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Xbox One Coming to 26 New Markets in September

Xbox One will launch in 26 new markets in September (Xbox One)

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Chaostar  +   319d ago
Guess they're trying for that WW sales victory PR before the holiday season. Might work, who knows?
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jriquelme_paraguay  +   319d ago
No Paraguay... F.U.

Thats why PS dominate South America. Xbox One is "American" yeah right.
abzdine  +   319d ago
damage is done by sepetmber.
a year after PS4 hit in these same territories.
way too late, waaaaaay too late!
AsimLeonheart  +   319d ago
It will not even matter by then. Most of the early adopters interested in a next-gen console would have bought a PS4 by then and only the handful of die-hard fans will be waiting to buy an Xbone. In return for their devotion they will get a weaker console for more money, inferior multiplatform games, media services behind pay wall, media functionality that does not even work in their countries and some exclusive shooters... Does not sounds like a good deal, does it? Yeah I thought so too...
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jackdaniels  +   319d ago
@AsimLeonheart - Jesus dude, chill out, its just a games console!
Ezz2013  +   319d ago
are you guys really think microsoft will win in any of those 26 new markets when they never won them in any gen and they are getting outsold in the same 13 markets they launched in ?!
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Septic  +   319d ago
It seems like MS are intent on copying Sony's misfortunes last gen. Pretty much a year's delay if you think about it.

Kind of proves that the X1 was rushed to the market by Sony imo.
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4Sh0w  +   319d ago
lol, all above completely missed the point a head start in markets that barely brought in 1mil consoles each some a bit more some a bit less last gen doesn't matter much some of those markets only sell a few thousand consoles a month but micro understands in the long run it is the "cumulative effect" those markets help with month after month they are not hugely important individually but not bothering at all=0 sales contributing to the total. Bread n Butter will be US and UK.

No doubt each market has a fanbase waiting for the initial release so launch should provide a sales spike for X1 total sales, then sales will drop to somewhere near xbox 360 sales level for each market but the cumulative effect of these 26 little markets every month is easily 60,000+ consoles it doesn't matter if ps4 does 80,000+ a month in those same regions because that can be made up for 》IF《 X1 closes the gap and surpasses ps4 by about 30-40k consistently in the US, (I beleive by next year X1 will lead in the US only slightly but in another couple years it will be 30-40k consistently as the late adopting gamers that made 360 the frontrunner in the US now lean toward a X1 purchase) especially since Japan consoles sales look to be falling steadily since last gen.

This along with at least even sales in the UK should ensure X1 and ps4 remain very close in sales this entire 8th generation.
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Moz  +   319d ago
@Septic There's already been enough leaks from various sources confirming that the console released a minimum of 6 months ahead of it planned release and the timing of Titanfall and the DX12 releases add extra weight to that.

Sony really caught them naopping, while Sony made a massive miss step with the PS3, MS really shouldn't have under estimated them, for starters they seem to just assuming they had all sown up at the end of 2012 and just seemed to stop bothering with the 360 letting the playstation brand regain reputation for first party games, it's like MS stopped caring about the console market for a time. Not to mention that Sony are practiced at bringing down the dominant brand remember this is the company that destroyed Sega with their first attempt at a games console, they really know what they are doing.
otherZinc  +   319d ago
@Yusuf Mehdi,

As long as Halo 5 (or whatever you want to call it) releases 2 months afterwards, this launch will be a huge success!
TheTwelve  +   319d ago
September 2014 might have been the original launch date of the X1 if Sony didn't force Msoft's hand.
jackanderson1985  +   319d ago
not a bad shout from MS, flood a bunch of markets before Christmas, after E3 (i'm still betting a price drop is coming there) and they should pick up a good chunk of sales

my more pressing concern is why in the hell does Ireland not have the voice commands yet
lelo  +   319d ago
"I'm still betting a price drop is coming there"

Agree. I suspect big price drop at the time to release on those markets (or a cheaper Kinectless X1) and a few JRPG's exclusives for the Japanese market (all E3 announcements).
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Bernlock  +   319d ago
give up on the kinectless bundle. Not. Gonna. Happen
Moz  +   319d ago
A global price drop will be the very last thing they do if they really are in the position that they have no other choice. Right now sales are going well, not as good as PS4 but still going at a good pace. Compared to last gen launches both consoles are doing amazingly well.

