

They even use dumb excuses like its like cod, when these devs are the creators of cod.
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Fz6soldier  +   496d ago
I still think it's crap if that makes you feel any better.
T2  +   496d ago
where do you see people jumping up and down for joy? I sure didn't see any posts like that, mostly just laughing at EA for the money they lost.
I would play titanfall, but only because bf4 is broken... if bf4 gets fixed, no thanks. and I've always said I would get titanfall on ps4 but I'm not buying a 500 dollar xboxone to play it. so there's a huge difference between people saying they would "pick it up" and play on their console of choice as opposed to
"holy crap i need an xbox"

BIG difference.
k3rn3ll  +   496d ago
Yea we've had like 20 posts like this about TF in the past year and it always ends the same. People flipping their opinions back and forth depending on what the articles say
Angeljuice  +   496d ago

Are you really that simple? Some PS4 fans were upset when it was bought out by Microsoft, others didn't care at all. We don't all have secret meetings to decide what to think or feel about the game.

Sony fans are a wide and numerous cross section of the gaming community, each with their own take on each and every game released.

If you can show me one single example of a user on this site who berated TF previously and now thinks it's wonderful on this thread, I'll personally give you all my internal organs to do with as you wish, otherwise just stick your head back up your arse and stop talking crap.

Your sweeping statements about Sony fans just highlight your insecurity and ignorance. Relax, there isn't a conspiracy of Sony fans or fanboys, it just seems that way because you're so outnumbered.
beebap  +   496d ago
I still dont like it either and wont be getting it.
iKenny  +   496d ago
Listen- I'm pro PS but I wasn't knocking TF either. I kept saying over and over that I'm happy for MS but also said that I hope it does eventually come to PS4. I'm not into saying what system is best and blah.blah blah because it's all a matter of personal taste. But damm- I will say this again- I sure hope TF does show up on PS4 someday. Just recently I received the entire XBONE bundle with 2 games 1 digital and a separate copy only because my bud who bought the system knows I don't like digital games and long story short- it's still in the box wrapped. I've always hated the controller from MS. It just doesn't fit right in my hand but I'm still not one to talk trash because again- it's a matter of preference.
Flames76  +   496d ago
Titanfall franchise wont be on the PS4 ever it will be exclusive to the Xbox One.Future projects will be other games.I cant see respawn bringing titnfall to the PS4 with the sony fanboys putting it down along with respawn
T2  +   496d ago
LOL suuure they will give up 2/3 of potential money to stand up for their principles.

Gotta fight the good fight for xbox right? LOL
KwietStorm  +   496d ago
You think a legitimate company is going to pass on millions and millions of dollars because a small vocal group *on the Internet* claims they don't want the game? lol!
IcicleTrepan  +   496d ago
@ above comments. Microsoft has BILLIONS to spend. If they can stop Titanfall from going to Sony they will. They've got more money than god does (and more money than Sony does), don't worry about that.
#2.9.3 (Edited 496d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
OutlandGaMIng  +   495d ago
billions of dollars to spend .. its hardly even necessary respawn and EA would much more overall benefit by pushing this franchise multiplatform . If i need to explain to you why then why would i even bother is my response lol .
iKenny  +   496d ago
I know Respawn & EA are kicking themselves in the nuts over this huge loss!
air1  +   496d ago
Do you idiots really think that ea didn't think of the lost revenue by not bringing it to the ps4?
#2.10.1 (Edited 496d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(9) | Report
xx4xx  +   496d ago
I doubt they are kicking themselves as their feet couldn't reach through the Microsoft-fattened wallets in their back pockets.

Nobody knows for sure how much Microsoft paid for Titanfall exclusivity. Whatever the final number was, you can pretty much guarantee that any lost revenue from PS4 sales was factored in.
troylazlow  +   496d ago
I'm guessing 2017ish
jjind  +   496d ago
Wishful thinking... Future projects, not Titianfall 2. Remember when Halo was "suppose" to come to the Playstation? Oh yea and Gears of War?? So yea that's that.
medman  +   496d ago
2 late repawn/ea....playstation planet does not forget treachery and those willing to sell out for the quick buck.
incredibleMULK  +   496d ago
maybe, that would suck for xbox fans.
Sarcasm  +   496d ago
It's ok, hopefully its better than the first one. Really really fun game, but I'm getting kinda bored of it after putting about 12 hours into it on the PC.
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showtimefolks  +   496d ago

