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Submitted by Sammy777 694d ago | rumor

Titanfall sells 700,000 copies at launch but PS4 still outsells Xbox One comfortably

Insiderp :

UK :
Xbox One - 23,000 units
PS4 - 27,000 units
Titanfall Xbox One - 125,000 copies

Titanfall Xbox One - 480,000 copies
We do not have the final hardware numbers for last week, but based on the near final numbers, we have PS4 and Xbox One being virtually neck and neck, with each console selling over 100,000 units

Rest of Europe / PAL:
PS4 - 80,000 units ( Hardware sales increased 200% over the week ending March 9th, 2014)
Xbox One - 12,000 units
Titanfall Xbox One - ~100,000 units (PS4, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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Majin-vegeta  +   694d ago
Wow,if true I thought it would have sold at least a 1+Mil

@U got owned there i fixed it dont cry now.
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   694d ago | Well said
WOW Sony played it smart well done.... Saved up PS4 and sent them during the week of titanfall launch smart by sony

now its Sonys week with MGS:GZ and imfamous:ss coming should be another good week

yes i know GZ is on both consoles
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JMaine518  +   694d ago
Yea they did. I was wondering why all these sites had ps4s available. Titanfall was releasing duh. Good move
n4rc  +   694d ago | Well said
I noticed it was back in stock a lot of places.. If planned, very smart indeed..
Bigpappy  +   694d ago
Yes. It was a good PR move. But I still see US numbers as way too low for 4days of sales. I will wait on other reports. Even this rumors is admitting to guessing the U.S. numbers.
Godmars290  +   694d ago
Thing is after four days why does anyone have to guess?

Even if sales numbers are "only" 2 million, MS should be crowing.
SilentNegotiator  +   694d ago | Well said
No announcement from EA/MS about a million sold means that these numbers are probably pretty accurate.

So much for that "insider" who said that this game already pushed a million Xbones, days ago. It didn't even push a million pieces of itself on week one.
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badboy776  +   694d ago
abzdine  +   694d ago
imagine what will happen when inFamous hits the shelves as well as MGSV (exclusively on PS4 PS3 in japan).

now EA can s*** it
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vigilante_man  +   694d ago
Wait for the 360 version. It may sell more than the pc and the xb1 versions put together.

The hardware sales is a shock. I would of expected way more xb1 sales. And just to stick the boot in the PS4 sales go nuts again.

Clever stock replacement by Sony.
NewMonday  +   694d ago | Well said
This is shockingly low for a hyped FPS

To compare GOW3 on the PS3 sold over 1 million day1

Also inFAMOUSSS already had 600k pre-orders as of last week, so by now it should have well over 700k from pre-orders alone

If day1 numbers for inFAMOUSSS beat Titanfall's 4 day sales the Internet will break in half
Mister_Dawg   694d ago | Trolling | show
ABizzel1  +   694d ago
I don't see what the big deal is with fans thinking selling 700k copies is bad for the first week. There are only 3.7m XBO's out there, so 700k, which means TitanFall has a 1:5 attach ratio which is really good for a new title.

The XBO sold 2 million units it's first week, and even COD the king of annual sales only sold 500k copies on the XBO. This is why I said TitanFall would rank around 700k units, and sure enough it did.

Not every XB owner is into fps, or games similar to COD, there are reasons why Ryse, Forza, and Dead Rising 3 sold well.

What is telling is that if these number are true, then MS is in real trouble, because Sony just beat them even with their system seller launching and being bundled in. MS is in serious trouble, and their leaders are out in full planning on what to show at E3, a price drop or cheaper SKU for the holiday, and what they need to do to make up the sells difference for the rest of the generation.

We'll see what Metal Gear and inFamous do for PS4 this week. Japan should have a nice boost thanks to MG, but PS3 will take most of the sales again. InFamous normally isn't a huge system seller, but considering it's the first exclusive with the potential to be a true AAA on the console it might do wonders, especially since everything said about the game has been good from fans, journalist, and gamers who got an early copy.
Sitdown  +   694d ago | Well said
Perhaps one day people will understand that Microsoft is not in trouble just because the ps4 sells more.... It's in trouble if it's not selling period. There is enough money around for both to exist.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   694d ago
I wouldn't expect Titanfall to outsell Infamous considering the PS4 user base is twice the size of the X1 user base, it's simple math. I'd like to know total Titanfall sales, PC, 360, and X1. I know 360 isn't out yet, but the game is selling very well considering their are only roughly 3 million X1 owners and it's a multiplayer only game. Nice job MS.
Silly Mammo  +   694d ago
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Pain  +   694d ago
Back in the great console war on yesteryear's if a Sony game didn't sell 1m plus on launch day the xbox fan kiddies would call it a complete Fail..
harrisk954  +   694d ago

I know what you are saying about MGS:GZ being on both consoles... So, let me finish your thought: It is on both consoles, but is really considered a PS title and will sell significantly more on the PS platforms... and the PS4 version is the definitive version anyway.
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Crystallis  +   694d ago

"""I don't see what the big deal is with fans thinking selling 700k copies is bad for the first week"""

that's not bad, but the ridiculous amount hype around the game, 700k seems a bit low. Xbox fans were calling it a million + easy.
E2S  +   694d ago
"Sony played it smart well done.... Saved up PS4 and sent them during the week of titanfall launch smart by sony"

Is this what happened? goddamn that is smart.
TheTwelve  +   694d ago
You know you're on top when all you have to do to beat your competitor is release more consoles that week.
Godmars290  +   694d ago
"and the PS4 version is the definitive version anyway."

Except wont the XB1 version have an added character, Raiden, and play mode? As opposed to the PS1 skin for Snake on the PS4.
ABizzel1  +   694d ago

MS's Xbox brand is in trouble. The 360 sales have tanked off the map, and the XBO is being outsold by the PS4, and running neck and neck with the PS3 (it was losing at first, but TitanFall may have pushed it ahead of the PS3 now).

