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Lightning Voted as The Best Character of 2013 at Dengeki PlayStation Awards

The readers of Dengeki PlayStation have voted Lightning as the best character of 2013! (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

Neoninja  +   190d ago
Really? I guess it's a lot more people that like Lightning than I initially thought. Personally I don't see the appeal.
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-Foxtrot  +   190d ago
Dengeki PlayStation Awards is from a Japanese magazine, they give out anything Japanese a good write up so this is no surprise, especially if it's a Final Fantasy character.

She is a bland, depressing boring b**** with no personality or backstory to her whats so ever.

Why would people want to give Motomu Toriyama a bloody ego boost.

Now your giving him an excuse to shove Lightning down our throats even more.
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LAWSON72  +   190d ago
Backstory if I am not mistaken is she was a soldier that followed orders until her sister became her "enemy". Not saying it is a good backstory but she does have one it is however an excuse to not have an interesting one. Now I question however we were never told about how she became that way so maybe you are partially correct.

EDIT: I just remembered her parents died and she had to look after Serah so maybe that was the influence. Because that was when she changed her name. She is clearly quite a struggling individual who changed her name and did everything she could to forget the past. She appears to have done the same thing when she lost Serah by putting on a tough act and doing what is required of her. She eventually breaks down and accepts emotions.
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vishmarx  +   190d ago
theyre choice ranged from a perpetually stoned plumber, a loli , pikmin and monster hunter guy
dmitrijs88  +   189d ago
She is not that bad and she got backstory too, here - http://finalfantasy.wikia.c...
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RmanX1000  +   190d ago
Im a fan of the FFXIII Trilogy and even im like "mmmm can we talk about this guys?"
Snookies12  +   190d ago
Same here, I mean I liked the XIII games, but they weren't amazing. Lightning certainly shouldn't be the best character of 2013 by any stretch of the imagination.

I adore Japanese culture, games, and animation... When it comes to gaming though, they seem to be losing it lately. :\
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vishmarx  +   190d ago
i like the 13 games but there isnt a single character that i think is good.
noel was i think, okay?!
caius was decent too.fang wasnt half bad but the rest of the cst was cringe worthy lightning is just a brick with boobs
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   189d ago
IMO the issue was the story didn't explain lore. Hence you have to read entries, Which isn't good game design IMO.
badz149  +   190d ago
Oh Japan. COME ON!

Lightning? Best Character? Over Joel? Ellie? it's 1 thing to be proud of your own country's product but to blinded by it is something else! Lightning is a 2 dimensional character that is beyond generic at this point and the only reason people even remember her at all is because SE shoved 3 games about her and nothing else!
elda  +   189d ago
But the FACT remains that is your opinion Japan thinks otherwise.
kayoss  +   189d ago
It's seems that for lightning returns, they try to make her less emo.
dark-kyon  +   190d ago
this need context,this magazine is a otaku driven,so is not hard to see a ligthning win for being good waifu material,also if you see the list.
1.lighting ---------------------decent waifu
2.hatsune miku -------------- the best waifu ever
3.monokuma danganrropa--------great character
4.zero drag on dragoon 3------badass girl
5-neptune-purple heart------purple heart is badass and sexy
6-elisa -god eater----------waifu level over 9000
7-yuna and raiden----------good characters
8-rorona------------------ great waifu
lighting only won for what final fantasy is more mainstream for that more otakus can play his game.
KonsoruMasuta  +   190d ago
You're list is terrible because there isn't enough Chie! You can't talk about good waifus and not list Chief from Persona! It's like an unwritten rule.
dark-kyon  +   190d ago
this is not my list,is the ranking of dengeki playstation award top characters of 2013.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   189d ago
Reading comprehension man. Learn it.
KonsoruMasuta  +   190d ago
I'm sure the DangekiPSAwards didn't call Hatsune Miku the best waifu ever. That's what I'm referring to.
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elda  +   190d ago
The USA don't see Lightning but Japan does I don't mind Lightning either I'm enjoying LR:FF-XIII.
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ltachiUchiha  +   190d ago
I wouldve picked Oliver from Ni No Kuni instead of lightning. Ni No Kuni was a much better game IMO. Very underrated game.
goldwyncq  +   189d ago
I'd take Lightning over a clueless and bland kid who's friends are much more interesting. How can you even say that the game is underrated if it got mostly 9s in reviews?
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   189d ago
I don't think you get the context of this vote...what you're suggesting is kinda messed up since Oliver is 13
SG1_dapunisherX  +   190d ago
lmao lighting best character of 2013 what a joke! I can name 10 characters who is better then her
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Chapter11  +   190d ago
Timesplitter14  +   190d ago
Lightning may have an appealing design (appearance) but her character is really boring
Lionalliance  +   190d ago
I'm sorry, but this is a huge BS!
Enigma_2099  +   189d ago
Who the hell was she competing against? There's nothing remotely memorable about this character!!! Hell, the only worthwhile character from FF XIII in my opinion was Sazh Katzroy!
If Lightning's first, Lara Croft has to be second. Heck, throw me in there and make it a threesome!
Melankolis  +   189d ago
By tradition, best character voted in Japan is a main character from a maintstream RPG game, in the generation when there's a drought RPG game in console, it does make sense Lightning has been voted as best character.
goldwyncq  +   189d ago
Unlike the majority, I loved the trilogy but even I wouldn't go as far as to say that Lightning is the best character of the year.
SilentNegotiator  +   189d ago
You REALLY need to give some western games a shot, Japan. At least try "Last of Us" or something.

If you're voting Lightning for...anything in 2013, you're not playing a variety of games.
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goldwyncq  +   189d ago
The game was a big hit in japan but of course an iconic character like Lightning would more likely win the readers.
SilentNegotiator  +   189d ago
It did fairly well in Japan, but the West still overwhelmingly accepts Eastern-made games more than vice versa.
con4g23  +   189d ago
such lightning, wow,please, stahp!
no more!
Lolyta  +   189d ago
Talk about Pushing Toriyama agenda eh ?
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sephiroth420  +   189d ago
they should went with SSJGod Goku, a much better choice than lightning.
VTKC  +   189d ago
is it because you can dress her up in her recent game?

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