actually Respawn can choose to go with a different publisher, they own the IP and don't have to let EA publish the game
bobtheimpaler  +   496d ago
I'm not really impressed with the game. Its decent but is lacking. Lets be honest. MS hyped this game because it would be ages til anything else decent on the platform would come out. Still has a lot of aspects that make most modern shooters boring as they try to appeal to casuals. It doesn't need a campaign, but it does need more than mechs to keep it interesting. Dont like the bots that are there just to make bad players feel good. Its terrible design and they just get in the way. I'd rather there be more players and vehicles.

I wouldn't be interested in a Titan Fall sequel for ps4. Much more interested for another warhawk/ starhawk. Far better and more innovative games.
HeWhoWalks  +   497d ago
Can only mean two things, Titanfall's sequel will DEFINITELY be on PS4 and/or this particular franchise will remain exclusive to Microsoft devices, while future projects (new IPs) will be multi-company.

Time will tell.
#3 (Edited 497d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Ezz2013  +   497d ago
new ips with AAA campaign is much better than another multiplayer game
ravinash  +   497d ago
Thing is, multiplayer is what made these people famous. so I find it unlikely that they will move away from that formula.
TheTowelBoy  +   496d ago
@ravinish agree. Don't do what didn't make you famous. That's like asking Rockstar to make GTA games linear
Sayburr  +   497d ago
That is also how I read the article. Still, I don't see Titan Fall remaining XBO exclusive for the sequel.
Soldierone  +   497d ago
I doubt EA is going to shove a bunch of money into a new IP when this one is getting established so easily. There is hardly any competition right now, a new IP is perfect. Respawn also isn't that big, they'd need staff for both games. MS' check would need to cover the expenses of that.

What won't be surprising though is when they announce "timed exclusive" DLC for Xbox.
xer0  +   497d ago
Looks like it.

And I don't blame EA for the exclusivity agreement. How could Respawn be so dumb founded and clueless - when it came to which platform they were developing for?

Those rumours were a lie.
Microsoft courted Respawn with money, and EA were the middle men that also benefited from the short term deal.

If Respawn want to have a product as big as Call of Duty, for this new generation of consoles - they will have to launch on PS4 for Titanfall 2 etc.

Other multi platform games that may succeed Call of Duty and do better are the following:

Destiny - By Bungie, the makers of Halo
Evolve - By the makers of Left 4 Dead* from Valve.

#3.4 (Edited 497d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
ddkshah  +   497d ago
Evolve devs. made left 4 dead which makes me even more excited for evolve :D That is a game Sony should have moneyhatted as an exclusive.
xer0  +   497d ago
ddkshah: thanks for the correction. That's what i meant.
HaveAsandwich  +   497d ago
at this point, why keep anything exclusive to ms, at all.
kewlkat007  +   496d ago
With the Ps4 only fans been acting towards Respawn and Titanfall...plenty of reasons.

Plus with the incentives of Microsoft's Azure servers..what could Sony offer for Free?
xboned_you  +   497d ago
Abbie Heppe, who is the community manager at Respawn, agreed that it did and said they wouldn't say no to other consoles in future projects.

Who said future projects won't be something other than Titan fall? And she said they won't say no she didn't say they will say "YES" I guess one can still hope ...
HeavenlySnipes  +   496d ago
Not saying no is saying yes -_-

There is no "well maybe we'll make a PS4 game"
mcstorm  +   496d ago
I really find this console hate between fan boys funny. One min titan fall dose not look next gen, its cod with bots, its a flop and now its a person at the game developer says will would look at making IP's for other consoles to fan boys now saying yes its coming to the ps4? Wtf people you all remind me of football fans who follow one club argue about players and manager until they come to you then you say they are amazing. Growup.

