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Submitted by antbolton89 692d ago | review

Titanfall | Angry Review

Angry Joe & Other Joe battle each other with Titans in this review of Respawn Entertainments newest FPS, Titanfall. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One) 7/10

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Hellsvacancy  +   692d ago
I like Angry Joes reviews, even if it's a game I don't care for or will never play, he makes reviewing fun, shows pros and cons

Looking forward to his inFamous And MGS reviews
xHeavYx  +   692d ago
I agree. I like that he is honest no matter what
badboy776  +   692d ago
I know that Superman shirts stinks. That's all he wears.
SpringHeeledJack  +   692d ago
Very fair review. The game is way overrated. For a multiplayer only game it lacks content and becomes a bore after a few days. The lag and people bumping their score farming bots is not fair plus bots have no place in a competitive multiplayer game.
Boody-Bandit  +   692d ago
I agree as well.
He tells it like it is and without all the fluff. No way is TF a 9 / 10 and those site that gave it a 5/5 or 10/10 is a joke.

It's not even that this game has no real single player campaign. It's more about even with it being a multiplayer only game is lacks a lot of content, far to few modes and lacks polish with performance issues.

This is just another in a long line of MS exclusives rushed out the door. There is absolutely no doubt that it's a fun game and a welcome addition to online FPS but this game could've and most likely would've been so much better if Respawn was given more time to develop it.
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xHeavYx  +   692d ago
Who says you can't talk about what a game doesn't have? Let's say that the next GoW game has no weapons at all, and all you do is jump around. Wouldn't you criticize the lack of weapons?
Also, he is a stealth pony? How? He has always admitted to be a 360 gamer who doesn't even own a PS3, he gave Killzone SF a 6. Stop the non sense
AKissFromDaddy  +   692d ago
I love singleplayer campaigns more too. I love co-op campaigns even more, for example: Borderlands 2. Destiny should blow me away.

This game is truly fun but lacks a lot of content, details, and customization in comparison to Modern Warfare 2.

For example. No custom class names, no private lobbies, no leveling pilot abilities, no leveling Titan abilities, 5 game types, and not all the maps are available to the Attrition game type, no custom camo, etc.

Modern Warfare 2 has a ton of content in comparison. MW2 launched with 16 maps. Titan Fall became boring after I unlocked everything that's useful in Attrition. Attrition is all I like to play. The last two gun unlocks are useless in Attrition.

I wish there was a gun game game type. I wish there were way more guns. I wish for a lot of stuff. Titan Fall 2 should be a lot better. That's my opinion. Just sharing.
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ic3fir3  +   692d ago
The less stuff you have in the customization, better, more important is gameplay, balance, and maps, and this is the perfect titanfall.
halo 3 for me was one of the best online ever, and yet the beginning had little content, and was practically played with 3 or 4 weapons often.
I hate many weapons, many perks, many crap will ruin the experience because then noobs is just exploring it and give back to those who like to play competivamente and justly as equals.
Titanfall is skill based, noobs here are dominated and there is no way to ruin the experience, and rightly
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GW212  +   692d ago
Keep it up buddy. Titanfall isn't that good. Everyone knows it. That's why there are so many Xbox guys on N4G all the time trying to talk the game up.
ZombieDust  +   692d ago
@GW212 yeah with that logic PS4 is just awful then. Now I don't feel that way, it's a great console, but that is just going along with your logic.
ZombieDust  +   692d ago
Yeah that's were I think EA played their typical role, rushing out a game that wasnt ready. Respawn said in addition to the paid dlc maps they are going to come out with free updates, thats where I think maybe more guns and game modes come in, maybe camos too. And I know they said custom class names are incoming. Personally leveling abilities is unnecessary, CoD got carried away with it, it messes with balancing the game fairly.
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AKissFromDaddy  +   692d ago
"Personally leveling abilities is unnecessary..."

To each's own then. Personally, I really enjoyed when perks did two things instead of one.

For example, Lightweight Pro: Move faster & Quicker aim after sprinting; Sleight of Hand Pro: Faster reloading & Faster aiming down the sights; Steady Aim Pro: Increased hip fire accuracy & Hold breath longer when scoped.

