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Call of Duty’s Lead Platform Switching to PS4; Digital Game Sales Higher than Xbox One’s - Insider

The Call of Duty franchise has been associated with the Xbox brand for quite a while, but something may be changing, as gathered by industry insider Pete "Famousmortimer" Dodd, that normally has a good track record with what his industry sources share with him. To provide an example, he was the one that first mentioned the difference in resolution of Call of Duty: Ghosts between PS4 and Xbox One. Today he mentioned something quite interesting about Call of Duty's lead platform and PS4/Xbox One digital sales. (Call of Duty 2014, PS4, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   617d ago | Well said
Damn what now there saying COD leading platform is going to be on PS4. What an giant flip-flop!
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The_Infected  +   617d ago
Interesting. I figured it would be pretty close.

"Also, don’t sleep on inFamous. It will be very, very, close to Titanfall XB1 this month. Sony is also doing far more digital sales than MS so far (which is a weird switch from the middle of last gen)."
abzdine  +   617d ago
xbox has just lost it all if true!!
next stop, Titanfall 2!
johndoe11211  +   617d ago | Well said

This does not surprise me one bit if it's true. To be honest, Activision are complete morons and they obviously lack foresight. It was blatantly obvious that Microsoft was going to ignore cod when titan fall came out. I have been saying this since last year.

Microsoft is going to focus on Titanfall because they see that as the new must have in FPS games while cod is on a very very rapid decline. Activision knowing that titanfall would be a xbox exclusive should have been targeting ps owners since before ghosts released last year.

For whatever reason they decided to remain in bed with microsoft even though microsoft started to push titanfall. The only thing that can save the cod franchise now is the PS community because the xbox and pc community will not even spit on cod now that they have titanfall.

Common sense would dictate that they focus on the ps platform now that microsoft wouldn,t give one sh!t about them and the cod series. A series that has gone from an average of 1.7 million online players to 300,000.

Cod will fail, because even the ps community is sick of it and with destiny coming out we'll have a better multiplayer game to play. Had activision not focused so much on the xbox platform with the release of cod ghosts it may have been different. I can guarantee you that right now activision must be feeling like a five dollar hooker from being used and tossed aside from microsoft. And the reality is I don't give microsoft wrong, activision were the morons.

That was one of the worst marketing decisions I have seen a gaming company make in years. Someone at activision needs to be fired. How the hell could I have seen this coming since august last year and you have these highly paid execs in a multi billion dollar company oblivious to these facts?
Septic  +   617d ago
"xbox has just lost it all if true!! "

So now COD matters? My head is spinning!

COD doesn't define the Xbox One and nor should it do so.

But yeah, if this is true, its either because of the comparative strength of the PlayStation brand, the obvious superiority of the tech of the PS4 or a marketing deal between Sony and Activision (oh yes, it works this way too).

I wouldn't be surprised if this was true. If I were Microsoft, I would start severing ties with this little deal anyway as COD starts to decline. The partnership isn't worth the kind of money I suspect MS would have paid anyway.

"next stop, Titanfall 2!"

This makes sense especially with the EA relationship as well and the rise of Titanfall (no pun intended). Interesting times.
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abzdine  +   617d ago

bro, i don't care about COD but it for sure matters for MS a minimum.
COD superior on PS4 is still not what will make me buy it, it's how dependent xbox is on COD i was talking about.
Septic  +   617d ago
"it's how dependent xbox is on COD i was talking about."

Yeah I mean, it could be because of its declining importance that MS may have refused to pay the kind of sums it was for the exclusivity.

The EA partnership must have been extremely costly and MS could just be prioritising its deals now. I think its business as usual but who knows what the real reason for the switch is, assuming that the rumour is true.
Why o why  +   617d ago

Im interpreting it as cod was one of the xbox's bastions just like gears. It mattered more to them than it did others simply because of their lack of titles in comparison to their competitors. Titanfall is now ms's bastion.... . I know you can understand that losing its exclusivity would have damaged brand xbox whilst reminding gamers how little ms produce in house. Ms dealt with activision slickly.... They already benefited off cod now they're on to the next one, leaving activision having to push on the playstation. It will be interesting to see if anybody bids for the timed exclusivity of the inevitable dlc.
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DawnOfDon  +   617d ago

Cod is not superior on PS4 I own it on both and the Xbox One version runs a lot smoother but PS4 has slightly better graphics
harrisk954  +   617d ago

"Yeah I mean, it could be because of its declining importance that MS may have refused to pay the kind of sums it was for the exclusivity."