Right now they can sell almost as much as they can make so personally I think they'll use the new country launches as a reason to keep the current price and make the most out of the holiday season. Once sales start slowing into 2015 is when they'll lower the price to get the next tier of customers on board.
ABizzel1  +   319d ago

No it's not.

launches were great, but XBO 2014 was being outsold by PS3 for the year, and it's selling less than the 360 did during the same time of it's year 1 (although 360 was uncontested at the time).

XBO is on track to sell around 7 - 8 million if they don't pick up some serious steam. TitanFall gave them a modest boost, but it's not enough, and there's nothing huge coming for them, until E3 announcements, which means once again they have to show all the cards they have even if the games are 1 - 3 years out (aka Gears of War), and more importantly they're going to be forced to make a cheaper SKU, and cut price down to $399. They'll probably take a small loss by then, but XBL should allow them to break even or still make a small profit.
PhilJowns  +   319d ago
About time. Pretty sure the delay is because of getting the voice commands working for different languages. Plus they are smaller markets and wanted to keep supply good for major markets.
Unreal01  +   319d ago
Yeah, you could imagine the difficulty of assigning the voice commands for somewhere like Japan. That must be a pretty long and stressful process for MS, and what's more, doing all that when they're probably not even going to sell well there at all.
bleedsoe9mm  +   319d ago
it will be interesting to see if sony made a mistake by launching so wide (50+ markets) , when they could have put more units in US and UK and have massive leads . or is ms right doing a limited release have lots of units for big game like titanfall

@rdgneoz3 the sony lead is not massive in markets where they are both released , sony could have eaten up allot of fence sitters in the US , especially if there were more units from small less important markets that sony was probably going to win anyway
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rdgneoz3  +   319d ago
Seeing as the PS4 is pretty much sold out everywhere, I don't think it'd make a difference. Not like releasing in a smaller market would help them produce more consoles.

Xbone isn't sold out everywhere so it's limited release is hurting potential sales. Instead of day one editions sitting on shelves months after release, they could have been sold somewhere else.
MasterCornholio  +   319d ago
Since when is selling more than your competitor a mistake?

In my opinion Microsoft made the mistake by selling less than Sony.
rdgneoz3  +   319d ago
"especially if there were more units from small less important markets that sony was probably going to win anyway"

Gonna guess those people in the "less important markets" are glad Sony released the PS4 there at launch instead of a year later.
bleedsoe9mm  +   319d ago
@MasterCornholioi'm sorry its a business reality that a ps4 sold in the US is more important than a ps4 sold in france for example . sony had a huge opportunity to take marketshare away from ms in the US and limited numbers are slowing its pace .
shinrock  +   319d ago
Unreal01  +   319d ago
Nearly a year after launch. Better late than never I suppose.
LogicStomper  +   319d ago
Mhmm, good to get the console out to the people.
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123pol  +   319d ago
in sweden the fanboys imported one from england or germany. the rest bought ps4s.

Mikefizzled  +   319d ago
Japanese exclusives to be announced at E3 ahead of September launch? Yes PLEASE.
Concertoine  +   319d ago
MS has always got nice japanese exclusives. Some of the best JRPGS last gen...
True_Samurai  +   319d ago
Man I love jrpgs it's just something about them I love. I guess it's the fantasy environment. What do you guys hope they show?
Concertoine  +   319d ago
@True Samurai
I mean they dont really have any big series in japan, so something new would be just as good as say Lost Odyssey 2 or Blue Dragon 2.
One thing that would be cool is a new Panzer Dragoon... the last one on Xbox was awesome.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   319d ago
by that time the new slim ps4 will be out and sales way ahead of the box!!
PhilJowns  +   319d ago
Doubt they could make PS4 any smaller! 😁
christocolus  +   319d ago
Finally....I wonder what they've actually been waiting for...but anyway im guessing we will finally be seeing some japanese developed exclusives at e3, a newly re- modelled version and lower price tag for those regions.