Getting outsold by a console that's suppose to be on it's last leg is not doing fine. This is going to be a shorter generation, and if the XBO is selling on par with PS3 then at most it's selling 8 million consoles for 2014, which is what the PS3 sold in 2013. That's not bad, but it's not good either compared to the PS4 which is on track to sell at least 12 million and likely MUCH MORE. IT becomes a problem, because game wise Sony is MS direct competitor, and MS has no stranglehold on developers this gen, which means they'll have the weaker box, the more expensive box, and weaker developer support all generation. That's why sales matter.

It's not the end of the XBox brand if they get outsold, but the quality of the XBO is going to diminish in comparison to the PS4, because games will run better, look better, and be lead SKUs on PS4. It'll be like 360 vs PS3 in early 2007 - 2009. Media and fans try to downplay this, but that's the reality of the situation they're in, just like it was the reality of PS fans back then, no matter how they tried to deny it.


I agree, and I said the hype for TitanFall was way too much, and nothing but industry overhype and hopeful COD fans looking for that new twist.

But realistically TitanFall wasn't going to sell 2 million copies like fanboys were hoping. 1 million was possible, but 700k is much more likely.

TitanFall is a good game, but one of the mot overhyped of all time. It's a solid 8+/10, but media and fanboy hype sold it as a 11/10 lol.
morganfell  +   694d ago
I called it the other day by monitoring several high profile US retailers. THESE ARE NOT RUMORS. Here are my 2 posts with all the links and info you need. It is 2 posts in a row that contain all the info. Not from VGChartz or some source, but from retailers and it shows how the PS4 could not be moved from the top spot and in one instance how restocking knocked the competition right of the throne:
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Rustynail  +   694d ago
MGS? That's not an exclusive.
jnemesh  +   694d ago
@Badboy776 The GAME isn't a flop. They moved over 700,000 copies (a good chunk of those paid for by MS directly and included "Free", but still). However, it IS a flop in the sense that it failed to move any significant number of Xbox One consoles.

My guess is that the majority of the console sales in Q4 last year were made up of the "die hard" Xbox fans (fanatics)...and the sales now reflect the reality of the majority of what most people look for in a console...lower hardware costs, no invasive Kinect, and higher quality playing GAMES.

Microsoft's BIG mistake this gen was focusing on being a video content gateway...but how many devices do you really need in your home to provide Netflix? Between my game consoles, Chromecast, tablets, and computers, I already have MORE than enough options there, and I don't have to subscribe to an additional service to enjoy them! Yes, "hardcore" gamers will already have XBL, but if someone just wants something to "enhance" their TV experience, or is looking for a console SPECIFICALLY for video streaming, the XBL "tax" is going to turn them away.
morganfell  +   694d ago

In some ways it is. The differences between the PS4 version and the X1 version are stark, some of the most pronounced we have seen.
BTBuck1  +   694d ago
As far as i'm concerned, if a game is on both consoles... it doesn't exist on both consoles...PS4 or bust.

Ahh who am I kidding, I'm not buying a XB1, I'm perfectly covered with wiiU and ps4 :)
ABizzel1  +   694d ago

It might as well be. MGS HD Collection was the first chance for the XB360 to see pretty much most of the Metal Gear franchise, and sales were abysmal compared to the PSV / PS3 versions.
generalthadeape  +   694d ago

It felt kind of awkward bringing my Xbox One in to GameStop to trade it in on a PS4.

That was the week before TitanFall dropped.

I was fed up with the Xbox One's shady hardware and I got to the point that I didn't want anything to do with that system at all.

That's too bad becuase I did manage to play the TitanFall beta and had a really good time playing that game, too.

To get my PS4, I had to make friends with my local GameStop manager and kept bugging him the day the PS4s arrived until he finally caved in, but at least I got what I wanted.

It's really too bad that TitanFall isn't going to be released on the PS4, I really think that game is quite fun.

TitanFall is fun, yes, but not to the point where I would want to put up with what is clearly an "inferior" machine.

I personally think that it was a mistake for Respawn to sell their souls to the devil with TitanFall because they surely released their game on the "weaker" machine.

Knowing this going forward, I'm wondering if those fellows will be wise enough to tell Microsoft to take a jump in a lake when TitanFall 2 comes out.

If not, I guess I will simply have to spend my gaming budget elsewhere.
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u got owned  +   694d ago
so now we count sale number based on rumors... OK
Alan_Shore  +   694d ago
Hey! Insidederp is a very reliable website! Surely you have heard of it!
nukeitall  +   694d ago
It isn't even rumors, because a rumor has to has a source!

Fabricated news isn't rumors, even though they often go for the same!!!

We just have to wait and see for official numbers, but in the meanwhile I will enjoy 15ms ping in Titanfall every day.
gaming2death  +   694d ago
Exactly, And the thing is this site (insiderp) is basically the sony version of Mistermediax. Yet you can no longer even get a rumor Mistermediax posted on this site approve. So I'm calling it now, if these numbers are not accurate then insiderp articles are no longer allowed on N4G.
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tiremfej  +   694d ago
Thing is MisterX' and his "rumours" are actually coming to fruition.
AsimLeonheart  +   694d ago

Really!? Did they finally discover the hidden DGPU and Secret Sauce???? So the Xbone is really 4 times more powerful than the PS4!? Amazing!! /s

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DragonKnight  +   694d ago
"We just have to wait and see for official numbers, but in the meanwhile I will enjoy 15ms ping in Titanfall every day."