You may not like COD and COD may have a lot of haters in the gaming forums around the web, but COD is still one of the top selling games every year... it sells millions of copies to people who never buy very few other games each year. COD:Ghosts may be down this year from previous entries in the series, but it still has generated over a billion dollars in revenue for Activision. It has to be worrisome to MS that PS4 might get into bed with Activision. It sends a message to those people who haven't gone next gen that the PS4 is the way go. MS does not want to lose out on any fence sitters, especially those who were XB360 owners and traditionally played COD on the MS platform.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   617d ago | Well said
To everyone below who are crying out about "the hypocrisy!!! All of a sudden COD matters!!". I beg of you guys to please stop it. It comes off as poor form to be honest and makes it very easy to paint all of you guys as something most of you aren't (fanboys).

If this rumor is true, most PlayStation fans are rubbing their mitts for two things. First off, this is one less weapon that the competition have in its arsenal, and yes that's a big deal, deal with it better guys.

Secondly, if true, the implications go far beyond just COD. With the rumors that Titanfall's sales numbers tracking slightly below expectation, it is evident to everyone that the Xbox brand is in very deep trouble. And I predicted such a scenario a few days ago. EA is now thinking that they should have remained neutral and I'll elaborate on that later.

The real bad thing for MS is that all indications points out that Destiny is going to outsell Titanfall when it releases, making it the next big thing. Now nothing g is guaranteed of course, as the game may not be well recieved. But the one thing publishers now know for sure is that IT IS NO LONGER beneficial to go XBox exclusive. With the most marketed game of the new gen so far, the return on the investment will maybe break even. And that's too big of a risk for most publishers.

Destiny is going to be heavily marketed on the PS4 and so will the future COD titles, and that's not good for the Xbox One who's sales are laggi g far behind the that of PS4.

EA have missed out on the chance to make the type of money COD was making last year by going MS exclusive with Titanfall. Sure Titanfall might do Gears of War numbers, but there's a huge difference between 6 million units with one platform, vs 20 million plus with both platforms. And there is absolutely no way that MS could have paid EA the equivalence of 14 million units at $60 each. Were talking about a possible multi billion dollar mistake here.
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abzdine  +   617d ago
i was just reacting to the "My head is spinning!" you wrote earlier.
i agree with the rest you say, even if it doesn't really concern the DLC deals. The discussion is mostly about performance due to PS4 being the lead platform.
MS can still be paying for the exclusive stuff but the game can be optimized for PS4.

i never said that, i was talking about the future CODs according to the article.
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johndoe11211  +   617d ago

I agree with everything you just said except the last point. It is VERY possible that microsoft would do something stupid like pay EA that amount of money for titanfall to be exclusive. This is microsoft we're talking about. That is where the problem lies with the xbox division in the first place.

They are throwing around money in that xbox division like it's nobody's business. They are sinking billions and billions of dollars in the xbox division to try and rule the gaming world but they aren't making any where near the amount of profit to justify the expenditure. That's exactly why the investors are calling for them to sell off the xbox division.

How many billions did they spend just to redesign the xbone controller? It's insanity what is taking place in microsoft right now. Again the're showing it's not about advancing gaming or innovating the gaming world, it's about moneyhatting and trying to own the living room. Even the kinect is more of a multimedia control than a gaming accessory.

It was never about gaming. I clearly remember an article from an ex xbox designer that said microsoft was aiming to own the living room since they were designing the original xbox. Gaming was just the foot in the door they needed.
scott182  +   617d ago
Oh cool, this is good news for PS4 owners actually if you like COD. The best versions of the game will be on PS4 for sure not just because of the hardware now.

I have always liked COD, love to play the campaign then get into multiplayer. Always have.
Boody-Bandit  +   617d ago

"Cod is not superior on PS4 I own it on both and the Xbox One version runs a lot smoother but PS4 has slightly better graphics"

Plays smoother how? Do you mean single player (frame rates), game actually runs smoother or plays better online (lower latency)?

