PS4 Deals of the week: Preorder Deals, Injustice Gods Among Us $30, Call of Duty Ghosts $37 and more

PS4 deals and sales from the biggest sites like PSN, Amazon, Best Buy, Gamedealdaily, Newegg, Groupon and Target.

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lebr0n1078d ago

Do Amazon or Target price match Groupon?

Apollo11078d ago

I think Amazon does based on number of "Tell us about a lower price" submissions.

Soldierone1078d ago

Amazon won't unless enough people tell them and then they lower it themselves. (If they lower it within 30 days of you buying it, they give you the money back)

Otherwise they say they list so many items and try to be the lowest possible price etc....

1078d ago
jacobvogel1078d ago

Toys R Us also have 10% Off coupon of regular price video games. Not mentioned in the article.

Apollo11078d ago

Just added the deal. Thx

justlikeme1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

In Canada, they are increasing the price of ps4 to $450.... oh and games to $69.99

QuickdrawMcgraw1078d ago

And the controller will rise to $64.99...

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

Damn that sucks because just this week I bought a PS4 for $277 and an extra Dualshock 4 for $38 on Amazon.

Kribwalker1077d ago

Another PS4 exclusive 😜

lovethenoob1078d ago

i just ordered injustice for the ps4! some great deals!

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