Back to the game loving titanfall at the moment and look forward to seeing what new IP's they have in store for us next as I think this game will do enough to get the developers name known out side of the core gamers and could spark some but IP's from them.
Angeljuice  +   496d ago
It's not the same people, learn to think before you write. Also those that are saying "the franchise will be coming to PS4" aren't saying they want it or its amazing, just that it's coming to PS4. No hypocrisy in that at all, its really simple if you think about it.
aragon  +   496d ago
Example the troll that comments first on xbox articles he seems happy yet he bashed it lol
mcstorm  +   496d ago
@Angeljuice I was not pointing out one user but if you are a N4G user you will notice the crap that gets put on here by fan boys. My post was not just aimed at PS fan boys it was aimed at Xbox and Nintendo ones too. This site was once a great site for news and discussions but now its all about who is the best.
IcicleTrepan  +   496d ago
cuz the mongoloids on this site like to jump to conclusions so hard that you'd think they are Titanfall pilots with jetpacks on their backs.

I dunno what the future will be, but I guarantee MS will try their damndest to lock up Titanfall exclusivity. I don't know if it will work, but I wouldn't rule it out, it's way too early to make any assumptions and you know what they say about assumptions.
CharlesSwann  +   497d ago | Well said
Could you distance yourself from MS any faster? Lol, even the devs think xbox is DOA.
HacSawJimThugin  +   497d ago
And that is how you chose to use your one bubble? Smh.
Drekken  +   497d ago
Well initial reports is that Titanfall sold 700k. That is pretty bad compared to Call of Duty. Titanfall would have sold at least 2-3 million had it been on the PS3/PS4 too. I sure hope MS's truckload of money was enough.
ElementX  +   497d ago
Call of Duty has been around for how long now? Are you saying PS4/PS3 owners would buy the other 1.5m copies? Just because a console sold more doesn't necessarily mean the owners will buy a specific game. I would buy TF on PS4 though, I have Ghosts on One and PS4.
#5.2.1 (Edited 497d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(13) | Report
bobacdigital  +   496d ago
The biggest thing Respawn served to gain from a ps4 release wasnt more game purchases.. it was more exposure for the new IP... They needed this game to be a household name like COD.
Geoff900  +   496d ago
It's a new IP, CoD and CoD 2 didn't sell anywhere near the amount of the later CoD games.
LogicStomper  +   496d ago
You have to take into account that Titanfall is a new franchise, whereas CoD has had a long run, and a current fanbase.

It's hard to take on big fish when you've only just entered the world.
Drekken  +   496d ago
Are you guys all in a bubble echoing each other? Jesus... I know it is a new IP. I SAID PS3/PS4. I didn't say just PS4. And yes... if it sold 500k on the Xbox one with HALF the user base of the PS4 then... yeah. I would say TFall would have sold more on the PS4. And yes, it would look and run better.
DoubleM70  +   496d ago
The freaking game has been out for 6 days. COD was a well established franchise this is a new IP. Could Sony afford to sink any money into a new IP that has no history? Could they offer those dedicated Servers around the world for free? You all got to remember this game was offered to Sony first. They didn't have the resources to make Respawn vision come true for this game.
Infernostew  +   497d ago
Translation: EA done goofed.
MightyNoX  +   496d ago
They honestly thought the Bone would be the console leader this gen. I doubt MS can throw enough money to cover potential profits from putting your game on the leading console, no matter how loud the 'MS has infinite moneyz' crowd bark at the wind.
DigitalRaptor  +   496d ago
MS thought they would be the monopolistic market leader that they dream about, and probably still think they are. A lot of people were betting the farm on Xbox dominating this gen, until Sony surprised everyone with what came next.

MS money can only buy so many exclusive third party games, until their investors come back with "what the f- are you doing? this is getting you nowhere". Even then, buying exclusivity licenses to try and stay ahead of the competition is a horribly inorganic and lazy way of doing business. It's desperate. It's like buying paintings from others, putting them in your house and calling yourself an artist to try and impress people.
#6.1.1 (Edited 496d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(4) | Report
BakPAin  +   496d ago
Of course they can! Its just not smart business!
Speak_da_Truth  +   497d ago
i don't care whether Titanfall comes to Playstation i'm not interested.
antz1104  +   497d ago
......but you were interested enough to post on it.
GW212  +   496d ago
He was interested in leaving an opinion. Don't be a douchebag.
antz1104  +   496d ago
Well now I know how you got three bubbles GW212. Enjoy them while they're there.
#7.1.2 (Edited 496d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(15) | Report
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   497d ago
Not saying Titansfall is bad because it isn't, it's a pretty solid fps but for all that hype and marketing to only score a 86 on meta and not have mind blowing sales it's nothing to make me say OMG I must buy an x1.