LMAO! So that's what Xbox fans are looking forward to these days? Not games with epic stories and characters and gameplay, but network response times? Hahaha, wow. You are all about dat Kool-Aid aren't you?
deadfrag  +   694d ago
And the game was bundle;obvious some people got it because it was cheaper bundle,even so i will say it sold poorly especially in Uk/Eu were the machine got a price cut plus the extra titanfall game!Still plenty of people didnt pick the Xboxone like myself because i still think is an overpriced console,not to mention that after playing Titanfall on PC all i can say is that this is the most overhyped game of the year,casual and noob friendly and not my take!
avengers1978  +   694d ago
Okay then why haven't we seen real sales numbers, it's been a week, they announce how many copies of call of duty sold day the next day... No word form either MS or EA means it sold low numbers... Cause you can bet your ass that the instant they knew it was over a million they would have said it, but no you get things like 100,000's people playing online.

If you been paying attention the top selling thing at GameStop infamous second son PS4 bundle, followed by COD:ghost PS4 bundle, on amazon top selling is PS4, and has been since they had them available.

Now let the "wait till halo" argument from the XDF
nukeitall  +   694d ago

"LMAO! So that's what Xbox fans are looking forward to these days? Not games with epic stories and characters and gameplay, but network response times? Hahaha, wow. You are all about dat Kool-Aid aren't you?"

Enjoy your P2P flagship game of KZ: Shadowfall with deep story line and intriguing game play. That is why it is sitting at 78% on metacritic.

I will enjoy my buttery smooth multiplayer game with cloud support.
Bigpappy  +   694d ago
Those are just physical, I believe. Don't know how accurate they are either.
Qrphe  +   694d ago
This is true. I got the digital for example.
nunley33  +   694d ago
Well normally digital sales are included with retail when ms,sony,ninty release game sales. These are unofficial numbers but they're usually close to the real ones that will come later. I use info like this as a guide but not fact but the unofficial channels are close. X1 is bound to outsell PS4 for a month or two eventually and TF gives ms their best shot at it. Many will buy digital but i wanna see the numbers who actually bought it as opposed to those who got it free,ms will put the 2 numbers together to be more impressive looking.
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harrisk954  +   694d ago
If those are just physical (which may be true) and Titanfall sold a significant number via download, then those digital copies don't translate to console sales which is what MS needed. In other words, those download purchases are going to be by existing XB1 owners.
Starbucks_Fan  +   694d ago
WTF judging by the s****y quality of this website this is not real
jonatan221  +   694d ago
They are actually the ones who had the correct (or at least very close to correct)pre-order info on both infamous second son, and Titanfall.

So their track record right now is good, and no reason to doubt them. But again it is labeled as a rumour, so take it with a grain of salt.
Eonjay  +   694d ago
I predicted 660k for TF. Im comfortable with my guess!
hulk_bash1987  +   694d ago
If true those are still pretty healthy numbers for Titanfall. And PS4 is gonna sell good, when in stock. Everything I go to my local Gamestops they do not have any PS4s in stock.
Kiwi66  +   694d ago
yet eb games stores have had ps4's in stock since last month guess we're lucky here in New Zealand
hulk_bash1987  +   694d ago
Yup I agree, you guys are lucky. If you all have a surplus of supply I wish it would be sent over as I know alot of people are looking to grab one here on Guam.
JBSleek  +   694d ago
Not accounting digital sales.
Magicite  +   694d ago
and now lets wait for inFamous and see xbots cry!
Clunkyd  +   694d ago
Ugh..We all know Infamous SS is going to be great. Just dont rub it in to the fanboys...
Gamer1982  +   694d ago
infamous cant boost ps4 sales however as how can you boost sales of a console thats not in stock anywhere?
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   694d ago
Why would Xbox owners cry about infamous? It's PS owners who cried about not getting Titanfall, I haven't seen one article about Xbox owners wishing for infamous. You can have that, we'll take Titanfall.
dantesparda  +   694d ago
Screw that, I'll take Infamous over Titanfall anyday. You can keep TF, and what Sony fanboys were crying for TF?
#1.8.4 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(6) | Report
tiremfej  +   694d ago
At the very least...TF may have a lower rez...but at least the mechs have freaking shadows!
DragonKnight  +   694d ago
No one was crying for Titanfall Pontiac, absolutely no one. You don't cry for scraps.
deadfrag  +   694d ago
Lets wait for Infamous SS to be most likely burn by some of the media that overhyped Titanfall like the second coming...You will see what im saying soon.
James Vanderbeek  +   694d ago
who needs titanfall when you have call of duty?
DigitalxAlchemist   694d ago | Spam
MorePowerOfGreen   694d ago | Trolling | show
Knushwood Butt  +   694d ago
I would have thought sales of the 360 version were higher. Are they not included?
Sitdown  +   694d ago
From my understanding, the 360 version has not been released.
Gamer1982  +   694d ago
Correct its not out yet.. Most people I know are waiting on 360 version rather than upgrading to xbox one for the game.
Knushwood Butt  +   694d ago
Ah, thanks!
TwistedMetal   694d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
b00mFargl3  +   694d ago
The results for last week sales are in although the site states that they are not. X1 outsold the ps4 by a slight margin in the US. PS4 global sales were still substantially higher, but X1 isn't in as many areas as the PS4 which includes Japan.
Flamingweazel  +   694d ago
SIGh not this again. The other countries are TINY, and would onyl add about 1 k a week to x1 sales, the x1 is already launched in the main territories it gets 95% of its sales from. There is a reason MS picked these 13. You wont sell near as many in Sadi Arabia as the US clown. The number of countries excuse is nothing but denial. Not like they would come close to offsetting x1 being dead in japan.
b00mFargl3  +   694d ago
Lol. Japan isn't small. This isn't a bias comment. I love the ps4 as well as the xbox. This was based on npd reports for the specific areas that drive the higher sales such as uk, aust, us and a few others.
adorie  +   694d ago
Stock vs stock + demand = doesn't matter

If Xbone was going to outsell PS4, it would have done so already.

