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League of Legends Player Attempted Suicide Leads To Investigation And Lawsuit

"A Korean League of Legends Player, Cheon "Promise" Min-ki attempted suicide after a sponsorship scam last week. Promise survived a 12-story leap from a building and was hospitalized in critical condition. The incident led to a KeSPA (Korean e-Sports Association) investigation on the team coach. But first, let's explain why the attempted suicide occurred." - Angie, SpawnFirst (League of Legends, PC)

Defiantmac  +   130d ago
What the hell
AnnaDHardin   130d ago | Spam
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   130d ago
I'm sorry this is just stupid. I'm glad the kid is ok, but don't base your god damn livelihood on a god damn game.

This whole situation screen dumbassory on so many different angels on so many different people. This coach guy should be arrested for fraud and psychological assault.
AnimeAvenger  +   130d ago
The thing is, his career was playing LoL. That's all he had. He is poor and so is his family. Also he's really good at LoL so to lose the chance to be pro must be horrible. So by having these games thrown, he's thrown away his chance at a career/better life. He's complied with illegal match-fixing which likely results in jail time and an even harder road out of poverty.

Suicide isn't the answer but I'm just trying to provide some perspective on why he tried because LoL is much more than just a game to him and pros alike.
Scizz  +   129d ago
You're glad he survived a 12 story fall? I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy.
ArtificiallyYours  +   130d ago
What a way to mock your own ethnicity and culture.
barb_wire  +   130d ago

Glad he's still alive but damn, those Koreans take gaming too seriously..
Tsuru  +   130d ago
When gaming is your job, your damn right they take it seriously. As do americans that do the same thing.
Ocsta  +   130d ago
Where the hell is humanity heading? I weep for the species.
RamboRabbi  +   129d ago
Look at it this way, if you were poor but extremely talented at video games in a country where gaming is a well paid sport wouldn't you take the opportunity of earning money from it seriously? The poor guy knew that if he was associated with cheaters then his LoL career would be pretty much over, hopefully he makes a full recovery don't know how he managed to survive such a fall but good luck to him.

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