It's just another shooter for xbox nothing super surprising or serious
u got owned  +   497d ago
Compared to all the FPS released recently that score is pretty hight. Just saying.
antz1104  +   497d ago
See thats the problem: people say "only got an 86" like thats a bad thing.

Thats a great score. Shoot, a 70 should be a good score but scales are so out of whack that anything below a 90 is "just another shooter".
scott182  +   496d ago
Blame Aaron Greenburg...
Geoff900  +   496d ago
Well people using scored is also pointless, since it's always subjective, also adding a few low scored on metacritic could lower the overall score.

Truth is Tittanfall is a good game, it's fun to pick up and play.
aragon  +   496d ago
just another shooter like halo eh? thats what i heard people said halo just another shooter, how many exclusive shooters can sony push that beat halo?
joab777  +   497d ago
Now that they have been handsomely paid to save the xbox...

I can just imagine at what point the talks occured to try and gain exclusivity. CoD has been VERY popular on ps3 for a few yrs now. I am pretty sure MS has given up on exclusivity b/c that doesnt even work anymore. And they hav put themselves in a bad spot b/c ppl expect it on xbox.

Now, I am not saying that they are in a bind (yes I am) but the same thing is gonna happen when T2 moves to PS4. They had better be established by then or many will simply change consoles.

This is what I never understood from a business standpoint. MS owned the hardcore gaming crowd, xbox live was the $#!/. They should have launched a beast of a machine for $400....& talked up this new Kinect tech that would be coming in a yr or two. Refine the tech and launch it as a peripheral later on to the already huge base. Woulda made more sense.
MrDead  +   497d ago
Unless someone offers your publisher tones of cash, Respawn you guys are fantastic dev's but like we found out about TF you can be cut out of the multiplat / exclusive decisions.
TheTwelve  +   497d ago
Respawn in other words: "We want to make more $$$ with our next game."
Crystallis  +   496d ago
LOL basically.
MasterCornholio  +   497d ago
With an install base of over 6 million PS4 owners why would they?
T2  +   496d ago
yes and as cupid viper posted earlier you could potentially double or triple your money by bringing it to ps4... end of 2014

ps4 - 12 million * 1/4 install base = 3 million games sold
xbox - 7 million * 1/2 install base = 3.5 million games sold ...(and that's pushing the numbers in xbox favour hard and still coming out at almost double the sales)
TheTwelve  +   496d ago
That's really pushing X1 numbers hard.
ltachiUchiha  +   497d ago
Im sure that EA & Respawn regret not bringing the game to all platforms but im almost certain that MS isn't too happy with how all the advertisements & hype & price drops & TF included in those bundles didn't even help put a dent in ps4 sales. This Next Gen has just begun & even with MS & their biggest ACE for this year not slowing down ps4 demand it only is going to get worse with Sony unleashing their heavy hitters. Hope MS comes with a bang to GDC & E3. Id hate to see another repeat of the original xbox.
xer0  +   497d ago
The thing is, within 4 months of launching the Xbox One, we've seen free game bundles and now price cuts.

Microsoft are losing a lot of money on every Xbox One sold, while Sony is printing money fast.

You don't have to be Michael Pachter to work this out!
#13.1 (Edited 497d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Geoff900  +   496d ago
Both companies are making money on their consoles, the only difference is Sony is gaining market share.

However, much like the PS3 and 360 everything can change.
xer0  +   496d ago
Geoff900: I agree, when the Xbox One launched, it was making money. But with free game bundles and price cuts - I doubt it is.


In the UK, they've cut £30/$45. Plus they bundle Titanfall £42/$60.

They've wiped any profit they were making of the hardware in the UK alone.
Geoff900  +   496d ago
I don't see MS making a loss on their console, it's £400 here, with Titanfall*

They are doing a similar thing that Sony did with the PS3 whereby they will start selling it at a lower price point, as long as they can make a profit.

*Titanfall, does not cost £42 either, that's VAT (TAX), plus costings they add onto it.