I doubt releasing in more territories that are considered "tier 2" will change much. The U.S and UK are/were the places where the brand sells the most, take that away or at the very least, even things out, and you tend to see how much more the PS4 can outsell X1, overall, globally.
jnemesh  +   694d ago
The markets that Sony is selling in haven't been very good to Microsoft and the Xbox in the past. When they do, finally, release in these territories in September, you will see for yourself how poorly they do there. That's assuming Microsoft doesn't pack it all in by then (the Xbox division, not MS as a whole).
b00mFargl3  +   694d ago
@ Adorie & Flamingweazel

you misinterpret what I am saying. I am not saying that the Xbone will beat sony nor did it for this past month or week of Titanfall. This is purely reporting info for the US. The PS4 did better everywhere else even in areas where the X1 is released. I believe Sony has the upper hand right now and I fully believe they are going to maintain for a long time unless microsoft lives up to their promises of tech and until I see Microsoft put their hype and promises in place I will continue to believe that Sony has the best positioning to be the dominant console. Let me remind you I could really care less about which one is better or which one truly sells more. I just like games. Hardware means very little without good games.
5eriously  +   694d ago
"Titanfall sells 700,000 copies at launch but PS4 still outsells Xbox One comfortably"

It could have read:

Titanfall sells 2.x million copies at launch.... /S if it was available on ps4 as originally planned.

Suck that up EA and enjoy the meagre contract you made with M$, the gaming industry criminal Mafioso. I am sure you are regretting the fact that you backed the wrong horse.

"If" true then it's wise for EA to switch their leading platform towards the Sony camp as so many devs have done during the PS3 era.
Paytaa  +   694d ago
Titanfall was never planned for any console as a matter of fact. It was originally a PC exclusive until Microsoft jumped in.
staticdash22  +   694d ago
At first I was skeptical about this site but the fact that every piece of info that they've leaked early has been correct.....

Wow. Even with Titanfall, it had no affect on PS4 sales which without so called system sellers it could still stay competitive. Infamous being it's first true system seller, is really gonna drive more sales. Good job to Respawn, they worked hard and got rewarded but my goodness, Mark Cerny you made a beast of a console!
#2 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(61) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
GribbleGrunger  +   694d ago
Same here. I've watched them for 4 weeks now and they've been pretty accurate.
Ezz2013  +   694d ago
what they have been right about this far ?!

this is a huge lol worthy
if sony still beat them in this month too when this ""System seller"" was coming out
#2.1.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(0) | Report
Fireseed  +   694d ago
Why would it impact PS4 sales? People who want a PS4... are gonna get a PS4 regardless of Titanfall. Not exactly sure how sound your logic is.
staticdash22  +   694d ago
Microsoft has been hammering home the point that Titanfall is the xbox one system seller. They're trying to convince consumers, not dedicated playstation fans or gamers who buy both consoles. The average joe that plays games every once in a while, trying to convince him to get an Xbox One instead. Titanfall has been marketed to death, so many commercials and ads on other sites.

To see that marketing strategy had no significant affect on reducing PS4 sales, it is astonishing.
n4gamingm  +   694d ago
exactly my thought ps4 will keeping selling cause the demand is there, xbox one just starting to get momentum which is great for microsoft.
Mr_Writer85  +   694d ago

There are a lot of people still to jump either way, many may want a PS4 but not now and have saved for and bought an X1 first.

I wouldn't of been shocked to see lower PS4 numbers, the fact they are supposedly not much difference has surprised me (in a good way).
GiantEnemyCrab  +   694d ago
Can you show me some links from MS execs bragging this is a system seller? Just curious. The fact that they've advertised the game is not the same as banging a drum about how many units it's going to move. Source it up.
Narutone66  +   694d ago
It must be the name of the website which will make anyone skeptical of their articles. "" is a funny name, will kinda make you suspicious of their site. At first I thought the site is a satire or a joke, but it's legit.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   694d ago
a baseless rumor is just that. The site can be legit but their own article says they don't have the numbers yet.
#2.3.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
ArbitorChief  +   694d ago
Insiders... -_- Let's just wait for official information and this should be listed as rumour.
#3 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(28) | Report | Reply
Majin-vegeta  +   694d ago
It is listed as rumor.......
Gamer1982  +   694d ago
Indeed theres no smoke without fire and all that.. These numbers will be pretty close to final numbers.. Makes you think though what deal MS did with EA and also wonder if EA are regretting the deal now? The game would have probably sold 5X the amount on PS4... If they have to pay for loss of sales that's a LOT of money MS has to pony up..

Considering this was supposed to put Xbox One on the map and it clearly hasn't this is going down as a massive failure for MS and the board are not gonna be happy about it.
#3.1.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report
GiantEnemyCrab  +   694d ago
Um, Xbox One is already on the map! Stop acting like it's failing. EA does not regret anything, I'm sure the important folks at the top made sure everyone was happy. The only people with sandy vag's and crying about this are people with no other choice but a PS4. Sorry..
jonatan221  +   694d ago
You should also check their track record. So far, their rumours have been very close to the actual results. So it's not too strange to believe them since they have not failed so far.
ltachiUchiha  +   694d ago
Track record isn't something loyal MS fans care about.
danny818  +   694d ago
Its been dead silent. I learnt that the last of us dold over a million copies like 3days after. Maybe they didnt sell as much as they wanted to break even from all the marketing the game got
#3.3 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Akuma07  +   694d ago
This reaaaaaalllllllly goes to prove that the US really is XBox land.

I mean, over 100k consoles sold in the US, and less then 50k sold in the rest of the world.....
Ninver  +   694d ago
patriotism? i think we all know the answer. It's sorta like recruiting for the army. And the way the MS fans love shooters i'm not surprised. The rest of the world doesn't care though.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   694d ago
i fail to see how buying an electronic manufactured in china is patriotic.
memots  +   694d ago
The rest of the world doesn't care about George Bush...