I bought the PS4 version of GHOST first and picked it up for the X1 a few weeks after launch. The PS4 version is not slight when I noticed the difference right out of the gate on the X1 version. I have also done side by side comparisons on my triple panels using near identical visual settings. The only adjustments I made were to the color and contrast.

The PS4 version has more detailed textures, is a sharper overall and better color separation. Everything pops on the PS4 version and has more detail overall. Not that GHOST is a graphical juggernaut. Far from it. But the X1 version looks blurry in comparison to the PS4 version.
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AceBlazer13  +   617d ago
So is EA gonna be microsoft's hoe this gen now? They got bored of Activision.
PrinterMan  +   617d ago
johndoe11211; Swap Titanfall for COD? I don't have that kind of faith in Titanfall. It's okay but nothing earth shattering. Mind you, neither is COD anymore. Yipee we get a dog. :)

Pllllease. no more.
Utalkin2me  +   617d ago

Only one way to get that many bubbles with dumb comments....*shrugs*
Statix  +   617d ago
Looks like that much-ballyhooed Microsoft/EA partnership, essentially supporting ALL of Activision's direct competition (Titanfall, Battlefield, EA, etc.) backfired on them.

All it did was piss Activision off, and now Activision is switching sides because they felt betrayed.

We all kinda saw this coming last year, when Activision demoed Ghosts to IGN on the PS4 than the Xbox One.
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Bigpappy  +   617d ago
Activision isn't buying COD, you guys are. This is after so many in your camp keep slamming the game and insulting those who play it.

You also seem to forget, the number one place COD is sold, is on Xbox 360.
mcstorm  +   617d ago
I agree with Bigpappy I would not call this a big deal tbh. Most people are now looking at other games over COD. COD is a IP that needs a break and also going up against some new and exciting IP's like Titanfall, Destiney ect. I expect a lot of developers to start using the PS4 as the leaded console for 3rd party games but bragging about COD is not really anything to get excited about.
Ninver  +   617d ago
Now the interesting question is will Activision release exclusive dlc first on ps4 or will they still sleep with the losing team (Microsoft).
Charybdis  +   617d ago
Depends if sony wants to pay for it,exclusive content mostly are paid mutual beneficial deals, such as with watchdogs and destiny.

That said with the ps4 as lead platform it would make sense that potential beta programs and updates would launch exclusively and/or first on the ps4.
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MonstaTruk  +   617d ago
If I were SONY, I wouldn't pay Activision sh*t.

SONY's the big boy on the block, now. EARLY established, this gen. If Activision wants to rub the console with the CLEAR install base advantage the wrong way, keep doing the month-exclusive DLC thing with MS. It's already rubbed a lot of PS3 fans the wrong way last gen, start that up the beginning if this gen and see what happens...
Sci0n  +   617d ago
wow xbox gamers lived off of cod don't get me wrong its always sold well on PS as well but just about all of last gen microsft shelled out the big bucks for timed exclusivityq because the 360 didn't have to many big exclusives that was there main game. Even though everyone always hates on it and claim they are tired of it it keeps selling millions.
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GraveLord  +   617d ago
It just makes sense. PS4 is selling far better and delaying these people DLC for 1 month is a huge amount of lost sales.
Kidmyst  +   617d ago
A big downside to this is more of the annoying gamers we found more on XBL than PSN will be more now on PSN. But as long as I have the mute button I'm cool!
diehardmetallicafan  +   617d ago
exactly what i thought... the mute button will save everyones mothers a lot of abuse ;)
MonsterChef  +   617d ago
Private chat parties are the best. I'm in a clan and everytime we play together we start our private chat no need to here insults just strategy
adorie  +   617d ago
Maybe now the game will actually look next-gen.
Matt666  +   617d ago
it just shows that the only things Activison care about is money and sales
frostypants  +   617d ago
CoD. Meh.
I thought you guys were not interested in COD or multiplayer games. Remember you absolutely hate COD LOL..

This is getting too funny. Hate it because it doesn't tow the Sony company line, love it as soon as a rumor states that it will.
bennissimo  +   617d ago
Who cares what platform COD will be developed around?

It'll still be crap.

otherZinc  +   616d ago
Dualshockers again...
This SONY site is always full of M$ doom, speculation & assumptions, never any facts...just, "this could happen". Whatever.
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CaptainFaisal  +   617d ago
i hope so! :)
Statix  +   617d ago | Well said
Remember how the new Call of Duty by Sledgehammer was unveiled at Destination Playstation earlier this month? That might have been an indicator of this shift.