When they were broken up in other CODs, it wasn't as fun for me.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   692d ago
Lacks content? You mean a single player campaign which most people will place once for a couple hours and then go straight to MP for the next 50 hours?

Custom class names - coming with a patch
Private lobbies - may come with a patch
Leveling pilot/titan abilities - leveling how? Making them more powerful?
5 game types - how many more would you like to see? CTF, domination, death match, death match with bots, campaign, last titan standing. How many do people really need?
Custom camo - would be nice but you dont have time to admire someone's look

Why the need for tons of guns? You spend 50% of the time in a titan anyway. The balance is almost spot on. Having 10 SMG's with barely different stats doesn't make much sense. If anything I'd like to see more tactical and ordances, guns are fine. And Attrition is one of the worst game modes. I feel thats the noob mode where killing bots contributes to the score. Pilot hunter, last titan standing, and hardpoint are the best modes because bots dont decide the outcome.

Lets not forget, this is the first Titanfall. Sequels always add more content (generally). Compare modern warfare and modern warfare 2, big difference.
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AKissFromDaddy  +   692d ago
"Lacks content? You mean a single player campaign which most people will place once for a couple hours and then go straight to MP for the next 50 hours?" No buddy. Content in multiplayer & the campaign is multiplayer.

"Custom class names - coming with a patch" Not here now where it matters. Am I wrong?

"Private lobbies - may come with a patch" Should be here now. Am I wrong?

"Leveling pilot/titan abilities - leveling how? Making them more powerful?"

Yes. I'd like Stim 2.0 to last longer. I'd like Cloak 2.0 to be harder to see. I'd like ARP 2.0 (Active Radar Pulse) to last longer. The more I use any of only 3 pilot abilities, the better I'd like it to get.

I appreciated perk system in Modern Warfare 2 & I'd love this in Titan Fall. Should I not feel this way?

"5 game types - how many more would you like to see? CTF, domination, death match, death match with bots, campaign, last titan standing. How many do people really need?"

There's no deathmatch, only team deathmatch. Next, Pilot Hunter only has pilots but I'd like an increase to player count. Feels so empty in Pilot Hunter. Am I wrong?

Additionally, I'd like a king-of-the-hill game mode. I'd like a gun game mode. I'd Mercenary Attrition mode(we switch players up). A demolition game mode involving the huge turrets that can be hacked w/ data knife. I'd like Titans vs Pilots mode. I'd like more because I paid for for TF. Am I wrong? If yes, please explain.

"Custom camo - would be nice but you dont have time to admire someone's look" I want to admire my own camo. What do you think?

"Why the need for tons of guns? You spend 50% of the time in a titan anyway."

I don't spend 50% of my time in a Titan. I fight side by side with my Titan most of the time, even in Attrition because I get more kills. Additionally, I like a lot of gun options because I'm bored using the same guns. On top of that, the snipers are useless. Am I not suppose to like more gun choices?

That's why I love Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands 2. That's I'll love Destiny. What do you think?

"Having 10 SMG's with barely different stats doesn't make much sense." We don't need 10,...but we need more than 2(R-97 Compact SMG & C.A.R. SMG). 4 SMGs is perfect, in 4 versions of each gun type is reasonable. Why would you write 10 SMGs? Am I unreasonable?

"And Attrition is one of the worst game modes. I feel thats the noob mode where killing bots contributes to the score." Voice that to Respawn. Personally, I'd prefer if Pilot Hunter were as big a player count as Attrition. I'd personally have more fun but I didn't design TF. I didn't make Attrition have more life than Pilot Hunter. I didn't make TF 6 vs. 6 on huge maps. What do you think?

"Pilot hunter, last titan standing, & hardpoint are the best modes because bots dont decide the outcome." That's a subjective opinion. Personally, I'd replace Attrition's NPC w/ pilots but that's my preference. What do you think?

"Lets not forget, this is the first Titanfall. Sequels always add more content (generally). Compare modern warfare & modern warfare 2, big difference."

