inFamous: Second Son Day One Patch To Include A New Power? Reveal Inside

You may remember a few months back that Sucker Punch launched a campaign website for Second Sons called, "Paper Trail". At the time no one really knew exactly what it was but it may appear that this is linked to the day one patch that'll be readily available at launch.Spoiler Warning Ahead.

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xyxzor779d ago

Who knows? I mean it makes sense to patch a new power in Day One to avoid spoilers, but then again it's not really common.

Nitrowolf2779d ago

It's a rather big patch TBH for a Single-player game (least I think so), and with that one mission being locked in the game I don't see why they would lock it if it was anything else. This is pretty neat if it's true, whcih I bet it is.

SasukeX16779d ago

Maybe it's that paper trail mission. Since you can't connect to it until the day of launch, it may mean we get paper powers from the conduit with paper powers

BitbyDeath779d ago

Toilet paper powers?
Gonna TP everyone

MasterCornholio779d ago

Did you say TP?

TP for my bunghole?

Now I need this power!!!!!!!

press-start779d ago

i was gonna say if true that's a good way to hide spoilers from people who receive a copy early but doubt that's why they choice to do this but it's cool either way.

classic19779d ago

that paper power looks to be awesome. hey uchiha remember when your cousin obito was fighting konan her paper powers almost kid him..

Vegetarianshark779d ago

@XiSasukeUchiha Do you comment just for the sake of commenting? Seriously, I don't even think you know what this article is about.

ddgaming820779d ago

that would be a pretty awesome surprise!!

Shadonic779d ago

Welp I got spoiled. Got too anxious and didnt read the : Reveal inside" part. Of all the things that people thought of I never expected that, so awesome.

Omar91779d ago

I did the something, I did not expect that to be the power at all. I'm actually somewhat disappointed. out of everything else they could of chose, why that? lol

Shadonic779d ago

I would wait until we see some actule gameplay of it. I personally like it.

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The story is too old to be commented.