Damn I got it wrong.
Ninver  +   694d ago
When you're buying the product it doesn't say China Xbox One does it? It clarely states Microsoft Xbox One. A name American consumers know well. You knew what I meant.
fr0sty  +   694d ago
It isn't patriotism. Most gamers in the USA don't give a damn about where their consoles come from. It's Microsoft's online service, obsession with the FPS games, FUD, hype, and massive advertising budgets around here that create the sales. They successfully tapped into the MTV generation and became the "in" thing to have if you were into gaming. Sony lagged behind XBL for the majority of PS3's lifespan, and they still have not recovered from that. If you don't have a good online service, you won't get far in the land of online shooters. Microsoft successfully courted the american core gamer crowd by making an online game friendly console. By the time Sony got around to beefing PSN up just a little, most people already had established friends lists on Live and weren't willing to make the switch. Even today, with Sony's service now offering all those features live offers that PS3 lacked, and giving away free games/massive discounts, they still suffer from the lead MS got by "friends list loyalty" as I call it. Many 360 owners, despite being disappointed with Xbox One, still got one because their online friends use Live. A lot did convert and got a PS4 anyway, but they still lost some sales due to the friends list loyalty syndrome.
#4.1.4 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(7) | Report
rainslacker  +   694d ago
I take it you're not from the US? American's aren't particularly patriotic about products they buy. There was some movement in the 80's about "Made in the USA" but it was mostly marketing.

Anyhow, overall America doesn't have a great love for MS. They're generally frowned on due to their business practices, and years of monopolistic control of the computer industry.

MS just marketed the 360 pretty well, and offered up a lot of incentives to buy the system.
fr0sty  +   694d ago
If you need any example of Americans not giving a crap about where their products are made... Look at how much money Wal Mart rakes in over here. Now look at the percentage of their non-food items that are foreign made... over 90%.
styferion  +   694d ago
XB never does well outside US/UK even since previous gens, just ask your friend that lives outside US/UK.
And now MS chose to go multimedia, which many of the features won't be available outside US/UK, outsiders can only choose based on games, add to that the fact that multiplat games perform better on PS4, MS's Azure isn't ready globally yet, XB1 install base is too small outside US/UK to buy it only for multiplayer online, PS has proven with their history to cater for more genre, well.. shouldn't be too hard to choose right?
urwifeminder  +   694d ago
Well done ms on a great console and game thanks for the joy.
marlinfan10  +   694d ago
lol all those disagrees and the guys just saying he enjoys his console
#5.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rainstorm81  +   694d ago
maybe they disagree that its a great console and game that is his opinion......and some may not share it.....Just sayin
Rimeskeem  +   694d ago
I feel like MS lost money on Titanfall
u got owned  +   694d ago
How's that? This are just first week sales numbers and by no mean this are bad numbers.
imt558  +   694d ago
MS gave a huge amount of cash for "exclusivity" to EA. Now they gave TitanFall for free in Xbone TitanFall bundle. EA now see how screwed up with that agrement.
#6.1.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(48) | Disagree(10) | Report
Sharius  +   694d ago
they give titanfall for free in xbone bundle here and there

not mention the exclusive moneyhat, and the server to run the game, i doubt that respawn have to pay anything to use azure to run titanfall at all
zeuanimals  +   694d ago

They also put a ton of money into marketing the game... Like, the most marketing for a single game I've ever seen. That must've cost a lot.

MS isn't even getting half, or however much money the game made from PC, since they don't see anything from PC game sales unless they have a bigger role as publisher/co-publisher. They'll see money from the X1 and 360 sales but they don't care about 360 sales, it's really just gonna be chump change in the entire scheme of things. They want this game to move Xbox Ones off of shelves and it's doing that, but it's not doing it as well as they had hoped, probably, if this rumor is to believed.
#6.1.3 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(3) | Report
Alan_Shore  +   694d ago
It's been out a week......
Rimeskeem  +   694d ago
If we were saying that MS gained all 50$ for every purchase for the Xbox one then they would have to sell around 20 million copies on Xbox one alone to get the money back front the 200$ million they used.

Please tell me if I'm wrong but I think that is correct
deadfrag  +   694d ago
Im pretty sure EA is making the math on the exclusive deal someone has to pay all those Titanfall digital versions that were bundle for free with the Xboxone the bulk of the sales.
#6.4 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ncc-017  +   694d ago
more like EA lost money on TF for excluding it from PS4 and PS3
Bernlock  +   694d ago
Ha are people actually believing this website?
cyguration  +   694d ago
Yeah they don't reveal how or where they get their numbers.

Sorry if I have my skeptical hat on but the website is cheap and they don't offer enough info on how they accrued their data.
Bernlock  +   694d ago
Not only that but the tiny little paragraph screams of fanboy. No way is this a credible source
jonatan221  +   694d ago
Check their previous claims. They had info on the pre-orders for infamous and Titanfall and it proved to be very accurate.

While I agree that the website could use some work, they're sources have been correct so far.
JeffGUNZ  +   694d ago
Preorder numbers are much easier to track then sales. Especially when you're digital too. These numbers don't include digital, which almost everyone I know who has this game has a digital copy. This gen. we have to wait for official numbers from MS and Sony, since digital will play a larger factor then last gen.
gamernova  +   694d ago
Haters will believe anything that hurts that which they are hating on. They will not believe anything positive about that which they're hating on. That's the way it is around this site lol
Flutterby  +   694d ago
And Xbone fanboys will believe anything good no matter how completely fake it is, dual gpu ring a bell ? How about the claim the console is 3 times more powerful with cloud servers lol? People believe what they want to believe , the confirmed numbers will be out soon I guess but it can't be good sales or MS would be all over the Internet yelling it at full volume to everyone.
gamernova  +   694d ago
I am not an xbone fan. I am a PC gamer bruh. Generalizations though!!! I don't console game but if I would, I would get the PS4 because as a PC gamer, I know all about superior specs. :P Now, don't you feel dumb? Haha And if you do not believe me, look at my previous comment history haha
MasterCornholio  +   694d ago
In general Xbox fans will say the same thing about any site that posts negative news about the Xbox One. Dont worry this is just a rumor but im not expecting Titanfall to shift over 2 million Xbox Ones like some people are claiming.
SmielmaN  +   694d ago
IF this info is close to accurate then TF as a system seller for xbone is a massive failure for what MS and their fanboys thought it would achieve. It's clear that the 360 version will sell way more than the Bone version. Now, IF this info is close to accurate then I wonder what the money hat tossed to EA was worth? $30-60 million is my guess and when you factor in the free titanfall bundles (which I'm pretty sure MS pays for the copy of the game to put with the system) then MS has not made anything off this game yet. And they would probably have to reach close to 2 million in sales to start seeing profit off the game. IMO.
Sharius  +   694d ago
for their track record? they are more beliveable than LOLcharzt
imt558  +   694d ago
Dat 96% for Xbone and dat 76% for PS4.