If COD leads on PS4, then we don't have to worry about a crappy port-job that caters to the weakest common denominator that is the Xbox One.
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DawnOfDon  +   617d ago
The Xbox One version runs smoother though, I own it on both
filipakos  +   617d ago
If it didnt run smoothly then you should feel bad for buying it.Thats the whole reason of why they made it 720p on xbox
lawgone  +   617d ago
So immature that people are disagreeing with dawnofdon. I also own both and it DOES run smoother on the XB1. It's pretty annoying actually.
extermin8or  +   616d ago
You realise I think ot was digital foundry showed that most of the frame rate hiccups on cod werent the frame rate dropping... but exceeding 60fps in places. So when that occurred amd ot returns to 60 your eyes percieve it as a drop. Bit it isn't. ... so not running as smoothly maybe but only because the fps wasnt capped properly clearly.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   617d ago
Interesting. Especially Sony's higher digital sales.Maybe as a result of Vita and remote play perhaps?
shivvy24  +   617d ago
Maybe its ps+ , I love having physical copies but when I got ps+ it just felt so simple switching games without having to change disks
skydragoonity  +   617d ago
Ps4 is the lead console this gen, no surprises here.
Eonjay  +   617d ago
Exactly. I think Dodd is given too much credit for telling us things we already know. Every multiplat is leading on PS4 hardware (mostly because the PS4 is the leading platform in sales).
Magicite  +   617d ago
candy_mafia  +   617d ago
Lead platform huh? ...I'll wager Xbone still gets the DLC first though.
Lou-Cipher  +   617d ago
That deal with Microsoft will probably end fairly soonish.

Activision could get away with that when Cod was selling more on the Xbox brand, but with an estimated significantly higher sells on the Playstation brand, it will take alot more money from Ms to make that deal worth it for Activision. (or any other developer)

All of the advantages Microsoft had last Gen have evaporated.
jackanderson1985  +   617d ago
didn't they just re-sign the contract in august? 4 or 5 years minimum i'd say
sic_chops  +   617d ago
Who cares.... @candy
donman1  +   617d ago
Its called Microsoft paying for it. So yes they might just well still do.
DanielGearSolid  +   617d ago
Activision cant be happy about the MS EA partnership
zeuanimals  +   617d ago | Funny
EA probably isn't even happy about the MS/EA partnership.
Crystallis  +   617d ago
HugoDrax  +   617d ago
Why wouldn't they be happy? Fanboys on this site I tell you hahaha...N4G fanboy wars are so silly sometimes. Thinking that Microsoft and Sony are actually at war over videogames lol. The world is much bigger than Playstation and Xbox

Here's a fact

MS = $234.83 Billion

Sony = $17.6 Billion

Now explain to me why EA would be mad at partnering with Microsoft? Money talks, and Microsoft has a lot of it. Let alone EA and Microsoft are American companies. I'm sure they would rather play for their home team than play for the away team. The xbox will never make an impact on Japanese soil because they're not the home team, this is why Playstation will always sell better in Japan. Except Americans would rather hate on their home team and root for the away team. I just don't get it hahaha..
ThatOneGuyThere  +   617d ago
hugo, nobody here is talking about their entire corporate structures. MS cannot be happy with the sales performance of the Xbox's devision's latest device in comparison to what sony's device is doing. thats all.
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MonsterChef  +   617d ago
Hugo you must not know how public business work, just because Microsoft has all that money does not necessarily mean that all that can flow in the Xbox division especially when that division hasn't yielded the profit that is normal for a company like Microsoft, if I were an investor I wouldn't want my money to go to a bleeding division it just wouldn't make sense or money. trust me when I say this Sony has more of its resources flowing to its PlayStation division since its actually profitable
MegaRay  +   617d ago
Nobody is happy about the MS/EA partnership except xboners only
MasterCornholio  +   617d ago
Fishy Fingers  +   617d ago
Makes some sense I guess, PS4 is the stronger platform, leads the X1 in install base and I believe they sold more copies of COD on the PS4. Throw in that CODs new, number one competitor is exclusive to the Xbox, its in their interest to buddy up with PS.
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Agent_hitman  +   617d ago
So now we can expect that the future COD will be PS4 and no longer Xbox timed exclusive?.
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shivvy24  +   617d ago
Well if Microsoft keeps throwing money then no, I still think exclusive dlc is a waste of money
Fishy Fingers  +   617d ago
Doubtful. Unless Sony decide they want to pay for the timed content. If MS arent willing to maintain their deal with Activision I expect all DLC would release at the same time.
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BakPAin  +   617d ago
As well it should! Sucks people gotta wait!
Crystallis  +   617d ago
and i hope they don't...at least for COD. Destiny I'm ok with.
Fz6soldier  +   617d ago
I think by lead platform they mean for development persposes. X1 version will probably be ported from Ps4.
DanielGearSolid  +   617d ago
The exclusive doesn't seem like it has a legitimate affect on sales

