Award-Winning Action-RPG Deus Ex: The Fall Out Now On PC

Originally released as the much acclaimed mobile version, the PC version boasts 28 Steam achievements, Steam Trading cards, adjusted AI, full keyboard and mouse functionality, and Microsoft controller support plus other optimizations.

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get the Game of the Year edition for free is a nice way to sell a few extra versions of this game

1310d ago
Iltapalanyymi1310d ago

Downloading as we speak. I love deus ex!

Gamesgbkiller1310d ago


I hope it will come soon :(

Play2Win1310d ago

Don't buy it. It's one hell of a bad port for PC.

Activemessiah1310d ago

Even so, the asking price is reasonable, I'm not expecting Human revolution level of graphics but the Deux Ex world is interesting enough in its own right to justify the price.