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Submitted by MichaelZack 698d ago | opinion piece

Saving Nintendo

Nintendo has faced difficulties in the recent years with slumping sales and falling third party support. Is there a way for them to turn it around? Nintendo already has plans in the works. But if they do two more simple things, they would have a much better chance at succeeding (Culture, Nintendo, Wii U)

DanManDantheMan  +   698d ago
Nintendo doesn't need saving.
MichaelZack  +   698d ago
Iwata, president of Nintendo, would disagree with you, as he's taking steps to save the failing Wii U and change the course of the company.
DanManDantheMan  +   698d ago
Wii U isn't Nintendo. But I guess I'm not too sure what kind of writing quality I expected out of this site. Nintendo itself is fine thanks to the fact that every single platform they made was profitable with others having huge success, such as the 3DS right now.

Wii U is just a flat tire that's having a hard time reinflating. It's not taking down the company with it.
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MichaelZack  +   698d ago

Take a look at the article for yourself
DanManDantheMan  +   698d ago
Yes, it was not a good read. It was especially hard to watch you refer to the Wii U as Nintendo repeatedly.
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RPG_Lover  +   698d ago
Nintendo does not need saving. This guys "articles" if you even want to call them that, are terrible. Devoid of fact, reason, and worse of all substance.

Just terribly written. Sensationalized headline.

I will give one example why this article is beyond hope

"I felt they abandoned their core gamer market with the Nintendo Wii"

So is that why the Wii saw

Fire Emblem
Sin and punishment 2
Punch out

Because they abandoned the core?

FYI, Nintendo put more core titles on Wii than any console they had previously supported. THAT is fact.

I also love it how this stupid article compares Nintendo to other companies not nearly in the same position as them to try and rationalize his ridiculous arguement.
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MichaelZack  +   698d ago
Nintendo was the one who talked about how they abandoned their core market by no longer targeting them in their marketing plan. Take a look at the documents for yourself. I included them for a reason.

Edit for RPG_Lover: No marketing plan would ever say "we abandoned our core market." The point of a marketing plan is to target a specific group. When that group is no longer targeted, they are not being specifically addressed.
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RPG_Lover  +   698d ago
Nintendo never said "we abandoned their core market" EVER.

Not making them the singular priority in the marketing plan does not mean "we abandonded" the core market.

And even if they said that. The REALITY of the situation was much much different.

Nintendo achieved there highest sales ever of core titles, catering more of there output to the core.

Mario titles sold more, Zelda sold more, smash sold more, even freaking fire emblem sold more.

No offense but I will not be able to take anything your site says seriously if you continue on with these bad blogs........
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mcstorm  +   698d ago
@RPG_Lover tbh core gamers is a very small market. If you look at last gen COD was the best selling IP by a long way but that was not because it was a core game. It was because this is the game everyone wanted and enjoyed.

Nintendo IP's sell very well on there own. If you look back at past console sales Nintendo may not of had the most sales in terms of consoles sold but there own IP's have often outsold Sony's and Microsoft's apart form GT and Halo as these are the big named games like Mario Kart is for Nintendo.

Nintendo don't need saving they just need to give the WiiU more ad time. It has a great lineup of games and some of the biggest 3rd party IP's too but all of them need to work together to show what the WiiU version has over the xbox one and PS4 version. For example 2 player on COD one playing on the TV the other on the game pad.

This is Nintendo's biggest issue with the Wiiu right now not the lack of games or power but having it noticed a bit like when the 3DS came out.
JohnHeatz  +   698d ago
I agree with you on this one mcstorm, however, one issue they might be having is the fact that, due to bad sales on AAA titles, developers aren't that interested in developing games for it. But well, Watch Dogs will be coming to the Wii U some time after its release on every other platform...
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   698d ago
Actually Pokemon and Mario as whole is Nintendo best-seller.
Jarrettjawn  +   698d ago
What are Nintendo "core" titles? Are they first party titles? Are they long running brands?
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   698d ago
Classic 2D + 3D Super Mario + Mario Kart + Mario & Luigi RPG and SMRPG
Donkey Kong Country
The Legend of Zelda
Punch Out!!
Kid Icarus
Srar Fox
Fire Emblem
Advance Wars
Sin & Punishment
Eternal Darkness
Baten Kaitos
Disaster Day of Crisiis
Xenoblade - X
Pandora's Tower
The Last Story
The Wonderful 101
Golden Sun
Custom Robo

Need I list more
Dudebro90  +   698d ago
Another dumb piece with wrong information.

Do some research before you make dumb claims.
eaise  +   698d ago
Why are articles like this still being approved?
This is the same stupid made up information that has been in the other 100 articles that say "do this to save Nintendo"
Nintendo is not in trouble. It is better financially than either of the other two
randomass171  +   698d ago
It's the COOL thing to do!
Dunban67  +   698d ago
Well written and much more objective than the blindly obedient Nintendo fans that won t acknowledge the obvious - even hen Nintendo itself does

One thing I don t understand is if a person cares for a console and/ or games company, then why support thier bad decisions and/ or errant direction?
mii-gamer  +   698d ago
oh dear... Another article

from the piece:

"6. Nintendo is sitting on a lot of money/assets and has no outstanding debt. Doesn’t this clearly indicate they are not in trouble?

