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Final Fantasy X is back and we're not complaining!

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kayoss1458d ago

Got an email from toysrus on Monday saying that my ffx pre-order has been backed order. Tuesday night I cancelled my order from toysrus and went to best buy to buy a copy. Wednesday afternoon I received my copy of ffx from toysrus. Checked my bank statement and I wasn't charged. Should I do the honest thing and return it to toysrus? Or return the best buy one (unopened) and get mysel a free copy?

MasterofMagnetism1458d ago

Waiting for my copy from Amazon but that is an interesting story you got there. Not sure what to do either if that happened to me. I guess keep the one from Toys R Us and return the other to Best Buy.

kayoss1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

I called to Toysrus this morning to get information to send back the game they sent me which i cancelled but was never charged. The representative at TRU, told me to keep the copy of the game but i wont be charged for it. I guess i can return the copy i bought from Best Buy. SCORE!

MasterofMagnetism1457d ago

That's awesome. You did the honest thing and got rewarded. Cheers!