You're right. However TF is missing basic things that even COD4 has. COD4 has more content that TF. On top of that, most of Respawn made Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2, so they know what they're missing the most. What do you think?
R0n0rve  +   692d ago
Very fair review in all honesty. Campaign Multiplayer mode was very lazy.
antz1104  +   692d ago
Very solid review. I love that Joe was comprehensive enough that his review was HALF AN HOUR.

Gives it a 7 (which he labels as great), and then justifies it. More reviews should be like this.
S2Killinit  +   692d ago
I feel this is a better score for this game. Although i would give it a 8.0 (at most)
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WeAreLegion  +   692d ago
Love his reviews. His review of Rambo is brilliant.
No_Limit  +   692d ago
Angry Joe is a tough customer when it comes to review. He gave Killzone: SS a 6/10 so a 7/10 for Titanfall is not that surprising from him.
Kayant  +   692d ago
Loool this was great love Angry Joe reviews. Never fails to mention the bad points of a game. The part when he was trying to reconnect to the campaign mode was funny as hell.

Yh I agree they truly shouldn't have bothered with the mode.
bohemian 23  +   692d ago
I completely agree with the 7/10. Good game, not a great game. I said that in another post and got thumbs downed, followed by a comment claiming "Titanfall is the best FPS ever" lol, I don't know about that?
svoulis  +   692d ago
Joe thank you so much for this video. Its exactly how I feel, I want more of the universe, and we get nothing. 7/10 is a great score. I don't understand the 9 and 10's this game is getting.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   692d ago
The game is an 8 or 9 all day. Taking points away for not having a single player campaign is ridiculous. It's a MP game.

10/10 is a reach because I think very very few games ever get that. But 8 and 9's def. I feel the balance of the game is spot on. A lot of times people find the glitched weapon or over powered setups, but for every weapon or attack their is an effective counter. The 6v6 works great, although maybe 10v10 would be the absolute max. Map layout is spot on. Graphics are good, not excellent. Sound is excellent. No lag, only have frame rate drop a handful of times, and no glitches (that I've seen). The action gets wild and is a lot of fun. Game also caters to casual gamers and hardcore so you dont just get destroyed all day if your new to games.

Perfect game? No. Excellent game? Yes
svoulis  +   692d ago
you just listed a paragraph of Flaws and still think it deserves a 8 or 9 out of 10? The game is fun, the game is easy to get into. There is more learning curve for parkour than for shooting. Joe said it best, maybe if you watched the entire video you'd see how much he love the multiplayer but still takes 3 points away for a non existent CAMPAIGN.

Yea I know it caters to casual gamers. My KDR on PC is 4.5 and on Xbox One is 3.5 I bought it on both because of friends. The game is very easy to get good at.
iRocket  +   692d ago
I like that Joe actually uses the number scale for it's true purpose. A 7/10 is a great score, and that it doesn't mean it's mediocre. A 5/10 should be average, not utter shit. These days average is usually somewhere between 7 and 8.
ZombieDust  +   692d ago
They way mosy review sites do their reviews anything under 8 is “not worth playing"
danny818  +   692d ago
This game looks fun but those looking for a story will be dissapointed. I always said it. This game was catered to the xbox1 because of its DRM and its only online connection
mayberry  +   692d ago
I will definitely pick this up...just not getting a xbone to play it. I will get this on my 360 based on this well thought out review and the research I have done on my own. It seemed he was mostly, if not totally playing on p.c. and the graphics looked last gen, imho. 4hr, and in his words, bad campaign makes this not worth the money for me, he also felt the same way, if not that he loves mechs.
RiPPn  +   692d ago
Everything on the Bone seems rushed. That's another thing I like about Sony, they allow a developer to release the game when it's finished, not rushing things to market like Microsoft so their fanboys can add an extra AAA title to their bragging lists. For instance Infamous was supposed to be a launch title, but giving it 4 extra months to bake probably means a far better game.

As for the review, very honest and valid points. All these perfect scores given by other reviewers just seems like added manufactured hype. Nice work Angry Joe.
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