But idk

I just hope Sony doesn't waste money on something stupid like that
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sic_chops  +   617d ago
Good... No more being held back by Xbox consoles
urwifeminder  +   617d ago
Oh snap COD is cool again.
ZombieDust  +   617d ago
Yeah now thay sony fanboys hear it's using ps4 as lead console they all of a sudden love CoD or at least think its relevant now.
zeuanimals  +   617d ago
Not sure about fanboys but as a PS4 owner... Still irrelevant, as it is with most of my friends. COD's dying so this isn't a win for Sony. It's a win in the larger scheme of things since the PS4 is gonna be the lead console for multiplats.
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Unreal01  +   617d ago
Question. How is Cod dying? Why do people keep saying this? Just because people want it to go away so bad doesn't suddenly make it die, it's still selling amazingly, don't be in denial. Cod will be around for a very long time, whether you like it or not.
MysticStrummer  +   617d ago
"Oh snap COD is cool again."

Oh snap another comment that ignores the actual story in favor of an attempted joke/attack toward PS gamers. CoD is one of the biggest selling franchises on PS so your comment doesn't make much sense, not that you probably care.

OT - PS4 is easier to work with and has a bigger install base, so this makes sense. I still won't be interested in CoD but depending on the result it could make multi plat owners buy PS4's version.
urwifeminder  +   617d ago
You are spot on my friend love your online work keep it up.
GraveLord  +   617d ago
It's always been cool. Top-selling game on all platforms last year. Get with the times brah.
cfc78  +   617d ago
With all the xbox fans that jumped ship over to ps this is no surprise i expect most multiplats to do the same as ps4 continues to do well.
TheRedButterfly  +   617d ago
Must be a reaction to Titanfall. Gotta distance themselves from that rival. XD
chaosx  +   617d ago
i called this a long time ago and got flamed on this site for it. Activision where the architect behind the 1080p resolution gate difference with PS$ and xb1. They have backed Sony because MS backed respawn.

Activison are running scared because CoD is stale and failing…… enjoy any exclusive PS4.

Bare in mind from a business stand point the next 1 maybe 2 CoD games will be shipped to last gen platforms so any next gen agreements won't filter through for a while.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   617d ago
cod ran at a lower resolution because the xbox one has half of the gpu to work with. anything else is a wild conspiracy theory.
chaosx  +   617d ago
Other games run and higher res than 720p yet they didn't even try to up the resolution at all on xb1 but just happened to have a PS4 update handy at launch. I doubt some guy just threw it together over a weekend.
Activision needs CoD to work with 3 studios churning a title out every year.
Titanfall has the potential to really hurt CoD, from a business stand point Activison had to make a strategic decision and sided with Sony.

Both titles that released updates for resolution were Ubisoft and Activision.
Both are now showing that the have content exclusivity agreements of sorts with Sony for content.
Activison wanted the PS4 to seem more attractive to gamers so they could have more control over the its base platform for it core games.

Not a conspiracy theory , common sense.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   617d ago
unless there's any evidence to the contrary, its the definition of a conspiracy theory. we KNOW the xb1 has 50% less gpu cores as the ps4. we know this. it isnt speculation. we know ghosts is running on a game engine from last generation that wasnt designed for the current systems. we know that without optimization, there has to be sacrifices. look, im not saying that the next iteration of COD wont run at 1080 and 60fps solid on xb1, in fact i almost can guarantee it will. its in activision's best interest to sell as many copies of their game as possible, across all platforms. COD on xb1 isnt competing with cod on ps4. its competing with bf4, halo, titanfall, etc on xb1.
pornflakes   617d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
No_Limit  +   617d ago
Pointless article. PS4 is sold in over 50 countires vs XB1 in only 13 thus far. And the source is from a random user at Neogaf without any concrete sources. Dualshockers always get news from random posters from Neograf for some reason. Take it with a grain of slat, I say.
#17 (Edited 617d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
Kayant  +   617d ago
Yh the same user with a 85% or more track record of being right so far.

