3DS Weekly Deals: Bravely Default / Pokemon X/Y / Zelda: ALBW / Animal Crossing $29.99 each and more

3DS deals and sales at Amazon, Overstock, Fred Meyer, Newegg, Groupon, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Cowboom.

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jacobvogel1526d ago

Do Target price match Fred Meyer? Never heard of them before.

timothyckeegan1526d ago

These sales are making it hard to buy digital

lebr0n1526d ago

I will never buy digital games as long as downloads are tied to hardware.

Neonridr1525d ago

but you can transfer your downloads to new hardware. I had a 3DS and transferred all my purchases to an XL when I bought it.

andrewsimons1526d ago

Been waiting too long for Animal Crossing to get on sale. At last, going to buy this game :)

Neonridr1525d ago

Great price for Zelda, if anyone was on the fence.