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"Following From Software’s success of Dark Souls that was released two years ago, the company behind what’s considered as the most challenging game ever created a sequel to further challenge fans. With the release of Dark Souls 2, fans who are seeking for more challenges can delve into the sequel as more enemies, new locations, and new lores await. Those who are hoping that the sequel will be much forgiving than the first, might as well prepare to die over and over again."


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twdll1497d ago

Best game out right now. At least till Second Son.

beatled1496d ago

infamous will be a decent game, but, lets be honest, it won't even hold a candle to the awesomeness that is dark souls 2!

1496d ago
jjb19811497d ago

Got killed within 4 minutes

DragonKnight1497d ago

You either successfully attacked the dogs and were owned, or you tried to take on the Ogre and were owned. I've done both myself. Lol.

Hellsvacancy1496d ago

You Ogre got me........ twice lol, i'll get him next time

DragonKnight1496d ago

The key to the Ogre is baiting him to sit by walking behind him. You can successfully lock him in a loop if you attack, walk behind, attack, walk behind, rinse and repeat.

OmegaShen1497d ago

Good, but I feel its more easy then the first one and I have found alot of empty places. The Hunters Cap (or whatever its called) is really easy, I played it in the beta.

LAWSON721496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

I think both are pretty easy if you know what equipment to have and upgrade, and know how to properly use shields or roll. I honestly feel like Dark Souls 2 is a little tougher mainly due to weapons feel toned down, for example maxed uchigatana+15 in DkS1 would rape even with a dex of 20-30, meanwhile DkS2 uchigatana+10 is good but far from insane damage even with my dex at 40. I think NG+ got to be quite difficult with a toned down upgrade system. Armor seems improved though

I dont know how good magic was in DkS1 but everytime I summon a magic caster in DkS2 the bosses die in like the first minute and I am in awe the whole time at how badass their spells are. Now that looks like an easy class but I hear magic is easy in DkS1 as well.

The only strange thing is leveling is extremely easy. I am probably about 3/5 the way through the game and am level 115, but as I said scaling is not that great now, from what I have seen, so it is not exactly making the game easier because stats only do so much.

Muadiib1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

It's probably easier because you played the first one, I bet if you were to play through the first Dark Souls again you would also find it easier!

DragonKnight1496d ago

@LAWSON72: It isn't necessarily just your weapon, the enemies are also harder to kill in DkS2. In DkS1 you could kill most of the early enemies in one shot with any of the starting weapons except for the dagger. In DkS2 you can't do that even with a Bastard Sword unless you upgrade it. All the enemies have higher HP in this game.

As for magic, it was likely buffed because in DkS1 a mage wasn't really a viable class due to so many weaknesses.

However, this is still early and everything can be rebalanced in time.

Booyah1496d ago

I like this game but it feels easier than the last installment. Maybe because I had experience with DS and DkS.

Summons751496d ago

Honestly this is a lot tougher than the first game. I've been playing for 20 hours probably 3/4 of the way through and haven't seen nearly as many bonsfires and lost probably over 100,000 souls because they thankfully took out the leveling at bonfires. Not as though as Demon Souls but I get the same feeling playing this game Dark never gave me but Demon did. Like you said though probably helps that I've been playing the since Demon Souls day 1 so Im mentally prepared for the game vs a new comer to the series.

All great games though

Booyah1495d ago

Spoiler ahead.

I did lose alot of souls(around 60k?) at the chariot boss or around the poison mist area.
Gotta agree though, I'm way more mentally prepared and I have super patience now playing this game going one step at a time. I don't rush it now.

OmegaShen1496d ago

It is, the boss on the ship was super easy. An the Old Dragon guy is pretty much a copy of the boss in the first Dark Souls.

Booyah1495d ago

Lol. Yeah that boss was easy and there's a few more even easier than that one further.

Not even kidding -.-

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