Massive Ban Wave Hits COD: Ghosts Players – “Will Not be Reversed,” Says Activision

MP1st - Reports are beginning to surface of a massive ban wave that appears to be primarily targeting PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users playing Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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exnoob1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I think this will be the last COD for me (yes, yes I know it took me that long), I got bored of this game so fast that it felt like a slap in my face; but on the other hand I'm really starting to fall in love with bf4 (when it's working), and it's starting to make me contemplate on buying the premium :S.

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Matt6661499d ago

took them long enough to finally ban hackers, if people can't play fair to begin with, they should face the consequences. Apart from that I haven't played COD since MW3.


There is always hacking on Playstation get use to it

Matt6661499d ago


There hackers what ever system you play on

parentoftheyear1499d ago

I got it for $40 bucks the other day. Enjoying campaign on veteran but online multiplayer sucks always has since I picked up battlefield nothing compares to the scale, vehicle, teamwork that battlefield has. Its an actual war when playing. Its very excites. I played cod ghost online 1 time and was like yep...nope

joab7771499d ago

Although I must say that Killzone Snowfall became a love of mine too...the multiplayer at least. It also relies on teamwork and tactics.

I just think that with all the other options and competition coming CoD better figure something out.

Team_Litt1499d ago

Killzone Snowfall! hahaha!!

Muffins12231499d ago

titanfall...end of discussion. Its better than both of them,playing it on my pc right now.


I am playing it on XBONE and you are right bro its kills Duty

Muffins12231499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I can guarantee more than half the people that hit that dislike button dont have a gaming pc or xbox one. Ps4 fanboys smh...

JetsFool35001499d ago

I don't have an x1 but my bro does I spent an all nighter with it & hated it

Flutterby1499d ago

Lol you have to be a PS4 fanboy to not like titanfall? I mainly play on pc and I don't like it at all , out of my 112 people I do clan games with on things like BF and ARMA, 3 have titanfall about 30 have tried retail and over 70 where on beta , the ratio seems about 4% like it of all my friends but you say it's only ps4 fanboys

speedforce1311499d ago

Your disagrees were unwarranted but can't say I blame them now after you attacked PS4 fans for no reason.

isa_scout1499d ago

Agreed...I bought a Xbox One for TitanFall(of course Halo played a big role in my decision as well)and I'm loving it. Never played a game as fast paced. Every 3 seconds your killing something. It's the best most reliable MP I've played since Halo 3.

Nicxel1499d ago

Was playing it on my X1, and I realized something. Not once did I glitch or lag. Not once was there a host migration. It puts a smile on my face.

Utalkin2me1499d ago

Titanfall, played the PC beta and was not impressed. Not even close to a COD killer.

allgamespc20121498d ago

am gong to bubble you up so these ps fanboys at n4g can be quiet

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Im with you I wish I never bought the seasons pass. A pizza would have been a better use of the money. Or a Steam Sale

_LarZen_1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I just want to let everyone know that reading that exnoob now is thinking that this will be the last COD he plays have changed my life.

It was a life changer to read this and I am not using drugs anymore and I have a job interview next Monday.

parentoftheyear1499d ago

About time you got a job. Didn't have to give up the weed though.

exnoob1499d ago

Glad I could help you out ;-)

ForgottenProphecy1499d ago

with all due respect, everybody says that after every CoD ever since MW2

Beastforlifenoob1499d ago

Black ops and black ops 2 were great. Possibly the best in the series. MW2 was the peak but ghosts literally sucked

bumnut1499d ago

I think cod 4 was the peak

ObiWanaTokie1499d ago

Message to activision: no one cares. your game died hard two years ago. move along

Oh_Yeah1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I'm done with all the competitive war fps games this gen, they all get old too quick and they're all the same thing. Run around point shoot, repeat, played one ya played em all. The only way id pick one up this gen is if it went all out and had a good campaign and destructible environments, Land combat, space combat, sea combat, air combat, mech combat, sword combat, hand to hand combat, futuristic weapons, live weather, everything all mixed into one, And just call it War.

In the campaign you start out as the first humans, building all the way from the stone ages of war to the futuristic type war you see in Star Wars and gundam wing. No one would ever want to play a different war game than this. I've got some bold game ideas, only if I were a dev.

clouds51499d ago

As an old counter striker now finally someone understands how i feel about these newer fps titles :) i mean they're great and all but i haven't seen anything that comes close to the original counter strike or quake 3. But people still go mad every year and buy that same game every time... It has to stop!

isa_scout1499d ago

Just want to point out that Star Wars isn't set in the future though bro....It's set a Long time ago in a Galaxy far away...

Oh_Yeah1499d ago


That is true. But I was referring to us people, that would be futuristic war.

mixelon1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

But.. Youvrealise games covering the same subject matter stull play totally differently?

