Titanfall sells 700,000 copies at launch but PS4 still outsells Xbox One comfortably

Insiderp :

UK :
Xbox One - 23,000 units
PS4 - 27,000 units
Titanfall Xbox One - 125,000 copies

Titanfall Xbox One - 480,000 copies
We do not have the final hardware numbers for last week, but based on the near final numbers, we have PS4 and Xbox One being virtually neck and neck, with each console selling over 100,000 units

Rest of Europe / PAL:
PS4 - 80,000 units ( Hardware sales increased 200% over the week ending March 9th, 2014)
Xbox One - 12,000 units
Titanfall Xbox One - ~100,000 units

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Majin-vegeta1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Wow,if true I thought it would have sold at least a 1+Mil

@U got owned there i fixed it dont cry now.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

WOW Sony played it smart well done.... Saved up PS4 and sent them during the week of titanfall launch smart by sony

now its Sonys week with MGS:GZ and imfamous:ss coming should be another good week

yes i know GZ is on both consoles

JMaine5181466d ago

Yea they did. I was wondering why all these sites had ps4s available. Titanfall was releasing duh. Good move

n4rc1466d ago

I noticed it was back in stock a lot of places.. If planned, very smart indeed..

Bigpappy1466d ago

Yes. It was a good PR move. But I still see US numbers as way too low for 4days of sales. I will wait on other reports. Even this rumors is admitting to guessing the U.S. numbers.

Godmars2901466d ago

Thing is after four days why does anyone have to guess?

Even if sales numbers are "only" 2 million, MS should be crowing.

SilentNegotiator1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

No announcement from EA/MS about a million sold means that these numbers are probably pretty accurate.

So much for that "insider" who said that this game already pushed a million Xbones, days ago. It didn't even push a million pieces of itself on week one.

abzdine1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

imagine what will happen when inFamous hits the shelves as well as MGSV (exclusively on PS4 PS3 in japan).

now EA can s*** it

vigilante_man1466d ago

Wait for the 360 version. It may sell more than the pc and the xb1 versions put together.

The hardware sales is a shock. I would of expected way more xb1 sales. And just to stick the boot in the PS4 sales go nuts again.

Clever stock replacement by Sony.

NewMonday1466d ago

This is shockingly low for a hyped FPS

To compare GOW3 on the PS3 sold over 1 million day1

Also inFAMOUSSS already had 600k pre-orders as of last week, so by now it should have well over 700k from pre-orders alone

If day1 numbers for inFAMOUSSS beat Titanfall's 4 day sales the Internet will break in half

Mister_Dawg1466d ago Show
ABizzel11466d ago

I don't see what the big deal is with fans thinking selling 700k copies is bad for the first week. There are only 3.7m XBO's out there, so 700k, which means TitanFall has a 1:5 attach ratio which is really good for a new title.

The XBO sold 2 million units it's first week, and even COD the king of annual sales only sold 500k copies on the XBO. This is why I said TitanFall would rank around 700k units, and sure enough it did.

Not every XB owner is into fps, or games similar to COD, there are reasons why Ryse, Forza, and Dead Rising 3 sold well.

What is telling is that if these number are true, then MS is in real trouble, because Sony just beat them even with their system seller launching and being bundled in. MS is in serious trouble, and their leaders are out in full planning on what to show at E3, a price drop or cheaper SKU for the holiday, and what they need to do to make up the sells difference for the rest of the generation.

We'll see what Metal Gear and inFamous do for PS4 this week. Japan should have a nice boost thanks to MG, but PS3 will take most of the sales again. InFamous normally isn't a huge system seller, but considering it's the first exclusive with the potential to be a true AAA on the console it might do wonders, especially since everything said about the game has been good from fans, journalist, and gamers who got an early copy.

Sitdown1466d ago

Perhaps one day people will understand that Microsoft is not in trouble just because the ps4 sells more.... It's in trouble if it's not selling period. There is enough money around for both to exist.

PONTIAC08G8GT1466d ago

I wouldn't expect Titanfall to outsell Infamous considering the PS4 user base is twice the size of the X1 user base, it's simple math. I'd like to know total Titanfall sales, PC, 360, and X1. I know 360 isn't out yet, but the game is selling very well considering their are only roughly 3 million X1 owners and it's a multiplayer only game. Nice job MS.

Pain1466d ago

Back in the great console war on yesteryear's if a Sony game didn't sell 1m plus on launch day the xbox fan kiddies would call it a complete Fail..

harrisk9541466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )


I know what you are saying about MGS:GZ being on both consoles... So, let me finish your thought: It is on both consoles, but is really considered a PS title and will sell significantly more on the PS platforms... and the PS4 version is the definitive version anyway.

