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Submitted by Criminal 696d ago | news

Ubisoft Releases New Concept Art for The Division

MP1st - Ubisoft Massive has recently shared a new piece of concept art for their highly anticipated MMO shooter, The Division. (PC, PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Xbox One)

Criminal  +   696d ago
I can't wait to get my hands on this one.
ObiWanaTokie  +   696d ago
I know Ubi can be a bit hit or miss with what they do. but far cry 3 was fantastic. im willing to say ill wait on watch dogs for a bit to see if they botched it. but the idea of this game sounds like it could be naild.
kinda borderlands ish with a mix of open world exploring.

Keep an eye on this one boys and girls! she might show us something dirty or wet soon
Bigpappy  +   696d ago
nah. seems more like RB6. That's why I am excited
ObiWanaTokie  +   696d ago
What is RB6? sorry if its obvious but my first guess was maybe rainbow six.

I guess i meant borderlands for the new weapons you find. lol my only comparison
Bigpappy  +   696d ago
yeah Rainbow. They were suppose to putout RB6 awhile back. But this is arriving first. Seems like an evolution to me
SallieJErhardt   696d ago | Spam
seanpitt23  +   696d ago
Yeah me to hopefully it will not get a downgrade like watchdogs due to the fact it's not on last gen consoles.

This game will come out in 2015.
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ddgaming820  +   696d ago
I am really hoping for this game to come out in 2014.
Criminal  +   696d ago
I hope so, but it's more likely for 2015.
Skate-AK  +   696d ago
It's wont. 2015.
Evilsnuggle  +   696d ago
This is my most anticipated NextGen game . The Division is true next-gen I can't wait to see what Ubisoft can do with the snow drop engine with other games. The snow drop engine looks amazing it has the best light and 3D environment I have ever seen In a game engine. Also The Division is still scheduled for release in 2014.
Mar 7, 2014
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Mister_V  +   696d ago
It does kinda look like a big player hub. Something like Destiny has got going on, maybe? Place to trade and socialize and whatnot.
iSpeakTruth__  +   696d ago
Hopefully this isn't downgraded like Watch_Dogs
starchild  +   696d ago
Watch Dogs hasn't been downgraded. This has been proven. The assets and all other graphical elements are the same between the 2013 gameplay on PS4 and the recent "story trailer".

It's just the same thing that happened to Infamous Second Son. People see a different time of day and less dramatic weather conditions and they scream "downgrade" without actually understanding what they are looking at.
seanpitt23  +   696d ago
Watchdogs on ps4 dosnt look like "next gen" from what I have seen.
Infamous SS looks like next gen to me watchdogs would of looked a lot better if it didn't come to the last gen platforms.
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Jughead3416  +   696d ago
Ubisoft does have a history of downgrading games right?
rocky047586  +   696d ago
Every gaming company I've ever seen has a history of downgrading a game that is shown as a concept rather than actual gameplay from a machine that doens't exist yet. Ubisoft was showing what they wanted to get to, their target goal, back at E3 2012. 2013's E3 saw the actual game running on PS4 specs and later on down the line the actual PS3 when it came closer to the initial release.

There was nothing wrong with it then, it just showed very different weather effects and time of day, etc., and there's nothing wrong with it now. Wait till you see it on YOUR TV to be the judge of that. Farcry 3 and whatever other game you're thinking about were NEVER going to look like they did in concept, the whole reason the concept footage exists is to get gamers excited about the game and to show where they would like to be at by the time the game comes out.

That doesn't mean that they will get there all the time though, game design is an ever evolving project and it can turn out very different from what your original plan was.
TomahawkX  +   696d ago
If the game doesn't look close to the E3 video on X1/PS4 I will be severely disappointed. PC ver. will look great tho
rocky047586  +   696d ago
It will.

That video, if you look at it on your TV if you have a smart TV, will prove that the game looks DAMN good still and pretty much exactly what they promised it would look like at last years E3. Just imagine the game with darker visuals and raining and windy weather and you'll get the E32012 visuals, or something very close to that!
Hazmat13  +   696d ago
this is one game i need to play.
linkenski  +   696d ago
I love the voice-chat feature and the fact that we finally get a good-looking new co-op based shooter... but to say I'm impressed by the artstyle or whatever the premise for the story was would be stretching it. It looks rather bland to me.

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