People will still want to play other stuff however much you cram i to a game. You cant really have cod/bf/arma gameplay all in the same game.

PurpHerbison1498d ago

I tried to get into some of the newer FPS titles and I couldn't. Back on CS1.6 having a blast.

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blackblades1499d ago

Bout time dude, black ops was my 2nd and my last cod I played, if I were to get another cod it'll be the next one with zombies. People wake up from your addiction to cod you'll feel good afterwards and other games to play.

ginsunuva1499d ago

If you actually bought Ghosts, then you're not stopping anytime soon. This game screamed terrible since itd reveal - you'd have to be a complete cod fanboy to buy it.

Kryptonite42O1499d ago

Massive ban wave?
how can they do a massive ban wave when maybe only 3 people actually enjoyed this garbage game.

lol seriously though.. sounds to me like they just pooped on the few number of fans that actually played this game (in comparison to others i guess).

this is just one more reason to wait for Treyarch to release another COD.. IW is poop. after ghosts.. i refuse to support them. and really... ? console bans? id be furious.

andygee19871499d ago

feel exactly same, always smash COD's when they first release didn't with Ghosts, hated it, it's awful.

Titanfall on X1 and BF4 on PS4 are much better

blackblades1499d ago

Also you know when someone is addicted to it, is when they say that they're getting tired of playing it or say they hate but they're still playing it.

Gamer19821499d ago

If you get randomly put in a hacked lobby you will get banned for life.. Not exactly great selling point for future titles but great there cracking down on cheaters.. Just shows they have no time to actually find who's cheating and just ban anybody who's near anything cheating instead including innocent people.

CoTton_MoUtH1499d ago

Premium is a good investment when BF is working

shwisha1499d ago

I'm surprised it's taken people this long. I felt this way when I got Black Ops 1 and I've been retired from COD games since.

Apex131499d ago

I am with you. It was god awful to the point it became the first cod I stopped playing before completing since I got into COD with Modern Warfare.

BF4 has surprised me

Sarick1498d ago

I never got into online shooters because they was to competitive. I was really bad at them too. Based on what I've read this ban would've hit me if I played.


I think I see what happened. The players who where low skilled where being marked as cheaters PUMPING the stats of other players.

Basically, they detected them as EXP pumping because they stunk at the game their kill/death rate was a high ratio.

This type of ban system brings new meaning to the online communities. People who are horrible players will get marked for abuse and ban from playing.

In essence this ban is saying "Online is no place for amateurs or casual players who lack skill. That's how I see it. The cheat detection system is treating players who lack skill as cheaters because it boost other players EXP.

I could be wrong but from what I read that's how it looked to me.

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Eonjay1499d ago

Can someone explain how it is possible to accidentally or automatically wind up in a hacked server.

dazzrazz1499d ago

Garbage engine, lack of security encryption on files and o dedicated servers

AliTheSnake11499d ago

Has nothing to do with the engine, nor the security encryption. Players can easily end up in a hacked lobby in GTA Online as well.

Gozer1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I dont think COD Ghosts for PS4 and PS3 have dedicated servers. They shouldnt be getting on a modded server if the servers were dedicated. Modded servers on consoles are only possible on a P2P connection. But there are people who use in game glitches to gain an advantage, even on dedicated servers.

sAVAge_bEaST1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

@Gozer, Feast on your eyes, on this 360 lobby, as somone pointed out, in the comments below.

It almost seems, they have access to MicroSoft's Network, and CoD code.... To be able to change user names, and add planes.

TF drops on 360 soon.

Gozer1499d ago

I don't know. Mark Rubin said back in Oct that COD Ghosts would be using listen and dedicated servers.
We all know dedicated servers cuts out things like host migration, modders and cheaters etc, etc. But listen servers are apparently similar to p2p.

Evidently they aren't just using dedicated servers, because there shouldn't be any modding on dedicated servers. All game data is held host side with dedicated servers.

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Zefros1499d ago

BF4 is by far a better game.

danny8181499d ago

Even tho its broken at times ghost made me a huge bf4 fan. Alot of my friends play bf4 and its just crazy how fun the different modes that it has can be

jocomat91499d ago

bf4 is the new cod to me. Its shit. Don't deny it. bad comapany 3 will be my next game from them thats it.

CorndogBurglar1499d ago

Bad Company 2 was so good! It was by far better than both BF3 and 4.

The level of destruction outweighed them both.

amnalehu1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

"BF4 is by far a better game..." By a lot. Banning innocent people from an already dated and inferior game... not cool.

colinf4381499d ago

I noticed a strangely large amount of seemingly not legitimate players when i played for the first time in a while last week!