My thoughts exactly.
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dddooozzz9  +   319d ago
Where is Taiwan......please don't abandon Taiwan again.
Bathyj  +   319d ago
September? What month is this, did I oversleep?
Ezz2013  +   319d ago
we are in August
it's all your fault
i told you not to take my sleeping pills
Bathyj  +   319d ago
Well I had to hibernate til infamous came out.
MightyNoX  +   319d ago
Ezz2013  +   319d ago
i fell your pain
but give me back my god damn sleeping pills
feraldrgn  +   319d ago
Couldn't they have released much sooner, if they chose to patch the Kinect language software in later?
Nocando  +   319d ago
Isn't China open to consoles once again? Why haven't I seen any of the big 3 mention that market?
urwifeminder  +   319d ago
Nice the rest of the world will get some top games to play well done.
Imalwaysright  +   319d ago
Almost a year in those markets. They're doing the same mistakes Sony has done at the start of last gen. The question if MS has the same commitment Sony had throughtout the entire last gen to overcome them and if the Xbox brand has the same power has the Playstation brand.
ltachiUchiha  +   319d ago
They will prolly have a cheaper new model with a 5gb hdd that way those who jump in will have enough space to atleast dl all the updates lol. I kid I kid. Surely there will be a cheaper model.
DoesUs  +   319d ago
That is still quite some way off. Just shows you how good a job Sony did in getting the PS4 to market in so many countries! Lastly, don't be expecting any mega sales bumps come that date in these territories.
RoboticusRex  +   319d ago
I can't see these regions making much difference.
SkippyPaccino  +   319d ago
Just in time for no-one to give a damn...
kewlkat007  +   319d ago
Regardless those consumers will win...last gen has been strong with games.

Things that will be in a gamers favor by September.

-Cheaper Xboxone/games
-Software updates/fixes
-Regional Voice commands accuracy
-Larger gaming library.
-Hardcore gamers have had their fill
-Gamers are ready to leave last gen

Its always better to wait.
TristanPR77  +   319d ago
By that time is going to be too late. An expensive console with weaker hardware running inferior multiplatform games and even exclusive games at 720p with features that will not work on those countries. Is a bad deal.
Bundi  +   319d ago
Holy hell please just go and play your awesome games on your super fantastic superior console and leave us to this good news please, I'm actually begging you
Bundi  +   319d ago
Finally, South Africa! Been waiting a long time

Great news, quick, lets make it seem like a bad thing!

@master : yeah except that we already knew they would be late so now when they actually give us a date its a good thing.

so when dr. Club get the release date, are people going to be moaning about how it is late? nope, because a release date it's a good thing!
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MasterCornholio  +   319d ago
The only bad thing about it is that they are late.

mochachino  +   319d ago
The amount of Kinect voice command fails in all the different languages will be hilarious. The thing is only 70% accurate in its native English.
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BattleTorn  +   319d ago
I just feel as though the people who wanted it really badly would've imported it by now.
Pogue1906  +   319d ago
Yes, The PS4 will have been in those markets for almost a year, but it will still sell very well to the millions of people who is waiting for it. A lot of PS4 owners will be getting an Xbox One also, remember PS4 still doesn't have many games worth playing. Looking at the demo games that's going to be on display at GDC, they don't have many good games coming down the shoot.
TheTwelve  +   319d ago
Sony will make sure PS4s are "suddenly" in stock in those countries this September. lol
Biggest  +   319d ago
Anyone who thinks the PS4 has few enjoyable games doesn't like gaming.

It's going to be fun watching the "PS4 has no games!" talk turn into silence. At least the PS3 was behind in total sales for a while. They can't even move the goalposts to that anymore.
TheTwelve  +   319d ago
The "PS4 haz no gamez" crowd is among those with no PS4.

So for them, yes, the PS4 has no games.
FLYINGDOG  +   319d ago
People imported it, Honduras, Salvador, and Nicaragua. And they play online game's. I can't get, why wasted resources in marketing in all those countries, "26 New Markets" in September, if they can get their consoles.
CharlesSwann   319d ago | Trolling | show
jjonez18  +   318d ago
Japan's on that list. Wonder if this means some exclusive jrpg game reveals soon? They must have something up their sleeve. It's a tough market over there.

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