Most PS4, and Xbox One titles are £55 here, well RRP anyway, but that;s the not the ACTUAL cost of the games themselves, Amazon etc wouldn't make a loss on something put it that way.
air1  +   496d ago
Lmfao.. Wtf is wrong with you ppl?
BakPAin  +   496d ago
Its to early to say that..how about we wait a few more months to see the actual impact of game. Were basing that on 6days of sales?!
ceballos77mx  +   497d ago
I think that by keeping it exclusive to the xbox RE lost the chance to knock COD as the FPS king of sales, they should have focused exclusively to the new consoles and the pc, all the companies would have benefited from this Sony and MS would have moved consoles and EA would have a ton of sale.
This game could have been the must have game of the new generation.
ltachiUchiha  +   497d ago
Totally agree. TF still sold pretty well for a new IP but im sure MS, Respawn & EA were expecting more. Sometimes things dont turn out the way u want it.

Edit: It is still early so lets see or TF has long legs.
#14.1 (Edited 496d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ramiuk1  +   496d ago
couldnt agree more dude.

but i would love to see a campaign for titanfall,could of been a long franchise imo.

If this had of been multiplat then i would think Titanfall would of killed COD by the titanfall 2,
i enjoyed the beta on pc(bored with limited lvls)but i need something to pick up and play and BF4 is crap,so is ghosts.

i think EA and Respawn totally shot themselves in foot because of MS and i expect a ps4 titanfall before titanfall 2,EA will find a way to have it done by end of year imo.
PC port would be simple to do,1080p etc.
PSVita  +   496d ago
I don't even like COD but I can say TF would never touch their sales numbers
Geoff900  +   496d ago
TF wouldn't be able to sell anywhere near the sales of CoD, not for a new IP anyway.

CoD, and CoD 2 didn't do that well when compared to later iterations, I don't think EA or Respawn where expecting massive sales numbers like CoD.
HumanatPlay  +   496d ago
Exclusivity all the way. If this game was designed and optimized to run solely on the Xbox One I believe it would have been an even greater game. It would have been enough to get me to buy an Xbox One though I am not $$$$ to do so just yet.

Lets root for more exclusives and less multi-platform games to ensure that developers really push hardware to the max to fulfill their creative desires. Multi-platform Titan Fall isn't good news guys. It just won't have the finish and polish required to revolutionize multiplayer experiences with Respawn spreading themselves thin to make more money.

Titan Fall on Xbox One, SONY can work with Star Hawk dev's to create a game with Armored Core mech mechanics and 3rd person shooter mechanics. That way both consoles have something great and we as consumers benefit. More epic games > few game across many platforms riddled with bugs.

Gore-Content  +   496d ago
People shouldn't be mad at Respawn for Titanfall not coming to Playstation. It's MS, who don't have their own talents to make good games, so they need to buy exclusivity with their Windows money.
Clarence  +   496d ago
I would have thought Titanfall would have sold way more than 700k.
I'm sure EA is kicking themselves right now for not bringing titanfall to the PS4/PS3.
DoubleM70  +   496d ago
I failed to understand the game has been out 7 days.
You all make like it's not going to sell anymore...LOL 70000 hundred thousand is a big number for a NEW IP to be on the market for 7 days.

You all got to remember Sony was offered this game first.
Read up and quit blaming EA and Respawn.
Clarence  +   496d ago

By the way, the way that xbone fans and M$ was hyping this game it should have sold a mill in one day.

Hell the PS4 sold a mill in 24hrs at $400. Surely one would think that a game that cost 59.99 would easily sell a mill in 7 days

The real truth is EA and Respawn thought the xbone would dominate the new gen.

I don't know why they thought this, seeing that the PS3 sold faster than the 360. Plus the 360 had a year headstart and still ended up last. Common sense would have told you that head to head the PS4 would outsell the xbone.
jgrigs09   496d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
AutoCad  +   496d ago
Everyone on this site that was just bashing titanfall will buy it.
only on n4g
Brix90  +   496d ago
I guess a big told you so was in order..it's a great game
sander9702  +   496d ago
Smart choice multiplat always sells best
KontryBoy706  +   496d ago
If TITANFALL was on PS4 their pockets would be much heavier. I'm sure Respawn is a bit bitter at EA. For all of you that are saying TITANFALL could be the death of call of duty.... It will NEVER happen as long as TITANFALL is an exclusive. They are ignoring millions of PS3/PS4 users out there. All that money, lost. All those millions of users will be like..... Well I'll just buy the next call of duty and battlefield instead. No TITANFALL? Guess I'll buy that battlefield premium now. Etc. I don't have an XB1 but I did buy the game on PC. It's a lot of fun. I do feel the single player isn't really a single player and there should be way more features in the multiplayer. Maybe they will come in DLC
#22 (Edited 496d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
xDHAV0K24x  +   496d ago
That can be said about ANY game!!!
Saithraphim  +   496d ago
They are a small studio, of course it makes more sense to go MP. Besides Titanfall was a good business deal for them, they got the funds and support they needed to really get going and reach there full potential
Audiggity  +   496d ago
All the pent up excitement from PS4 users to get their hands on Titanfall is hilarious. Some of the same people bashing it for being a run of the mill "CoD with mechs" and nothing special are ready to pre-order the sequel already.