Truly random indeed... /s
Sevir  +   617d ago
A grain of "Slat"...? Whatever that may be.
Drekken  +   617d ago | Well said
You're right... the XBO will definitely sell more software once it is released in Japan and the Czech Republic. lol.
Crystallis  +   617d ago
tiremfej  +   617d ago
FamousMortimore? Now rumors are being posted as news? It would make sense actually develop for the lowest common denominator, that way the PS4 might be able have 1080 with effects...like shadows on characters, or no fog in the distance...
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No_Limit   617d ago | Off topic | show
Cobra951  +   617d ago
This was my thought as well. If I say something contentious, and someone else spreads the rumor and quotes me as a source, does it become more true?

"Lead platform" means the system for which the software is initially developed (and has little to do with hardware sales). That is extremely unlikely to change midstream. Future projects may get developed on a different platform, but even that is unlikely if they are based on previously existing source code.
PockyKing  +   617d ago
Jeez. First comments are like, "Yea bro, cod sucks I hate it I don't want it anymore", Dualshockers posts another rumor, "PS4 is lead development, now I want it" Make up your minds already.
xJumpManx   617d ago | Trolling | show
Nocando   617d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Hicken  +   616d ago
If only you were right...

Unfortunately, if you were paying ANY attention to comments, you'd see virtually nobody saying they love the game, or that they're more willing to buy it.

Literally nothing had changed about how people feel about the game; what's changed is the potential importance of the franchise in the gaming landscape as it pertains to the behind the scenes politics.

Please, don't be like the ignorant trolls who essentially make up the content of comments they complain about.
xJumpManx  +   617d ago
Mistake IMO PS4 fans are not as rabid as xbox fans when it comes to FPS. COD will regret it I bet, sure it sold well at launch but there was nothing at launch for the PS4 lets see how it sells when you give sony fans a real choice.
Corpser  +   617d ago
What? You realize 4 of the top 6 best selling ps3 games of all time are CODs
ElementX  +   617d ago
Yet everybody calls Xbox the FPS platform
Statix  +   617d ago
Can you possibly be more wrong?

There were THREE blockbuster FPS's for the PS4 at launch, including one exclusive FPS in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Not to mention the free-to-play shooters Blacklight: Retribution and Warframe. The Xbox One didn't have ANY exclusive shooters at launch to speak of. Despite all of this, Killzone: Shadow Fall sold over 2 million copies, and Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts both sold MORE on the PS4 than the Xbox One.

Not to mention that PS3 gamers had way more active players than 360 in the Battlefield series on a day-to-day basis. With Black Ops II, the active player counts were neck-and-neck between the PS3 and 360 (according to the player-count statistic displayed on the multiplayer menu screen).

And finally, lest we forget, PlayStation's biggest IP is a shooter--a little franchise called "Uncharted."

Your premise that PlayStation fans "aren't as rabid about FPS's" is just plain wrong. End of argument.
#19.2 (Edited 617d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CorndogBurglar  +   617d ago
You are right in just about everything you said, however, you can't include 3rd person shooters like Uncharted with FPS's.

At the end of the day, Uncharted is not an FPS.

I still agree with you, though, aside from that.
hankmoody  +   617d ago
LMAO Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. How do you come by your information? Did you hold a massive informal survey? PS4 fans aren't rabid over FPS shooters but hey, they'll all go buy Killzone 4 just to spend some cash, I'm guessing?

What nonsense.
PhilJowns  +   617d ago
Surely Pete Dodd has been discredited by now? He just pushes out hundreds of vague rumours then claims victory if one turns out true!

Who cares which is lead platform on a multiplatform game anyway? I would have thought with how close new consoles are to PC architecture they'd make PC lead then just scaledown for console versions.

