Ubisoft Australia speaks on Watch Dogs' R18+ reclassification

Stevivor -- "Ubisoft Australia today released an official statement on the reclassification of Watch Dogs from MA15+ to R18+."

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Geekman1495d ago

It's good, mate Shut the @#$% up about the downgrade mate. I'll get me mum on yo @#$es.

1495d ago
WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1495d ago

Why are Aussies so prude? The game doesn't have blood. Is it because of swearing maybe?

Bathyj1495d ago

Implied sexual violence which was ironically implied with a bit of blood..

CapellPro851495d ago

They have come out and said on twitter and on this site that there will be blood in the game. I can see why they have reclassified the game. Can't wait till 27th May.

Hugodastrevas1495d ago

They aren't prude, the government just banned the games until recently, the R18+ is fairly recent. At least now they get the games (later and more expensive nonetheless).

SolidGear31495d ago

Nudity, Human Trafficking, Blood, Extreme Violence

m2stech1495d ago

Overpriced consoles, overprices games, overpriced accessories, online lags, unnecessary censors, crappy and capped internet providers...Yes life is hard in here

AtomicGerbil1495d ago

Now expecting a censored version for Europe.

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