Anyway, not trying to add fuel to the "cloud" fire... but, considering the game offloads a lot of it's MP activity to Azure, how is Sony going to overcome that? Renting other 3rd party virtual servers? Buddying up w/ MS Azure?

I'd love to see the XB1 and PS4 versions of Titanfall 2 be cross-platform if they shared the same servers. That would be the most epic announcement and a wonderful way to objectively settle a true console war.
Audiggity  +   496d ago
LOL. I had like 8 bubbles a month or two ago... this site is so obnoxiously pro-Sony it is scary.

3 bubbles, seriously?

I'll go trade-in my XB1 and get a PS4 so I can continue commenting on N4G.
beebap  +   496d ago
Microsoft have said they will not allow cross platform already ages ago while sony has allowed cross platform with pc with games like final fantasy 14. But two consoles playing together. I dont know if either would allow it but that is a good idea as I think lead to more sales as finally you play with friends that have the other console.First game if ever do it would have mega sales.
Flames76  +   496d ago
I see titanfall franchise being an Xbox One exclusive if it did got to the PS4 or PS3 i know wouldnt support the game.Titanfall is gonna sell abour 7 to 8 million copys do about $500 million in its life.If they bring it to other consoles it will cut the sale sin half.Look at mass effect it was awesome then when EA bought bio ware they ruined the franchise and it suffered.Hard to believe respawn would bring titanfall 2 to the PS4 since the sony fanboys puts the game down along with respawn.Bottom line Titanfall has one hell of a future if they get away from EA and take titnfall to microsoft exclusive.If they dont then i see respawn dying off thanks to EA
ceballos77mx  +   496d ago
Really?, GTA V makes your statement clearly wrong, not to mention the COD series wich every developer who works on FPS are hoping to have the same success, sells millions of copies.
And btw im not bashing MS nor titanfall Im actually rooting for these guys after all they went thru with Activision, they deserve a lot of sales.
mochachino  +   496d ago
Titanfall probably could have had a 3 million launch week with PS4.
Pogue1906  +   496d ago
I'm glad you all know how much MS paid for the exclusive rights to come up with the conclusion that they are losing money. The fact of the matter is its really really hard to do better then #1 as far as sells go. The 360 version will add to the numbers starting on the 25TH and it starts all over again in Sept. when they release in another 26 countries. when more X1's, Titanfall's, FM5's,DR3's,Ryse and all the other games get a nice bumps. If TF was on PS4 it probably would sell 4 million because it would be the only game on the console worth playing
S2Killinit  +   496d ago
I would consider TF2 only if they introduce a damn story. Sometimes i wonder if Respawn decided to pull the single player on this game so that once they come out on PS4 the game is a final product with a story and all and the PS4 customers wouldnt have missed anything? I mean from some of the reviews it seemed the game feel incomplete and rushed. The graphics even dont seem to be too next gen. Just food for thought
TristanPR77  +   496d ago
By the time Titanfall 2 hit the market Destiny will have a very big multiplatform installed base and they may be also competing against a new next gen COD.

Anyway, if they want TF2 to succeed on PS4 they better add a decent single player campaign and runs at 1080p as PS4 owners will not settle for the mediocrity offered on xbone, not when there will be so many big guns games available that time.
xDHAV0K24x  +   496d ago
Respawn/EA just read the forums. Apparently the ps4 kids don't want TF
xFaRt0fwAr  +   496d ago
^ this I can't keep up with the PS4 Fanboy dullards. One minute TF is not good enough, the next is "well they shoulda coulda woulda" Sony tards are all over the map.
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