Even with "anticipated game of the year", Xbone still didn't beat PS4. Relaunch of Xbone???
Ninver  +   694d ago
Guess TF is not quite the savior the fanboys were hoping for. Infamous will further catapult the ps4 sales making TF sales null. Is it now safe to say it's game over or should we latch onto the next hype train?
#9 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(37) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
JBSleek  +   694d ago
Not accounting any digital sales....
MasterCornholio  +   694d ago
You know we can say the same thing about Infamous when it comes out.
mkis007  +   694d ago
I guess we cant then master.
SmielmaN  +   694d ago
Well, technically, business have to report all sales as per something called "business law" so I'm not sure why everyone believes digital sales aren't factored into sales numbers as if they are mysterious and unaccounted for. Do you even understand how businesses work? Ppl that don't report actual sales of their products or profits are doing so illegally so.... Can we stop with the "but but digital sales?" What do you think happened anyways? Another 500k ppl bought a digital version of TF for xbone? Give your head a shake bud.
Half-Mafia  +   694d ago
So MS releases it biggest game yet and sale increase. Sony manufacturers more PS4 and sales increase. What is PS4 sales going to be like with Infamous and MGS?
Leon_Blu  +   694d ago
This game is so overrated, its really not a 9/10 game. It's basically a COD game with robots and bad textures and level design. They went the cheap route with this game.
mixelon  +   694d ago
That' sounds very fanboy..

TF is obviously good for what it is. And fun. And expensively produced. The maps are widely complimented too.

I hate this bipartisan stuff.. When we get a sequel/spin off on ps4 it'll be fun here too. You don't have to like everything, but other people aren't wrong for liking it.
Tedakin  +   694d ago
Wonder if this total includes digital and bundled copies, or if it's just physical? Only MS would know the digital numbers.
n4rc  +   694d ago
Ms would be the only ones to know physical sales as well..

All sites are simply predicting and polling small numbers of retailers.

Unless it comes from ms or sony etc, take it with a grain of salt
Flutterby  +   694d ago
If MS had anything to brag about sales wise with titanfall or Xbone console sales because of titanfall it would be pasted on every website there is , MS aren't ones to be modest , they even brag about crap no one wants to know like amount of zombies killed or how many miles forza cars have driven, you can be 100 percent sure if they had good numbers we would know.

I can bet they will wait till the 360 version is out and combine numbers to make them look better .
Angeljuice  +   694d ago
" Ms would be the only ones to know physical sales as well.."

EA may have an inkling too ;-)
HappyWithOneBubble  +   694d ago
#12 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
HeavenlySnipes  +   694d ago
Congrats to Respawn

I think they'll push a couple million in no time
Bathyj  +   694d ago
Agreed. Look past the politics of publishers and platform holders and theres a dev making a new IP that people seem to love. Good for them.
jessupj  +   694d ago
If this is anywhere close to accurate this really is amazing. Even with the great PS4 demand I was fully epecting the xbone to at least out sell it in March.

I think even the average joe must know they're getting a more expensive console with a lot weaker hardware if thy buy the xbone. After how many millions were spent of advertising the hell out of Titanfall on the xbone and still the PS4 wins. MS must be hoping mad right about now.
Ra3030  +   694d ago
Is anyone going to take a shot as to why Titanfall didn't sell better and why it didn't sell a ton of X1's? Microsoft spent millions on hyping this game. Then they ended up giving it away trying to move X1's. This game is the Call of Duty killer. Microsoft has missed the mark again. Titanfall was the only card Microsoft had to play the X1 is in real trouble at Microsoft.

PS ...let me add saying so no one will think I'm conveniently forgetting about some cards Microsoft has that can be played. I'm speaking about Halo, Gears, Quantom Break and any other games they have. The only thing that's important about those games right now at this point is that there a year out or years out. So yes, Microsoft has those things in the pipeline but they will be no help anytime soon. Microsoft billed Titanfall as the CoD killer. They billed it as the of the greatest game never played but Titanfall didn't like so many other things live up to that kinda hype. Microsoft needs help moving the X1 today not in
#15 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   694d ago
One game isn't going to make someone run out and buy a $500 console.. It will help sway people on the fence..

And considering every single person on my friends list is playing it, I'd say those numbers are conservative guesses.. Not actual sales data, because this site does not have access to that data.

And you're conveniently forgetting halo, quantum break etc..

Think I covered it all.. Lol
JeffGUNZ  +   694d ago
Uh, you know these don't represent digital projections and these are just estimations. We won't hear anything until it releases for the 360.

People need to stop this nonsense now. Same goes with PS4 games. Digital will play a large factor in sales that we console gamers haven't been used to. Wait for official numbers this gen so we can stop this arguing cr*p.
DragonKnight  +   694d ago
Do you really think the digital sales are going to matter even if they weren't included in this guess?

