More Mario Kart 8 Screenshots Surface

Mario Kart 8 revs up its engine this May, and as fans wait, another glorious track have been revealed as Nintendo's favorite racer travels from the desert to the sky.

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MNGamer-N1558d ago

Looks...... FU**ing amazing! Can't wait. Finally put in my pre-order I'm all about it, day one.

1558d ago
3-4-51558d ago

About to get a Wii U, but I might wait and see if they have a Mario Kart 8 Bundle.

Either way, I'm getting this game.

AJBACK2FRAG1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Hell frickin' yeah! sooo BBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTEEEEERR RRRRYYYYYYYYY! Nintendo IS THE BEST VIDEO GAME SOFTWARE DEVELOPER IN THE WORRRRRLLLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!! It's ironic to me when some people say the Wii U isn't truly next gen! Lol! In my opinion Nintendo is the only real video game developer selling a home video game console. In my opinion the PS4 and the Xbox One have crossed the line into the realm of pc's. I'm not interested in that at all.I'm not saying it's bad but it certainly isn't something I want to buy in to. Mario Kart 8 is going to put Nintendo back in the kicking Sony's ass business!!!! I'lll give that a frickin' yeah!

MNGamer-N1558d ago

Your so St. Patty's drunk right now LOL! Kudos! I'm drinking Killian's Irish red! OMG your post sounded totally slurred! Sir, pleas eget out fo the car, I think you've been drinking! LOL

MNGamer-N1558d ago

By the way I own a PS4, PS3, and Vita as well hahah your soo drunk right now

Realplaya1558d ago

Nintendo please drop this classic and call it the blueprint.

DoggyBiscuit1557d ago

My body is so f***** ready