Answer: No, unfortunately. I am looking at current trends that Nintendo displayed. It is true they have a lot of money they are sitting on. But they are not going to spend a penny of it. Iwata said so himself:

“However, if we tried to do nothing but buying our way to create such a good condition for developers, our own business could collapse.” (source document, click here)

They plan on taking a specific action to try to turn things around, which will be discussed next."

Firstly, since when is having a crapload of money, assets and no debt suggest a company is in trouble. On the contrary it means they are in decent shape (that doesn't give nintendo and their fans an excuse to rest on their laurels) Sure, one section of their business is in trouble, but as a company they are ok - far from short term risks.

Secondly, the quote in which he claims that nintendo is not going to spend a penny is in regards to the bidding war and money-hatting 3rd party support. This position has been made clear many years ago - it is obvious they simply cannot win against Microsoft in a bidding war.

If the author actually did some research he would know, that Nintendo invested significantly in 2013 in R&D to cover their weakness. In fact it went up by 80% last year.


From Iwata himself:

“Regarding the research and development expenses for this fiscal year, many people seem to have been surprised by such a sudden increase and I heard from the IR team that they received many questions on this topic from financial analysts,”

“Yesterday, I received the same question when we made our financial announcement at the Osaka Securities Exchange and answered that we decided to increase our forecasted expenses this fiscal year in order to tackle some of the areas that we feel we are not strong at, and this is an investment toward the future.”

“I will not, however, go into detail about these specific areas since doing so does not benefit Nintendo or our shareholders. Please also note that the rise is unique to this fiscal year and it does not signify a general rise for
the next fiscal year".

Therefore, I ask the author - isn't this proof that nintendo are spending their pennies? This is some indication that Nintendo are moving in the background to rejuvenate their business.

The article does have some good points, but the amount of spin is truly mind-boggling - the author isn't as intelligent as he think he is.
Dunban67  +   698d ago
But Iwata does not indicate what the money is being spent on - for all we know none of the additional money is going toward helping the Wii u ( I hope most of it is but Iwata would not say).
Reeze  +   698d ago
Goodness, can we give this topic a rest? Yes, everyone knows Nintendo can improve on a lot of things- but that can be said about every company! Can we just go one day without an article about "why the Wii U is doomed" or "where Nintendo went wrong"?
Fanboyssuck27  +   698d ago
It's good to see some Nintendo fans on here for a change, usually every Nintendo article whether it's positive or negative is filled with Nintendo haters, mainly Sony fanboys.

OT Nintendo doesn't need saving, never has and never will. Wii U will remain my primary main console complimented by a ps4 for their 3rd party titles.
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Jarrettjawn  +   698d ago
"Nintendo achieved there highest sales ever of core titles, catering more of there output to the core.

Mario titles sold more, Zelda sold more, smash sold more, even freaking fire emblem sold more."

I'm going to guess were talking about sales on the Wii, considering the context of that particular sub-thread. The Smash Bros. series absolutely had its best outing on the Wii, as Brawl sold 11.4 million copies. The rest of series you mentioned though did not. Zelda's best seller is still Ocarina of Time (7.06 million, next best being Twilight Princess). Mario's best is still the original Super Mario Bros.(40 million). Granted, that's a skewed number, as they were bundled with Nintendo's. So we will go with the next highest, New Super Mario Bros. (29.2 million), which is a DS game. I couldn't find many reliable numbers on the early Fire Emblems, but it doesn't matter, as the highest selling issue in the series is Awakening (1.24 million) and that came out last year on the 3DS.

So you know, there's that...
Jarrettjawn  +   698d ago
All numbers by the way are courtesy of
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   698d ago
Here for real figures
As of March 31, 2013
Will be updated in a few weeks by Nintendo after fiscal year report.
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BoneBone  +   698d ago
I've saved Nintendo
I just had a nap, awoke, and burped. I then picked my nose. And thus conclude I have single handedly saved Nintendo. I'm just going to call Nintendo now to let them know. I doubt they ever thought of this solution.
hatsume-miku  +   698d ago
It's funny. Everybody nowdays seems to have a solution to save Nintendo... I guess they are all financial expert that can suggest a 100 old company with a lots of money what to do.
Baccra17  +   698d ago
Good luck with that.
Chrono  +   698d ago
Release more cranky kong and mario games.
kwandar  +   698d ago
I've worked with software companies at a senior level for many years. The problem with the Wii U is obvious to those of us in the industry; Nintendo has obliquely addressed the issue.

The issue is that they are not running x86, which everyone else is, so it requires specialized coding. That costs $, and the base isn't big enough to spread the cost over. If Nintendo put all their platforms on the same system (this is what Nintendo obliquely referenced), they would have a larger base to spread the cost over.

Nintendo doesn't need to survey customers (unless this is strictly a marketing exercise)or 3rd party developers; they have a pretty good idea as to the issues.
Hicken  +   698d ago
Nintendo doesn't need saving. They DO need to change a few business practices or market focuses, but they're not in danger of going anywhere.

That said, the Wii U is a separate kettle of fish, entirely. It actually IS in need of a rather drastic and urgent turnaround, although it's not a difficult thing to implement.
Geekman  +   697d ago
Really? An article JUST came out YESTERDAY stating that Nintendo has enough money in the bank to last decades, but no, let's ignore the facts and continue with ridiculous Nintendoom.

Do they need to change their business structure? Big time, but they are NOWHERE NEAR the point of needing saving.
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