PlayStation 4 System Update 1.62 Released, Weighs 336 MB

Sony Computer Entertainment just released a new system software update for the PS4.

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Kalowest1528d ago ShowReplies(8)
user14394141528d ago

Operation quality during use of some PlayStation 4 software has been improved.

MasterCornholio1528d ago

I dont view that as a bad thing like some people do.

Abriael1528d ago

I'm not exactly sure what could be bad in the word "improved."

Maybe some can't read and read "downgraded?" :P

IcicleTrepan1528d ago

People don't see it as a 'bad' thing. They see it as a bad thing that Sony just says something generic without actually giving a list of what they fixed. Most people would prefer a changelist style of release note so they know what's actually been changed.

XisThatKid1528d ago

Possible Pregame for tonights GDC reveals?
Won't be the first time Sony set up a sleeper update the day of or before an event.

inveni01528d ago

I wish they'd list a fix for the constant eject issue I've been having. I refuse to send in my console until I know if it's a software or hardware issue, because I don't want to re-download everything on my ISP's ridiculous monthly bandwidth restrictions (250GB limit, $10/50GB after). I just want to know what's up. Sony is still silent on this.

ThatOneGuyThere1528d ago

that sounds like a hardware issue. if it was a software issue everyone would be complaining. we all have the same software...

inveni01528d ago

This is a pretty common problem. Take a google for it. There are a ton of people experiencing this, and rebuilding the database on the system always provides a temporary fix. So if the problem can be temporarily fixed via software, perhaps it can be permanently fixed via software?

Sly-Lupin1528d ago

We only view it as a bad thing because its all by itself, and the PS4's UI needs a LOT of improvement/additions.

But, really, gamers should be used to tedious, incremental hardware updates. If we're lucky, the UI will be halfway decent by 2005's standards sometime in 2016.

DOMination-1528d ago

I wish they mute hdmi audio when using optical. Seems fairly standard and is really one of the few gripes I have with ps4. Minor yes but still a little annoying.

Eizhale1528d ago

It would be good to have a list of changes but its no big deal. The interface on PS4 is really good anyway so any improvements are going to just make it better. If you dont like PS4s interface then go back PS3... didnt think you would lol

Pro Racer1528d ago

And how much do 336MB weigh exactly?

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Blaze9291528d ago

No one is viewing this as a bad thing, people are literally just waiting for a list of features requested even before the PS4 launched that are still not available - yet there has been 6 updates in 5 months which still doesn't add the most requested: DLNA

So everytime you see a report about a PS4 update, people get excited - just to see it really adds nothing of use as far as a consumer is concerned.

3-4-51528d ago

336 MB weighs the same as 335 MB. You don't measure MB in weight.

Size and density or weight are two completely different things.

Hence why you can have something the size of a small basketball weight more than an entire car, if it was dense and heavy enough.

Sorry to nitpick the topic title, but it's too obvious.
Size is relevant.

Cool for the update though.

Axecution1528d ago


ugh. Can't tell if trolling, or... o.o

Mulletino1528d ago

Dimensional analysis bro.

zero_gamer1528d ago

2.0 should be the major update with some of the features that PS4 fans have been asking for. Though not always the case, major updates are usually branded with the next integer as its version. This is how Sony usually structured their update agenda for PSP, PS3, and PSVita.

Kalowest1527d ago

Sony Sucks at Updates!!!
I have a PS4, why is my statement considered trolling???

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PizzImperfect1528d ago ShowReplies(3)
macethedon1528d ago

Come on, where's my media playback support that you promised us?!

The Meerkat1528d ago

This ^, This ^ and only THIS ^

guerojose1528d ago

Anybody have a link to this promise? I can't remember how it was worded, exactly.


Neonridr1528d ago

This was back in November mind you... and we are still waiting.

guerojose1527d ago

So wait:
"We didn't really think about MP3 or CD. We thought 'we're going to do that eventually.'"

"We promise MP3, CD, DLNA, 3D BluRay, and all other media support within four months after launch."

The definition of "promise" seems to have shifted over the years.

ncc-0171528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

patience is a virtue and good things to those who wait

clouds51528d ago

Lol the ps4 is the best console ever! Better hardware than any other gaming system, huge library of games, best controller variety, how could you ask for more, like media playback?
You need to do more ps4 worshipping to atone for your sins. Say 10 hail ps4.

macethedon1527d ago

Coming from the PS3 why can't I want something like this?

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DarkBlood1528d ago

Kinda big for an update and they come sort of frequently

WitWolfy1528d ago

@Daniel oh forgive our 3rd world internet cap limitations compared to your uncapped 1st world country awesomeness.

YES 336MB is A LOT especially if its for a minor stability fix.

mushroomwig1528d ago

I don't understand this "frequently" myth that some people go on about firmware updates, do you really consider 6 updates in 5 months as frequent?

I would rather have updates often than none at all, they're not costing you anything and they only exist to IMPROVE your experience at the end of the day.

Blaze9291528d ago

Well, what other pieces of technology do you own that updates that frequently? Computers don't even do that lol.

This is no different then how Sony treated updates on the PS3 and I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of these "frequent" updates.

Baka-akaB1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Well Blaze , the Xbox One had as many firmwares update than the ps4 , and actually accelerated their rate with big consecutive ones since february .

Yet somehow known xbox fanboys manage to spin it in their favor ?

DawnOfDon1528d ago


But the Xbox updates actually fix or do something. You should not need 6 stability updates when you promised consumers all these features would come in the launch window and still aren't here yet

Baka-akaB1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

lol ps4 firmwares dont fix and add stuff ? And the current xb1 stuff dont add stability fixes too on top on previously missing features ? Come on now ..

People forget there was more missing (like twitch) and more to fix (like sounds volume issues , 50hz , friend list , the mediocre sharpening filter to remove , party chat etc) on XB1 .

Gawdl3y1528d ago

Computers update weekly, if not more frequently.

DawnOfDon1528d ago


Okay they were missing stuff but it is all there now. Twitch is superior on X1 just so you know, they wanted to make it actually good before putting it on unlike the rushed app on PS4. The firmwares do add stuff they just haven't done anything yet. We were promised all this stuff from Sony in the "launch window" and where the hell is it? They are pissing me off with all these updates that do not add what we were promised, all they are worried about is their PS Now garbage

Baka-akaB1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

"Okay they were missing stuff but it is all there now. "

No it isnt . They were playing catch up , fixing growing and launch pains too , and both consoles are still missing wanted features .

"Twitch is superior on X1 just so you know they wanted to make it actually good before putting it on unlike the rushed app on PS4. "

FYI i got both consoles you know . And how is the app rushed on ps4 ? It actually worked and still works well , mostly missing stream archives . MS was obviously reacting , to their own last minutes changes to begin with , and not ready yet for some features . Their twitch app is now ready and yet better , doesnt mean the competition wont react and improve in turn lol ...

I aint even saying everything is rosy . The XB1 was missing more at launch with some basic functions not even working well .. the ps4 had stuf to fix too , even if , apprently in lesser amounts . Both still do and are still missing promised features , some teased with a "Soon" .

And yet here with are with BSers trying to pretend they had less firmware updates , when it is a fact they had the same amount , or pretending one did much more than the other in that area .

"oh yeah but the ps3..." that's roughly all they got in the tank .

clouds51528d ago

@Gawdly yeah but people always say it's a bad thing that you need to update your pc frequently. When ps4 does it? Let's praise the ps4 for frequent updates.
It's simple fanboys logic.

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