Crystallis1466d ago


"""I don't see what the big deal is with fans thinking selling 700k copies is bad for the first week"""

that's not bad, but the ridiculous amount hype around the game, 700k seems a bit low. Xbox fans were calling it a million + easy.

E2S1466d ago

"Sony played it smart well done.... Saved up PS4 and sent them during the week of titanfall launch smart by sony"

Is this what happened? goddamn that is smart.

TheTwelve1466d ago

You know you're on top when all you have to do to beat your competitor is release more consoles that week.

Godmars2901466d ago

"and the PS4 version is the definitive version anyway."

Except wont the XB1 version have an added character, Raiden, and play mode? As opposed to the PS1 skin for Snake on the PS4.

ABizzel11466d ago


MS's Xbox brand is in trouble. The 360 sales have tanked off the map, and the XBO is being outsold by the PS4, and running neck and neck with the PS3 (it was losing at first, but TitanFall may have pushed it ahead of the PS3 now).

Getting outsold by a console that's suppose to be on it's last leg is not doing fine. This is going to be a shorter generation, and if the XBO is selling on par with PS3 then at most it's selling 8 million consoles for 2014, which is what the PS3 sold in 2013. That's not bad, but it's not good either compared to the PS4 which is on track to sell at least 12 million and likely MUCH MORE. IT becomes a problem, because game wise Sony is MS direct competitor, and MS has no stranglehold on developers this gen, which means they'll have the weaker box, the more expensive box, and weaker developer support all generation. That's why sales matter.

It's not the end of the XBox brand if they get outsold, but the quality of the XBO is going to diminish in comparison to the PS4, because games will run better, look better, and be lead SKUs on PS4. It'll be like 360 vs PS3 in early 2007 - 2009. Media and fans try to downplay this, but that's the reality of the situation they're in, just like it was the reality of PS fans back then, no matter how they tried to deny it.


I agree, and I said the hype for TitanFall was way too much, and nothing but industry overhype and hopeful COD fans looking for that new twist.

But realistically TitanFall wasn't going to sell 2 million copies like fanboys were hoping. 1 million was possible, but 700k is much more likely.

TitanFall is a good game, but one of the mot overhyped of all time. It's a solid 8+/10, but media and fanboy hype sold it as a 11/10 lol.

morganfell1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

I called it the other day by monitoring several high profile US retailers. THESE ARE NOT RUMORS. Here are my 2 posts with all the links and info you need. It is 2 posts in a row that contain all the info. Not from VGChartz or some source, but from retailers and it shows how the PS4 could not be moved from the top spot and in one instance how restocking knocked the competition right of the throne:

Rustynail1466d ago

MGS? That's not an exclusive.

jnemesh1466d ago

@Badboy776 The GAME isn't a flop. They moved over 700,000 copies (a good chunk of those paid for by MS directly and included "Free", but still). However, it IS a flop in the sense that it failed to move any significant number of Xbox One consoles.

My guess is that the majority of the console sales in Q4 last year were made up of the "die hard" Xbox fans (fanatics)...and the sales now reflect the reality of the majority of what most people look for in a console...lower hardware costs, no invasive Kinect, and higher quality playing GAMES.

Microsoft's BIG mistake this gen was focusing on being a video content gateway...but how many devices do you really need in your home to provide Netflix? Between my game consoles, Chromecast, tablets, and computers, I already have MORE than enough options there, and I don't have to subscribe to an additional service to enjoy them! Yes, "hardcore" gamers will already have XBL, but if someone just wants something to "enhance" their TV experience, or is looking for a console SPECIFICALLY for video streaming, the XBL "tax" is going to turn them away.

morganfell1466d ago


In some ways it is. The differences between the PS4 version and the X1 version are stark, some of the most pronounced we have seen.

BTBuck11466d ago

As far as i'm concerned, if a game is on both consoles... it doesn't exist on both consoles...PS4 or bust.

Ahh who am I kidding, I'm not buying a XB1, I'm perfectly covered with wiiU and ps4 :)

ABizzel11466d ago


It might as well be. MGS HD Collection was the first chance for the XB360 to see pretty much most of the Metal Gear franchise, and sales were abysmal compared to the PSV / PS3 versions.

generalthadeape1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )


It felt kind of awkward bringing my Xbox One in to GameStop to trade it in on a PS4.

That was the week before TitanFall dropped.

I was fed up with the Xbox One's shady hardware and I got to the point that I didn't want anything to do with that system at all.

That's too bad becuase I did manage to play the TitanFall beta and had a really good time playing that game, too.

