Massive Ban Wave Hits COD: Ghosts Players – “Will Not be Reversed,” Says Activision

MP1st - Reports are beginning to surface of a massive ban wave that appears to be primarily targeting PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users playing Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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exnoob1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I think this will be the last COD for me (yes, yes I know it took me that long), I got bored of this game so fast that it felt like a slap in my face; but on the other hand I'm really starting to fall in love with bf4 (when it's working), and it's starting to make me contemplate on buying the premium :S.

The_Infected1251d ago

This was the worst CoD I've ever played. I hate it. The next CoD has to be better than Ghost.

ArtificiallyYours1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

How about actually different, like um, so many other franchises that make effort in differentiating each installment.

Patrick_pk441251d ago

But this was the "next-gen COD" on the "next-gen engine" and was not next-gen.

GraveLord1251d ago

Your entitled to your opinion. I actually like Ghosts and I can't go back to Black Ops 2 anymore. Maybe it just has to do with the Dualshock 4 and better resolution/graphics?

exnoob1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

@the_infected. I totally agree with you! Unfortunately I missed out on cod 4, so my fav cod so far has been black ops 1 (I used to run riot with the famas). If they brought it back to that and mw2 standards, then I will defo be willing to purchase it again and have a blast online.

AliTheSnake11251d ago

This IS the worst COD. I was hoping treyarch is next, as I like their style of multiplayer and I love zombies. But I guess they are getting one more extra year to work on the game, which is good, also gives me time to enjoy Battlefield 4 longer for my multiplayer FPS fix.

@Aggregate0072 How would you make the game any different ? Specially that it sells the most. They put an effort in their campaigns,extremely high production value.

thorstein1251d ago

Indubitably, and it is sad to see that they still haven't fixed cheating. Interesting that IW continues to ban player for hacking/ cheating but when I blogged about it, I had plenty of people claiming that I was in error. See their comments here:

That said, I think it is time that IW find a way to prevent cheating. I know it can't be fool proof since Amazon does sell modded controllers just for cheating.

itBourne1251d ago

I actually kind of envy the CoD franchise for being pretty much the same year after year. I loved RFoM and with the massive changes hated the 2 Resistances after that, mp was shit, not even the same game. Uncharted 2 was a long time mp game for me, then UC3 changed everything, went all CoD like. So I would gladly take more of what I like rather then the studio ruin my favorite mp.

Team_Litt1251d ago

@gravelord, I'm not sure whether to applaud or cringe! I mean on the one hand, your comment was an epic...on the other hand!
Do I commend the epicness or just face palm the utter failure?

On topic, I never got into CoD. Played 4 and thought it was very good but was not compelled to buy any sequels.

Dee_911251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Heres an idea
Hows about you make a COD that cant be hacked aa by 10 year old.
I mean seriously, they shouldve learned by now that some things don't need to be on a save file..

Guess its just more of a tale of how little they actually change in each iteration.

hellzsupernova1250d ago

lol i hadnt played a call of duty since black ops, played this on my mates ps4 and was blown away by the size of the maps, what were they thinking i spent most of the match trying to find other players

alexkoepp1250d ago

Just get titanfall, Call of Duty creators created a new CoD, all the talent has left the CoD franchise behind

abzdine1250d ago

the problem is people who keep having this idea that the next one has to be better.
in the end you end up buying the game anyway.
you want any series to improve stop buying it!

TheGrimReaper00111250d ago

You mean the next COD will be better, cause it cant get worse
Well, I already said that before and Activision still managed to dissapoint me

allgamespc20121250d ago

anything is better than COD Ghosts, the next game cant just be better, but different in EVERY single way.

killzone6191249d ago

aww does somebody go negative every match? rookie

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Matt6661251d ago

took them long enough to finally ban hackers, if people can't play fair to begin with, they should face the consequences. Apart from that I haven't played COD since MW3.


There is always hacking on Playstation get use to it

Matt6661250d ago


There hackers what ever system you play on

parentoftheyear1251d ago

I got it for $40 bucks the other day. Enjoying campaign on veteran but online multiplayer sucks always has since I picked up battlefield nothing compares to the scale, vehicle, teamwork that battlefield has. Its an actual war when playing. Its very excites. I played cod ghost online 1 time and was like yep...nope

joab7771251d ago

Although I must say that Killzone Snowfall became a love of mine too...the multiplayer at least. It also relies on teamwork and tactics.

I just think that with all the other options and competition coming CoD better figure something out.

Team_Litt1251d ago

Killzone Snowfall! hahaha!!

Muffins12231251d ago

titanfall...end of discussion. Its better than both of them,playing it on my pc right now.


I am playing it on XBONE and you are right bro its kills Duty

Muffins12231251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I can guarantee more than half the people that hit that dislike button dont have a gaming pc or xbox one. Ps4 fanboys smh...

JetsFool35001250d ago

I don't have an x1 but my bro does I spent an all nighter with it & hated it

Flutterby1250d ago

Lol you have to be a PS4 fanboy to not like titanfall? I mainly play on pc and I don't like it at all , out of my 112 people I do clan games with on things like BF and ARMA, 3 have titanfall about 30 have tried retail and over 70 where on beta , the ratio seems about 4% like it of all my friends but you say it's only ps4 fanboys

speedforce1311250d ago

Your disagrees were unwarranted but can't say I blame them now after you attacked PS4 fans for no reason.

isa_scout1250d ago

Agreed...I bought a Xbox One for TitanFall(of course Halo played a big role in my decision as well)and I'm loving it. Never played a game as fast paced. Every 3 seconds your killing something. It's the best most reliable MP I've played since Halo 3.

Nicxel1250d ago

Was playing it on my X1, and I realized something. Not once did I glitch or lag. Not once was there a host migration. It puts a smile on my face.

Utalkin2me1250d ago

Titanfall, played the PC beta and was not impressed. Not even close to a COD killer.

allgamespc20121250d ago

am gong to bubble you up so these ps fanboys at n4g can be quiet

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Im with you I wish I never bought the seasons pass. A pizza would have been a better use of the money. Or a Steam Sale