Speedrunner Finishes "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" In Under 19 Minutes

Speedrunner Cosmo has posted a video in which he finishes The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in under 19 minutes. According to the leaderboards, this is a verified speedrun, thus making Cosmo the man with the fastest record.

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Geobros1498d ago

I was surprised by the 19 and I thought its not possible. When I saw the video and the use of glitches I understood why this time...

MurDocINC1497d ago

My speedruns evolved getting everything, did it under 12 hours.

Benjaminkno1498d ago

Pretty cool.

It doesn't beat 5 minute Mario Bros.

Zefros1498d ago

and people saying mgs is short :P just kidding.

desolationstorm1498d ago

I just don't understand how a speedrun means exploit glitches.

It is impressive.

3-4-51497d ago

Because it's not a TRUE speed run, and it exploits glitches. What exactly don't you comprehend about that.

* I run 1 mile in 6 minutes

* Person B, runs it in 3 minutes but they took a shortcut/uses a car.

Are you still impressed by person B ?

Trigger_War1497d ago

Still an impressive feat of dexterity.

CorndogBurglar1498d ago

I don't know, this is pretty impressive no matter how you look at it. Ocarina of Time is not a short game. Otherwise, this would have been done like 15 years ago.

Chrischi19881497d ago

I dont know, using glitches and exploits to come through the game, that is like using a cheat to come to the endboss at the very beginning and then beating him. Glitches and exploits are like cheats, if you know them.

CorndogBurglar1497d ago

Absolutely, however, even finding these is impressive in itself.

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