PrioVR Adds Custom Hand Controllers as a Stretch Goal

VRFocus - YEI Technology has announced a new stretch goal for its upcoming PrioVR motion suit. Instead of adding bonus demos and features like in previous stretch goals, this third benchmark promises new, fully customised hand controllers to replace the modified Wii nunchuck controllers currently in use. The campaign is looking to reach $260,000 USD to make these controllers possible.

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its_JEFF1525d ago

VR headset... Haptic gloves... soon we'll be logging into the OASIS!

WeAreLegion1525d ago

Awesome. I hope they partner with Oculus at some point.

parentoftheyear1525d ago

You have Nicholas cage as your profile pic. Hard to take you serious.

XiSasukeUchiha1525d ago

Awesome Support this now my Uchiha brethren!