Kyn Preview (Strategy Informer)

From "I give developer Tangrin their credit, they've got guts. If there's one genre that's incredibly well-represented on PC right now it's the top-down Action RPG, or "Diablo clone" to use its less-kind '90s nickname. While Doom and Command & Conquer clones, otherwise known as FPSs and RTSs, are getting increasingly either tired or rare, the ARPG is still thriving. The new Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, is out soon, Torchlight II offers an excellent lower-cost offline alternative to Blizzard's behemoth, Grim Dawn is looking excellent and is on Steam Early Access right now, Path of Exile is free-to-play and still fun, and Marvel Heroes also exists (ahem). So what can the two-man team at Tangrin do to make their own upcoming ARPG Kyn stand out? They have a few answers, but the main one is team-play. ".

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