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Submitted by Milesprowers 690d ago | news

Dolphin's emulation of the GameCube GPU is going to the next level.

The GameCube GPU is a complex, tight-knit piece of hardware with impressive features for its time. It is so powerful and so flexible, it was used unmodified within the Wii architecture. For a comparison, just imagine a SNES running with an NES's graphics system. This is completely unheard of, before or since. The GameCube is a remarkable achievement of hardware engineering! With its impressive capabilities, emulating the GameCube's GPU has been one of the most challenging tasks Dolphin has ever faced.

As well as games work, developing proper emulation of the GC/Wii GPU continues to be an ongoing and difficult process. Dolphin has had long standing issues with a bunch of its features, and many graphics glitches have been around for years and years. With the merger of the tev_fixes_new branch (tev = Texture EnVironment, a major component of the GameCube's pixel processing pipeline), Dolphin's emulation of the GameCube GPU is going to the next level. (GameCube, Next-Gen, PC, Wii, Wii U)

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cussing  +   690d ago
Looks fantastic!
DanielleBOwensby   690d ago | Spam
SteamPowered  +   690d ago
I am way too bad at math to understand a lot of the article, but needless to say Gamecube emulation is a ways away. Which is a shame. It was a great console but it had Fantastic games.
Bengaroo  +   690d ago
Umm... ways away? It's damn fine at the moment.
SteamPowered  +   690d ago
The dolphin emulator I use doesn't play rogue squadron or bounty hunter at all.
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LAWSON72  +   690d ago
You realize both GC and even Wii have a pretty solid emulator which has been out for quite sometime.
lilbroRx  +   690d ago
Dolphin was originally just a GC emulator, but they switched focus to the Wii when it went open source because most people wanted to bootleg what was most current(I'm not going to pretend that the majority of people who use it actually rip and play only their own games like the makers claim they make it for), and the GC was a lot of harder to emulate do to the software being so different per game(it was more uniform with the Wii making it easy to get Wii games up and running compared to the GC).

They also only really focused on getting big name games working like Zelda, Metroid and Mario. Go outside of the big budget game range and you will find huge compatibility issues. Most GC games won't work on Dolphin and most of the ones that do have tons of problems. I wouldn't call that solid at all.

Seriously, if it was anywhere near solid then this article wouldn't even exist.
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ChickeyCantor  +   689d ago
" Most GC games won't work on Dolphin and most of the ones that do have tons of problems. I wouldn't call that solid at all. "

Those problems can be fixed with tweaks in your settings.

"Seriously, if it was anywhere near solid then this article wouldn't even exist."

Since when does refactoring/optimizing code means it WAS broken? They simply boosted the GPU performance in some regards and fixing a lot of other bugs along with it.

You also missed the part where the article talks about the issues in the earlier stages of the emulator.
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Ittoryu  +   690d ago
The play metroid and super mario galaxy 2 just fine on my 4yr old laptop with my GC/wii emulator.
Chard  +   690d ago
Hopefully this leads to the Rogue Squadron games being playable.
Stringerbell  +   690d ago
Tell me about it. Last time I checked the original N64 version still doesn't run 100 percent on Project 64...
webeblazing  +   690d ago
so how is he using the wiimote on PC.
LAWSON72  +   690d ago
1. Dolphin has support for it
2. Bluetooth
3. Candles or sensor bar powered by USB.
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Snookies12  +   690d ago
I'm actually quite curious about that as well... I suppose some sort of PC adapter for the Wii sensor?
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lilmetal  +   690d ago
The Wiimote can work with any makeshift IR receiver. There are plenty of cheap alternatives for PC that Dolphin supports natively.
gprime  +   690d ago
The wii sensor bar is actually just an infrared emitter, so it can easily be replaced (for example, as lawson pointed out, with a couple candles). No adapter necessary. It would actually be more accurate to call the wii remote the sensor, since it has an infrared camera in it to figure out where the sensor bar is placed.
LKHGFDSA  +   690d ago
you could an an actual wii sensor bar, the cable it has is only for power. you can get battery powered ones.

with that said though, when I tried to set up the emulator with the controller I couldn't figure it out.
HighResHero  +   689d ago
He said he is using mouse and keyboard.
Mikefizzled  +   690d ago
That Super Mario Galaxy demo is absolutely beautiful
Spurg  +   690d ago
I tried Xenoblade...wasn't working too well on the previous dolphin emulator.
gprime  +   690d ago
I've been playing xenoblade on my laptop. Runs flawlessly and looks way better than on the wii. It even runs well with a high res texture pack set up
Geekman  +   690d ago
Me: Police, do something! Cops: Be quiet, Geek. *Goes back to playing emulator.*
T1125P  +   690d ago
For the Wii controllers to work on the PC you can buy the Wii USB Sensor Bar

And just any old BlueTooth USB dongle.

I have both and it works great. Directions are in the emulator on how to pair them. Now when I play GC or Wii games on my PC it's like a whole new game, especially when I run the game at my res. 2048x1152 little higher than 1080 the games look so much better to, with all the filtering enabled.
Geekman  +   690d ago
This video makes me wish that the Wii was a traditional video game console. The gameplay looks much better. Then again, I did enjoy the NES style control of holding the Wiimote sideways.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   690d ago
Dolphin is always a great choice
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MNGamer-N  +   690d ago
Cool read. Never realized it could be this complicated.
adonisisfree  +   690d ago
The GameCube's gpu is as powerful as the Xbox one's
ChickeyCantor  +   690d ago
Galaxy 2 looks great and it's almost like they simply used the same shaders in new super mario 3D world.
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Tzuno  +   689d ago
Pc power.

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