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Is It Time For Games To Revisit WWII?

John Meadows from The Gamers Lounge writes "So this June marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day and it has been a while since a good story driven WWII game has been released. Is this the year game makers should return to 1944?" (PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Aleithian  +   437d ago
Short, to the point, and honest. I like it. You didn't even waste time with upper case initial and a period.
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GamerEuphoria  +   436d ago
I'm straight to the point, Stone Cold Steve Austin style.
GamerDad1987  +   437d ago
I say yes. I'm kinda tired of the whole "future warfare" with all these hi-tech weapons. Bring back WWII please. I would gladly play an updated D-Day level on the PS4.
urwifeminder  +   438d ago
Would like more trench warfare based games , the winner is who gains the most ground a bit like frontlines crossed with NFL.
dcj0524  +   437d ago
Sounds a bit like a good RTS than a actual shooter.
Tornadobounce  +   438d ago
Hell yes!
franwex  +   438d ago
No please, no more!
Dan50  +   438d ago
We were bombarded with them the last 2 gens, just bury them already!
Bathyj  +   438d ago
I was thinking this the other day.

I'd much prefer a new Brothers in Arms to a new Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare is the new WWII as far as being overdone and played out. Personally I think CoD peaked with CoD2 as the game was about intense campaign back then, not deathmatches and killstreaks.

Just make the squad commands and AI good, more destructible environments and ditch the Unreal Engine 3.
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ObiWanaTokie  +   437d ago
@ all above saying no.

you seriously bought/rented/borrowed every ww2 shooter that came out the last two gens. you deserve to be burnt out.

the combat in the modern era holds no realistic ground to the fighting style in fps games now a days. ww2 is the perfect era because all the combat was close up around 50 to hundred yard exchanges.

as fun as battlefield 4 is, there is no way modern shoot outs would play out like that.

but ww2 they played out just like they do in bf4.
i think like you say, with all the sweet new effects the ps4 and xb1 can do, it would be a nice refresher.
PoSTedUP  +   437d ago
WWII on next gen with all the effects, particles, lighting etc. to really make it seem real and intense? pshh, count me the **** IN!!! screw all this modernwarfare BS.
mkis007  +   437d ago
I have been thinking that with all the new tech since MoH Frontline they could make a crazy good D-Day beach landing mission now... I don't know if they could fill up a whole game with that but I just really want to see it.
Stick89  +   437d ago
I was thinking the exact same thing. A new Frontline would be sweet.
PoSTedUP  +   437d ago
yep, i was totally thinking Saving Private Ryan Dday scene while writing this!.
USMC_POLICE  +   437d ago
We don't need a flood of ww2 shooter but a few solid next gen updates would be welcomed. For me nothing is more satisfying then shooting a BAR.
PoSTedUP  +   437d ago
indeed. and while i love the intensity of the BAR, there is nothing like the *pop pop pop CHING!* of the M1 Grand. love the M14 too.
WWII guns were the s***... the Stein? just look at that thing lmao, it just screams "come spray with me" ha.
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USMC_POLICE  +   437d ago
You sir are right I'm getting all excited like a school girl thinking about it.
liquidhalos  +   437d ago
I love the Garand too, i also really miss the MP40. I hope someone puts out a great WW2 shooter this gen, something with a beach landing and and a campaign across Europe.
PoSTedUP  +   437d ago
me too. i want wwii again so bad.
ObiWanaTokie  +   437d ago
You guys are both nailing it!

and for god sakes whoever develops it needs to make it gritty and violent as hell. ww2 was f**king hell, some nice gore and BF voice overs yelling and screaming would be immersive and epic as i'll get out

Just think of how simple day of defeat is. i love the ever loving weiner shnitzle out of that game. source 2 with day of deteat 2. yes pretty please!
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Chapter11  +   437d ago
Or we could come up with new ideas? No? Gotta stick to what's safe and familiar? Of course.
ObiWanaTokie  +   437d ago
there is already new stuff coming. we just want an updated classic formula that needs to be polished by todays tech

cyber punk and the order have innovation handled so far for me. remember too you also dont have to play every single one that come under the rising sun, pick the right one for YOU.
SolidGear3  +   437d ago
Enemy Front. Even though it's not going to be on PS4/X1
OutcastMosquito  +   437d ago
The last decent WWII game I played was cod world at war back in 2008.... So yes!!
lionelglitchy  +   437d ago
scoped moshin nagant headshots f@#k ya
SonyStyled  +   437d ago
Yes please!!! Being such a big buff on WWII theres plenty of large battles that have yet to be fought or ones that havent been since MoH: Frontline/Rising Sun
A LIVING LEGEND  +   437d ago
A game focusing on 'Operation Barbarossa' could be cool.Winter warfare,cities under siege,Russian snipers,lots of potential.
The modern warfare scene is stale,has been for a long time in my opinion.
link2Dpast  +   437d ago
Thier have been plenty of other wars, Vietnam, korean war, these are just some that many people may not know, yes not as sell able as a ww1 or ww2 game but a war none the less.

It seems to hard to go back and reenact all this all over they have done it just to much, what story do you tell , we know all of it already.

Ive always thought a game based on the indigenous tribes v.s the new world would of been something new. You could be the indians or aztecs ect...it would be lush jungle scenery ect... i think it would be cool
DoggyBiscuit  +   437d ago
When it comes to WW2 games I don't mind playing the Campaign but when it comes to Online Multiplayer I'm just not a big fan of the guns

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