This is how to shut down a game

Nintendo could learn a few lessons from Asheron’s Call, an MMO about to sail off into the sunset.

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benzo521523d ago

Player run servers are the future.

Steelmanner1523d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no. In all seriousness this is why I prefer to play online games on my console rather than my computer. I find the owner's of servers to be rather abusive of their power, and generally become a pain to those who are trying to play the game. I have never had an issue with a company run server yet, but obviously there have been issues in the past. Overall, I do prefercompany run servers becaue they usually have stronger security and also ensures I don't get banned for 300 years because," I had a better K/D ratio than an admin," true story.

StockpileTom1523d ago

Context... c'mon man...

I would agree official servers are ideal but I would rather them allow player run servers than to completely shut down a game and have it lost to history.

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Chrono1522d ago

Didn't know Red Bull's site has articles about gaming.