What if the digital sales amount to next to nothing or the exact same number that was posted, then what?
JeffGUNZ  +   694d ago
I don't care one way or the other, but until we have a official statement from both hard copies and digital, it's useless to argue over estimations. I think a lot more people are going digital then others think. I don't know anyone who has titanfall for X1 that has a hard copy disc. Granted that's like 8 people, but still, I was all disc last gen and now am mostly all digital. I am curious to see how many digital sales of TF were sold.
Speak_da_Truth  +   694d ago
can i say Titanfailed to make the xbone beat the ps4???
PS4isKing_82  +   694d ago
Yes you may.
SilentNegotiator  +   694d ago already did, so...
killzone619  +   694d ago
its wrong to assume that 1 game is enough to make someone run out and spend $500. People like me are waiting for more exclusives to drop before purchasing either consoles
#16.3 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   694d ago
You sure do talk a lot of trash about the PS4 to be considering it for future purchase.
SlyFamousthe3rd  +   694d ago
This is actually a surprise, not that PS4 is still outselling the Xbone but that Titanfall "only" sold 700k, I really though this game would comfortably break million barrier at launch.
Bathyj  +   694d ago
I think were forgetting the install bases of these machines. Its not like when CoD comes out on 5 Platforms with 300 million potential buyers. 700K from under 4 million consoles is a great attach rate.
abzdine  +   694d ago
killzone sold over 2 million 3 months post release which was about 4 million install base if i'm not mistaking.

700k is good but only for Respawn cause they have been getting tons of ca$h to keep the game exclusive, not for MS cause their emergency plan just felt short..

exciting times coming!
#17.1.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report
N64fan   694d ago | Spam
jnemesh  +   694d ago
@N64fan Wrong. Killzone wasn't "bundled in" as a FREE game like Titanfall. It WAS in a bundle, but you still ended up paying for the price of the PS4 + the price of the game. BIG difference, bub.
Qrphe  +   694d ago
I'm one of those who believes MS was waiting to see how Titanfall was going to perform in order to consider a price drop. Let's be honest, if a game as hyped as Titanfall wasn't able to break through the price tag then just get rid of the price tag.
u got owned  +   694d ago
I think you are spot on. They'll drop the price. That is a given.
Pandamobile  +   694d ago
I'm sure there's another 300-500 thousand copies of the PC version too.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   694d ago
500k-700k is probably going to be the lifetime sales for the PC version. 200k-300k for week one PC numbers is way more accurate IMO.
Pandamobile  +   694d ago
If it sold 300,000 on PC during launch week, then it's going to get more than a million lifetime sales.
JeffGUNZ  +   694d ago
Pandamobile is right. Also, these are estimated numbers and nothing official. Also, they don't show digital numbers/projections, which will add much more to this number. Is it really that hard to wait for official numbers?
DragonKnight  +   694d ago
"Also, they don't show digital numbers/projections, which will add much more to this number."

You base this on what exactly?

You do know that the digital version of this game is a 50GB download filled with mostly sound files right? How many people do you know willing to take a 50GB hit on their internet bandwidth cap for an online only game that will also affect their bandwidth?
Pandamobile  +   694d ago
A lot more than you think, Dragon. 50 GB isn't that bad for most gamers, as people that are serious about their hobby generally have enough bandwidth to support it.
DragonKnight  +   694d ago
People also have bills to pay Panda, and network bandwidth is still a global problem. Physical copies definitely outstrip digital sales for that reason alone.
Pandamobile  +   694d ago
Lol, in most developed nations, people that want it can afford decent internet. Canada has a terrible internet infrastructure - yet I still have more than enough bandwidth and speed to sustain myself. 30 Mbps download and 300 GB of soft-cap bandwidth for $60 a month isn't too bad.

I saved myself $12 by buying a digital copy, and I'm sure many other people around the world are capable of doing the same thing.I'd be very surprised if the PC version of Titan Fall failed to cross the million sales mark 6 months from now.

50 GB is a hefty download, but it's probably not going to deter people from buying something they want - and even if it was, it's not like they can't just go down to their local game store and buy a physical copy.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   694d ago
1 million in 6 months on PC alone? I highly doubt that to be honest. What is your rationale and reasoning behind this. If 700k for XB1 is true there is no way that PC numbers will be close that number. 2 million people were on the beta most of which were on XB1 meaning that less than 1 million PC players participated in a free beta. We both know it wasn't an even 1 million for each platform split. I just can't see PC numbers reaching close to the million mark by the end of 2014 unless it breaks the 500k mark for launch week which I've already stated that I highly doubt that will happen.
#17.3.8 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
MultiConsoleGamer  +   694d ago
Pulp Fiction.
Bathyj  +   694d ago
Does anyone know why VGcharts hasnt done Europe or Global sales yet when USA came out nearly a week ago?

Just curious since Xbone did so well in USA and UK, but VG isnt reporting any other regions.
tuglu_pati  +   694d ago
oh uh... Conspiracy Theory incoming
Inferno30  +   694d ago
Well if this is true and Titanfall did not even help XBONE outsell the PS4 for the week , Microsoft will probably need to do a no kinect bundle for $399 unless they just want to keep going further behind Sony this gen.
#20 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Lawboy2  +   694d ago
Since when is 700k in 4-6 days bad...not to mention it's not the numbers for digital or PC....and 360 doesn't release for another someppl
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   694d ago
700k in one week on one system is extremely good for a new IP. I know most were expecting a mil+ (I was too due to the hype) within a week, but in reality very few games sell a mil in one week unless it's an established franchise or an extremely popular dev(Rockstar for example).
#21.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Malice-Flare  +   694d ago
well, relative to 3m+ XBOs, this would debunk that many people bought XB1s for Titanfall, especially after all the marketing, price cutting and bundling MS did. some people don't like that...
#21.2 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Tedakin  +   694d ago
700k in less than a week for a new IP with a system install base of less than 4 million. That doesn't include digital and bundled copies, the PC version, or the upcoming 360 version.
SlyFamousthe3rd  +   694d ago
Its not bad, the thing that is bad is that this game was hyped up above and beyond, prices were reduced and hefty bundles were offered and it still failed to shift the Xbone to out sell the PS4.
Angeljuice  +   694d ago
I would normally say that 'Company A' (Microsoft) are more interested in selling their own product than worrying about how much 'Company B' (Sony) are selling, but MS made such a big fuss about beating PS3 last gen (even though it was only in one region), that they've made a rod for their own back.