As for the digital sales the PS4 currently has lots more indie games available which are only digital so they would be doing better in digital sales. Unless he was specifically saying COD sold better digitally on PS4? Which as they pushed out a crap low resolution version on Xbox isn't much of an achievement.

Again Dodds is always vague and never has real details. He knows his history is patchy as he is using Dodds now and dropping the famousmortimor moniker.
#20 (Edited 617d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
PockyKing  +   617d ago
Doesn't matter to Abriael. If an insider says a word, he reports on it. Usually spreading false information around, but he doesn't care obviously.
Akuma07  +   617d ago
More often then not his rumors become truth.
ARESWARLORD  +   617d ago
I have Ghosts on PS4 and it is garbage. Huge waste of my hard earned money. Wish I never bought the Seasons Pass. Garbage. Titanfall on the other hand is the best shooter I have played in years. Rot in hell Duty
Unreal01  +   617d ago
I have Ghosts on PS4, and I believe it is the best Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 2. It is far from garbage, great game to pick up and play when you're bored.
ARESWARLORD  +   617d ago
better then black ops 2 eh. right
ThatOneGuyThere  +   617d ago
he wanted something different from COD, apparently. ghosts is slow and open compared to blops2. maybe thats what he was looking for. so to him, better.
marlinfan10  +   617d ago
lol all I've heard for the last few years is that only xbox players like fps and the "dudebro games" or w.e the ps guys used to call it. now this comes out and all of the sudden call of dutys the best game ever made lmao.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   617d ago
you sound like you are :-(
CorndogBurglar  +   617d ago
I haven't seen anyone here really praising CoD as a game.

Its good for the PS4 because of its popularity, but I don't really see anyone saying that CoD is a great game.

Are you reading the same comments I am, because it really doesn't look like it. MOST people are just mentioning how this could be good or bad for Xbox.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   617d ago
hella dude bros are switching sides. derp.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   617d ago
what they need to do is stop trying to be like bf4 and make the game like modern warfare with simple killstreaks and perks and stop this 20+perk crap like the garbage that it is on ghost and fix the spawn system!! activision create your on path and stop following
Ko_Uraki  +   617d ago
Please...not another insider "story"
Akuma07  +   617d ago
I can see Microsoft really trying to marry up Titanfall to their platform asap.

Also I think the guys at Activision who fired the Infinity Ward guys must be reeeeaalllly pissed haha. Well the IW guys left because Activision wouldn't let them do something other than COD, then they go on to make the game they wanted to make, and smash COD lol.
ltachiUchiha  +   617d ago
"smash COD"

I agree with u maybe in the area that TF is something refreshing & fun factor but too bad sales wise it won't dent COD or Destiny sales. If anything MS loses one of their key 3rd party players for the 360's success not because those games wont be on an xb1 but because u can almost guarantee that Activision will offer up Sony sweet deals that will benefit the ps4 & Activision games. Doesnt sound like much but for MS is sake, they need every advantage they can get if they want to stay close to Sony in sales of each platform.
hankmoody  +   617d ago
So then according to N4G logic, this should be very, very bad for the PS4, seeing as everyone hates CoD. Amirite? Hilarious.
GW212  +   617d ago
It's not "bad" for PS4. I'm a PS guy and I'm pretty indifferent to this. I don't like COD that much and don't care what the preferred platform is for this series.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   617d ago
This is N4G, the logic is everyone shares the same opinion. So you are wrong. You do care what the preferred platform for CoD is and this is very very bad for the PS4. AmIDoinItRite? Hilarious.
#26.1.1 (Edited 617d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Ko_Uraki  +   617d ago
PS4 is a fantastic console. Xbox One is agreat hardware too. PS4 is selling better ww, One is selling more than decently and it can still improve in some markets. There are great games on both. I can not understand the logic behind these unconfirmed rumors if not spreading hate among fanboys.
DeadManMMX  +   617d ago
Anyone can see that most of the core COD audience is still on 360. Until more people make the leap to next gen and choose their console this is a bit of early speculation.
urwifeminder  +   617d ago
Pc will be the main platform then everything is down graded from there , plus they are still catering to last gen consoles so it will be the same thing anyway.
#29 (Edited 617d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
bleedsoe9mm  +   617d ago
guessing sony counts ps+ games as digital sales
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   617d ago
seeing as how ms has about zero good deals at any given time, while ps+ has them every week, it's not really surprising at all really~
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