To get my PS4, I had to make friends with my local GameStop manager and kept bugging him the day the PS4s arrived until he finally caved in, but at least I got what I wanted.

It's really too bad that TitanFall isn't going to be released on the PS4, I really think that game is quite fun.

TitanFall is fun, yes, but not to the point where I would want to put up with what is clearly an "inferior" machine.

I personally think that it was a mistake for Respawn to sell their souls to the devil with TitanFall because they surely released their game on the "weaker" machine.

Knowing this going forward, I'm wondering if those fellows will be wise enough to tell Microsoft to take a jump in a lake when TitanFall 2 comes out.

If not, I guess I will simply have to spend my gaming budget elsewhere.

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u got owned1466d ago

so now we count sale number based on rumors... OK

Alan_Shore1466d ago

Hey! Insidederp is a very reliable website! Surely you have heard of it!

nukeitall1466d ago

It isn't even rumors, because a rumor has to has a source!

Fabricated news isn't rumors, even though they often go for the same!!!

We just have to wait and see for official numbers, but in the meanwhile I will enjoy 15ms ping in Titanfall every day.

gaming2death1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Exactly, And the thing is this site (insiderp) is basically the sony version of Mistermediax. Yet you can no longer even get a rumor Mistermediax posted on this site approve. So I'm calling it now, if these numbers are not accurate then insiderp articles are no longer allowed on N4G.

tiremfej1466d ago

Thing is MisterX' and his "rumours" are actually coming to fruition.

AsimLeonheart1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )


Really!? Did they finally discover the hidden DGPU and Secret Sauce???? So the Xbone is really 4 times more powerful than the PS4!? Amazing!! /s


DragonKnight1466d ago

"We just have to wait and see for official numbers, but in the meanwhile I will enjoy 15ms ping in Titanfall every day."

LMAO! So that's what Xbox fans are looking forward to these days? Not games with epic stories and characters and gameplay, but network response times? Hahaha, wow. You are all about dat Kool-Aid aren't you?

deadfrag1466d ago

And the game was bundle;obvious some people got it because it was cheaper bundle,even so i will say it sold poorly especially in Uk/Eu were the machine got a price cut plus the extra titanfall game!Still plenty of people didnt pick the Xboxone like myself because i still think is an overpriced console,not to mention that after playing Titanfall on PC all i can say is that this is the most overhyped game of the year,casual and noob friendly and not my take!

avengers19781466d ago

Okay then why haven't we seen real sales numbers, it's been a week, they announce how many copies of call of duty sold day the next day... No word form either MS or EA means it sold low numbers... Cause you can bet your ass that the instant they knew it was over a million they would have said it, but no you get things like 100,000's people playing online.

If you been paying attention the top selling thing at GameStop infamous second son PS4 bundle, followed by COD:ghost PS4 bundle, on amazon top selling is PS4, and has been since they had them available.

Now let the "wait till halo" argument from the XDF

nukeitall1466d ago


"LMAO! So that's what Xbox fans are looking forward to these days? Not games with epic stories and characters and gameplay, but network response times? Hahaha, wow. You are all about dat Kool-Aid aren't you?"

Enjoy your P2P flagship game of KZ: Shadowfall with deep story line and intriguing game play. That is why it is sitting at 78% on metacritic.

I will enjoy my buttery smooth multiplayer game with cloud support.

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Bigpappy1466d ago

Those are just physical, I believe. Don't know how accurate they are either.

Qrphe1466d ago

This is true. I got the digital for example.

nunley331466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Well normally digital sales are included with retail when ms,sony,ninty release game sales. These are unofficial numbers but they're usually close to the real ones that will come later. I use info like this as a guide but not fact but the unofficial channels are close. X1 is bound to outsell PS4 for a month or two eventually and TF gives ms their best shot at it. Many will buy digital but i wanna see the numbers who actually bought it as opposed to those who got it free,ms will put the 2 numbers together to be more impressive looking.

harrisk9541466d ago

If those are just physical (which may be true) and Titanfall sold a significant number via download, then those digital copies don't translate to console sales which is what MS needed. In other words, those download purchases are going to be by existing XB1 owners.

Starbucks_Fan1466d ago

WTF judging by the s****y quality of this website this is not real

jonatan2211466d ago

They are actually the ones who had the correct (or at least very close to correct)pre-order info on both infamous second son, and Titanfall.

So their track record right now is good, and no reason to doubt them. But again it is labeled as a rumour, so take it with a grain of salt.