MS are not in trouble with the XB1, it is selling well, but it will never seem like a great success due to the fact that last gen they put so much emphasis on beating Sony and that is the measuring stick by which they will now be judged.
OSIRUSSS  +   694d ago
MS investors are gonna lose it if XBONE sales don't pick up soon!They gotta be close to pulling the plug!
#22 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Tedakin  +   694d ago
Uh you do realize it's greatly outpacing the Xbox 360 and the previous Playstations right? The idea that it's failing is BS.
Pandamobile  +   694d ago
Some people on this site share the same idiotic fantasy that if a console isn't first in sales numbers then it's a massive failure as a product.
metatronx  +   694d ago
You do realize that you are comparing xbone with last gens right? Why dont you compare it with this gen, i.e ps4?
SlyFamousthe3rd  +   694d ago
Link please!
Angeljuice  +   694d ago

I agree, but a lot of that is down to Microsofts' practices last gen (as I stated above).
TruthBTold  +   694d ago
It's not failing. XBox One is doing good compared to its previous comparisons with the launch of the 360. Investors will also be comparing the One to other products in the same industry which would b the PS4. I think the PS4 will do better this gen than the One but it won't be such a gap that would make MS drop out and the video game industry would not flourish as much if we have less consoles and competition in the market. Competition will give consumers a better return for their investment and more investments to choose from. That's what we all need to worry about. If you love the PS than you better be hoping for MS to stay on Sony's arse or sony will ease off the gas pedal as they wont have a reason to stay ahead of the game as they wont have anyone competing for their customer, likewise for MS.
TwistedMetal  +   694d ago
@ pandamobile

If you are not first then you are last!
ms supporters will pull the plug its only a matter of time. Its best that everyone gets on board the ps4 train so that we can all game in peace instead of having console wars. Just get the ps4 and everyone will be happy for F***s sake.

The xbox brand is done its finished. It had its 15 minutes of fame last gen. The king is back, ps4 is where its at. sony's on top, this train wont stop. titanfalls a flop. It aint doing halo numbers. We might as well call it gaylow numbers.
xfear2diex  +   694d ago
to tell the truth
your level of fanboyism is in a whole new level
Pandamobile  +   694d ago
You sound like a raving lunatic when you make comments like this. I hope you're aware of that.
mixelon  +   694d ago
So.. This is how one goes about losing bubbles?

You sound like an insane street preacher.
aragon  +   694d ago
I know this is off topic but any word on pvz garden warfare free dlc?
Lawboy2  +   694d ago
Comes out tommorrow
Zool 08  +   694d ago
EA must be kicking themselves
palaeomerus  +   694d ago
Why? They launched a successful new IP for their partner respawn, with very little risk thanks to the MS money hat paying a good chunk of development costs. They took a conservative lower risk position and still came out well and now have something to market a sequel on.
#24.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Zool 08  +   694d ago
The money they got from M$ nowhere near makes up for the potential sales they've missed out on with PS sales.
N64fan   694d ago | Spam
Zool 08  +   694d ago
Ok n4 idiot what if activision took M$ money to make COD exclusive to 360 would they be able to make up for the sales on the PS3 bearing on mind the 360 was then selling better? This is a big game even EA themselves were pissed for taking the money M$ paid them, they themselves admitted that what they got paid wouldn't cover the potential sales had they put it on the PS4 dumbo.
S2Killinit  +   694d ago
well it might have something to do with the fact that PS4 has Infamous SS??

Edit: MGS Ground Zeros is out on playstation network right now
#25 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
pakua  +   694d ago
There was news a few days ago that the Xbox One sold more than the PS4 in the UK. Nobody has a god damn clue.
AutoCad  +   694d ago
700k titanfall sales excluding digital purchases in 1 week WOW.

so much for titanflop
sungam3d  +   694d ago
So, where's the PC sales numbers?
I bought eh game on PC, love it.
#28 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Qwagy UK  +   694d ago
This pattern of sales will continue RIP XBONE
palaeomerus  +   694d ago
Keep posting ignorant nonsense.
Qwagy UK  +   694d ago
Xbox Executive Marc Whitten Leaving Microsoft After 14 Years.

I wonder why!

Oh sorry its me being ignorant nonsense, no no wait FACT!
LogicStomper  +   694d ago

RIP Naughty dog. Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog, I wonder why!

Oh sorry it's me being ignorant, no no wait, it's FACT!
ltachiUchiha  +   694d ago

I loved Amy for the writing of Uncharted but TLOU was a better all around experience to me & with TLOU writers still at Naughty Dog, I am not worried about the writing in Naughty Dog games. Amy will be still missed though as a big fan of Naughty Dog.
DragonKnight  +   694d ago
Neither of you talking about people leaving companies has any reason as to why they did so stop acting like it's because of sinking ships.
LogicStomper  +   694d ago
@ItachiUchiha & DragonKnight

Yes! Precisely the point I'm trying to get to! If a person leaves company X, it does NOT mean company X is failing. The said person could be retiring, losing interest in his line of work etc...

Fanboys cannot think logically until the same message/logic is used against their own preference. I'm sorry if people thought I was trying to attack Naughty Dog, I'm not. Naughty Dog are amazing developers and I was just using them as an example to show Qwagy UK's flawed logic.
DJ  +   694d ago
So that's why PS4 was suddenly in stock everywhere! It's fun watching MS and Sony duke it out like this.
ltachiUchiha  +   694d ago
Congratz to Respawn & Sony. TF is doing very well while PS4 continues to show why its a powerhouse even when MS plays its biggest ACE for this year, it still didn't budge PS4 sales.
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