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Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is a short but challenging game, and those willing to cast aside conventional expectations will find a lot more here than first glance might suggest.

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mantisimo1552d ago

I'll wait for the launch of pain and get them together, it's been a long time but I'm finally learning to wait and not rush out day one.

It's got me the last tomb raider for free on + and reductions on other games.

Although infamous is too tempting :)

NewMonday1552d ago

IGN didn't care about the short campaign or lack of depth in Titanfall, and they didn't care about spending $60 and then another $60 to get the rest of the content in Forza5

Why do they suddenly care about value

HammerKong1552d ago

now i get,you are angry on ign because they gave good scors to games on xbox ,and buddy 8 is a good score and from other sites this game also does not desserve this score. Forza and titanfall were not 2 hours game,they are still very deep games,forza can still last around 50-30 hours if you want to open all cars and titanfall can last around 80-60 to unlock every thing,so stop trolling,this world does not run on your opinion.

Kivespussi1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

He was just giving a few examples. No need to start a fanboy war.
And length of both titanfall and forza is just a matter of taste. I personally don't like playing the same thing for too long (with few exceptions - dark souls, XCOM, TLOU multiplayer to name a few) because I usually think they get repetitive. That's why I don't play that much sport, racing or multiplayer focused games. But that's just me. Some people can play the same thing for hundreds of hours.

ThePope1552d ago

I'm buying MGS GZ. But to compare a 2-6 hour experience to games that have much better replay ability is just silly. If you don't like Online shooters you will never experience that replay ability and so to YOU $60 is a lot. But reviews can't review based on taste. The potential is there for TF to last an unlimited # of hours. The same can not be said for MGS GZ

nukeitall1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I will wait for more reviews, but I expect there to be some review bias simply because MGS is a such a huge franchise. When it gets 8 out of 10, it does seem low considering bias.

Will wait, after all the VALUE is ridiculous. This seems to have the content of a DLC and should be no more than $15-20 tops!

If it had a multiplayer mode I would get super addicted to, then it would be well worth even $60!

Infamous2981552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I fear that it will encourage developers and publishers to do as kojima did like releasing overpriced short game.

asyouburn1552d ago

Don't be afraid. No one is ever going to buy xblades the prologue, or drake of the 99 dragons prologue. Not every game can get away with this

Magicite1552d ago

Gamespot and IGN gives 8/10 while noname sites give 4/10. Interesting!

DC7771552d ago

Yeah IGN should be ashamed. An 8 for a game that ppl are speed running through in ten minutes.

You're going to screw us into less content and higher prices in the future.

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izumo_lee1552d ago

Glad there are some sites out there judging the quality of the game rather than the price of it.

Yeah it sucks that the price of the game is what it is but that shouldn't take away the high quality the game looks. It's not like Kojima & Konami made the game with nothing, it had to cost quite a penny to make it look the way it does. The money to pay for it had to come from somewhere.

If you are a MGS fan people will buy it regardless, if you are a newcomer than the price may make one hesitant. If so might as well wait 2-3 years when Phantom Pain comes out.

sobotz1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

They should've made it a free demo (or at least only the main mission), then people will more excited to wait for The Phantom Pain than hating the franchise because of its length.

Bathyj1552d ago

Theres too much content to just be a demo. I think they should have announced it with an upgrade program for Phantom Pain.

If people knew they were saving money on the main game no one would care they need to pay for this now.

plmkoh1552d ago

The game only has a 'main mission'. All the other missions are twists on the same map that have different objectives.

Definitely shouldn't be a demo, the story content here basically wraps up Peace Walker. I guess you could say this is Peace Walker's true ending, since what we got...well yeah if you played it you will know.

izumo_lee1552d ago

What i think and like Konami & Kojima should do is that those who buy Ground Zeroes receive a discount when Phantom Pain is released.

It would be a good gesture on their part & maybe convince those who were hesitant to buy it as well. Like Bathyj said there is too much stuff in the game to be regarded as a demo. If it were to be a demo the side missions & half of the main mission be omitted, cause i doubt for a demo Kojima would spoil the ending.

It sucks but it is either play this or wait for Phantom Pain.

_FantasmA_1552d ago

15 dollars is the perfect price. For half the price of a full game I should get more than an intro. I don't care how good it is, I will wait til it comes with the Phantom Pain. Although I think they will be stingy and not include it to give us the middle finger.

demonddel1552d ago

Moneybags has been deliver

DJ1552d ago

Looks like there's 8 to 10 hours of gameplay once you count side missions. I'll get it, but probably when it's a few dollars off.

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