Eonjay1466d ago

I predicted 660k for TF. Im comfortable with my guess!

hulk_bash19871466d ago

If true those are still pretty healthy numbers for Titanfall. And PS4 is gonna sell good, when in stock. Everything I go to my local Gamestops they do not have any PS4s in stock.

Kiwi661465d ago

yet eb games stores have had ps4's in stock since last month guess we're lucky here in New Zealand

hulk_bash19871465d ago

Yup I agree, you guys are lucky. If you all have a surplus of supply I wish it would be sent over as I know alot of people are looking to grab one here on Guam.

JBSleek1466d ago

Not accounting digital sales.

Magicite1466d ago

and now lets wait for inFamous and see xbots cry!

Clunkyd1466d ago

Ugh..We all know Infamous SS is going to be great. Just dont rub it in to the fanboys...

Gamer19821466d ago

infamous cant boost ps4 sales however as how can you boost sales of a console thats not in stock anywhere?

PONTIAC08G8GT1466d ago

Why would Xbox owners cry about infamous? It's PS owners who cried about not getting Titanfall, I haven't seen one article about Xbox owners wishing for infamous. You can have that, we'll take Titanfall.

dantesparda1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Screw that, I'll take Infamous over Titanfall anyday. You can keep TF, and what Sony fanboys were crying for TF?

tiremfej1466d ago

At the very least...TF may have a lower rez...but at least the mechs have freaking shadows!

DragonKnight1466d ago

No one was crying for Titanfall Pontiac, absolutely no one. You don't cry for scraps.

deadfrag1466d ago

Lets wait for Infamous SS to be most likely burn by some of the media that overhyped Titanfall like the second coming...You will see what im saying soon.

James Vanderbeek1466d ago

who needs titanfall when you have call of duty?

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1466d ago
Knushwood Butt1466d ago

I would have thought sales of the 360 version were higher. Are they not included?

Sitdown1466d ago

From my understanding, the 360 version has not been released.

Gamer19821466d ago

Correct its not out yet.. Most people I know are waiting on 360 version rather than upgrading to xbox one for the game.

TwistedMetal1466d ago ShowReplies(1)
b00mFargl31466d ago

The results for last week sales are in although the site states that they are not. X1 outsold the ps4 by a slight margin in the US. PS4 global sales were still substantially higher, but X1 isn't in as many areas as the PS4 which includes Japan.

Flamingweazel1466d ago

SIGh not this again. The other countries are TINY, and would onyl add about 1 k a week to x1 sales, the x1 is already launched in the main territories it gets 95% of its sales from. There is a reason MS picked these 13. You wont sell near as many in Sadi Arabia as the US clown. The number of countries excuse is nothing but denial. Not like they would come close to offsetting x1 being dead in japan.

b00mFargl31466d ago

Lol. Japan isn't small. This isn't a bias comment. I love the ps4 as well as the xbox. This was based on npd reports for the specific areas that drive the higher sales such as uk, aust, us and a few others.

adorie1466d ago

Stock vs stock + demand = doesn't matter

If Xbone was going to outsell PS4, it would have done so already.

I doubt releasing in more territories that are considered "tier 2" will change much. The U.S and UK are/were the places where the brand sells the most, take that away or at the very least, even things out, and you tend to see how much more the PS4 can outsell X1, overall, globally.

jnemesh1466d ago

The markets that Sony is selling in haven't been very good to Microsoft and the Xbox in the past. When they do, finally, release in these territories in September, you will see for yourself how poorly they do there. That's assuming Microsoft doesn't pack it all in by then (the Xbox division, not MS as a whole).

b00mFargl31466d ago

@ Adorie & Flamingweazel

you misinterpret what I am saying. I am not saying that the Xbone will beat sony nor did it for this past month or week of Titanfall. This is purely reporting info for the US. The PS4 did better everywhere else even in areas where the X1 is released. I believe Sony has the upper hand right now and I fully believe they are going to maintain for a long time unless microsoft lives up to their promises of tech and until I see Microsoft put their hype and promises in place I will continue to believe that Sony has the best positioning to be the dominant console. Let me remind you I could really care less about which one is better or which one truly sells more. I just like games. Hardware means very little without good games.

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5eriously1466d ago

"Titanfall sells 700,000 copies at launch but PS4 still outsells Xbox One comfortably"

It could have read:

Titanfall sells 2.x million copies at launch.... /S if it was available on ps4 as originally planned.

Suck that up EA and enjoy the meagre contract you made with M$, the gaming industry criminal Mafioso. I am sure you are regretting the fact that you backed the wrong horse.

"If" true then it's wise for EA to switch their leading platform towards the Sony camp as so many devs have done during the PS3 era.