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No surprise really but I still give credit to Dark Souls 2 for coming in at number 2

Magicite1365d ago

I think only reason why DS2 isnt first, is because too many people have died during Demons/Dark Souls times /s.

Bimkoblerutso1365d ago

Weakness: cowardice therefore try Titanfall

4Sh0w1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

RIPSKATEDESTROY, I see what you're saying but both are on their 1st week sales and Dark Souls 2 is a very popular sequel selling on two platforms with an install base over 160mil, Titanfall is a new IP meaning it has no advantage of a prior fanbase waiting for the sequel, and although it's on pc, pc sales are waaay behind X1 sales so the bulk of Titanfall sales are from a platform with about 4.5-5mil install base currently. So although I would not say its a surprise, it still could have went either way, as I wouldn't have been surprised if DS' s 2 was on top which is why I will say Titanfall being #1 under those circumstances is indeed impressive.

AceBlazer131365d ago

One has been marketed like there was no tomorrow the other sold on prior knowledge of the series and word of mouth.

kingduqc1365d ago

the reason why DS2 isn't number one is people waiting for the real version the 25th of April.

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Neonridr1365d ago

Well it was the only other new game, and a lot of PS3 / 360 owners were looking forward to the game. Would have been embarassing if one of the other games on the list (that were already out for 1+ weeks) beat a new game with the hype that Dark Souls 2 had.

frostypants1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

The Souls series has never been a massive mainstream seller. Pretty sure every CoD game in the last few years outsold the Souls games as well. It has no bearing on quality. Pretty sure most people agree that the Souls games are better than the last few CoDs.

Side note: to people who think the lighting mechanics were completely stripped from DS2, use the Pharros Contraption in No Man's Wharf.

Back-to-Back1365d ago

damn casuls.

Seriously if you havent picked up Dark Souls II DO SO NOW!!!!

Its an awesome game a refines alot of minor problems people had with the first Dark Souls.

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Hellsvacancy1366d ago

15 Aliens: Colonial Marines wtf?


haha yeah! It has been on there for awhile

Septic1365d ago

Yeah was wondering what that was about but I think it was on sale for like £4 or something which might have resulted in those sales. Maybe...I'm not sure

Hellsvacancy1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

It's an odd one, i've only ever seen it in the bargain bin section

I'm more surprised Super Mario 3D World's not in the top 15, everyone I know who's gotta WiiU loves it

frostypants1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Yeah, that game was selling like hotcakes when the price got slashed. I guess people were curious enough to check out the train wreck at that price.

iosgamer1365d ago

Minecraft... geez that games sells.

Tedakin1365d ago

Great work Titanfall, you deserve it. Also great job being high up on the list South Park, you were amazing.

greenyboi1365d ago

Ive just read on oxm that titanfall has supposedly boosted xbox one sales by 97% in the uk if true that's some good going . And is south park worth a pick up are shall i wait for a price drop ? Looks like its getting good numbers


If you like South Park then YES you should definitly get the game

greenyboi1365d ago

Cheers i shall give it ago then cant beat south park .

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