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Xbox One Exclusives To Look Forward To

In the wake of Titanfall, IM PLAYIN takes a look at some of the other Xbox One exclusives that are worth looking forward to.

"If you’re new to the Xbox One, or are considering pricking one up, you’d be forgiven for believing that Titanfall was the only game to look forward to on the console. It’s not necessarily because the quality of upcoming titles are poor, it’s more the fact that Titanfall has been on everyone’s mind for the past couple of months. Titanfall this, Titanfall that – enough, right? Surprisingly enough, there are other games coming to the Xbox One that won’t be on any other console, and are worth getting excited for." (Below, D4, Project Spark, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Super Time Force, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

lifeisgamesok  +   536d ago
My most anticipated list with some hinted or rumored games

Gears of War 4
Quantum Break
Lost Odyssey 2
Halo 5
Ryse 2: Knights of England
Crackdown 3
Halo 2 Anniversary
Sunset Overdrive
Phantom Dust
Fable Legends (if there's a offline campaign)
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Axios2  +   536d ago
Forza Horizon 2
LilianaJLoken   536d ago | Spam
shivvy24  +   536d ago
i wanna see how Sunset Overdrive turns out, trailer looked like its gonna be fun but gotta wait till gameplay
christocolus  +   536d ago
Ill add these games to that list.. Age of Mythology, kinect sports:rivals and project nagano( from platinum games).....i sure hope a sequel to ryse is made along with lost odysee, kameo,blu dragon and pgr.
bluem00se  +   536d ago
Lost Odyssey 2... that would be amazing. I miss the early days of the 360 when Microsoft really had a big push for JRPG's on the platform...
nate254  +   536d ago
Out of that list mine would probably be:
Halo 5
Halo 2
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Fable Legends
and an unlisted one - Forza Horizon 2
Farmassy  +   536d ago
I bought ryse and enjoyed it but I am not looking forward to ryse 2 unless they make some serious changes. I considered it almost to be a tech demo of what the x1 can do and it was interesting to play it. However, if they don't improve the gameplay, there is no need for a second one

I could tell that the game used to be a kinect game while I was playing so maybe if they are coming at it from a controller standpoint from the very beginning, it will play a little better
MichaelLito79  +   536d ago
Definitely looking forward to D4, RYSE 2, Halo and Quantum Break. Note: Hope they working on Perfect Dark or conkers Bad Fur Day sequel.
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OpieWinston  +   536d ago
Quantum Break is at the top of my list...Mainly because Alan Wake is my favorite game of all time.

I'm pumped for all those games. Especially if a Ryse sequel is in the works!
Mr Pumblechook  +   536d ago
Kinect Sports Rivals
Sunset Overdrive
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Fighter Within 2: Knights of Avalon
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malokevi  +   535d ago
Class 4 from Undead Labs will probably be awesome, too.
otherZinc  +   535d ago
Halo Wars 2.

My daughter wants:
Kinectimals 3
Kameo 2
Halo 5
Gears 4
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zombie-fun544  +   536d ago
from what i heard microsoft announcements most exclusives for xbox in 2013 e3 , i think e3 2014 they wall show gameplay for halo 5 and quantum break and some games
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exnoob  +   536d ago
Quantum break looks like it could be a very interesting new IP.
-EvoAnubis-  +   536d ago
Quantum Break is the only announced or even rumored XBOne game that has me attention. Looks like it'll be fantastic, and I trust Remedy.
Dark11  +   536d ago
I want see a next-gen Gears with UE4.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   536d ago
A sequal to Conkers bad fur day. I think a company like Epic games or Black tusk should be able to be put up to the task with the origional writer on board. Multiplayer was really great imo on the og xbox.
Rustynail  +   536d ago
Microsoft have indeed a far better lineup than Sony. Sony only announced Uncharted because their lineup is already weak, so they wanted to assure people that they have a good lineup, when they in fact don't. We haven't seen a single screenshot of Uncharted and it might come out in 2015 or 2016, they shouldn't even have announced it in the first place.
Dannyh  +   536d ago
The order and drive club look great, both systems have good games this year
OpieWinston  +   536d ago
We all know that if they announced Forza Horizon 2 for X1 that would smack Driveclub down... We haven't heard much from Playground but a few spoilers.

I agree both consoles have great games.

Quantum Break is looking a hell of a lot more innovative than The Order is though.
Dannyh  +   531d ago
Quantum break is my most wanted game this year, followed by the order
AliTheSnake1  +   536d ago
You do know that Sony has around 12 Active Studios, making Games for them. Uncharted is not the only one announced. There is: The Order: 1886, Infamous: Second Son, Deep Down, Shadow of the Beast, Driveclub, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Rime.

Top of my head, We still have Media molecule's project(behind Little big planet), Guerilla Games's project(behind Killzone),Santa Monica's project (behind God of war), Sony Japan's project, Team ico (hopefully the Last Guardian), and Naughty dog's second team's project (Behind Last Of US).
Let's not forget the insane amount of indies Sony is bringing.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   536d ago
Sony will always have more exclusives than MS. Fact. We've seen it with PS2 and PS3. And it will continue. Uncharted alone destroys anything coming to Xbox One. MS wish they had a studios as talented as Naughty Dog, SSM, Media Molecule, and Sucker Punch.

OT: I'm really looking forward to

1:Halo 2 anniversary
2:Quantum Break
3:Halo 5
4:Gears of War 4
Nocando  +   535d ago
Can we keep Sony out of the discussion just once?
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   535d ago
I agree with you,but it was a Xbone fanboy who brought S**y up 1st...
jay2  +   536d ago
Q.B, Sunset, D4 (maybe). below (maybe/unlikely) GOW's not for ages!
IanVanCheese  +   536d ago
Really looking forward to Super Time Force in the near future. Beyond that, Quantum Break, Below and Sunset Overdrive.
Jazz4108  +   536d ago
Last time I checked ms had close to twenty game studios now. Almost double sony and they are still hiring. I would say wait and see as the tables may change this gen with exclusives.
Hicken  +   535d ago
Helps if you're honest and admit nearly every Sony dev has multiple teams making games.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   535d ago
Like you say Jazz...I will wait and see...Could be a lot of those exclusives MS has announced won't come out till the Next Box...That's what happened this gen with 360 announced games coming out for the Xbone...
mkis007  +   535d ago
It isn't the amount alone... It is the the pedigree behind them... Lionhead(minus Molyneux) and Turn 10 are firmly planted, but devs like 343 need to prove they can have lasting success and really evolve halo(to me they are still riding Bungie, they need to make it their own). Black tusk needs to release their first game...I'm sure they have high end people working for them, but the proof is in the end product.

The problem I have is they haven't taken many risks (see the devs who came to MS first with concepts, like Media Molecule, and got rejected), or allowed their first-party studios to really expand beyond the norm. Quantum Break seems to be a good first step. Deep pockets are nice to have, but an eye for creativity will give them better exclusives. Things that would otherwise go unfunded.

But MS 22 studios catching up with the 13 at Sony is not the question...high quality releases are. Naughty Dog is ranked up so high due to not only selling 3 uncharted games and winning hundreds of awards, but for doing it twice with a different genre in The Last of Us.
Sony has had stinkers too, but they always put out enough games to cover for a failure.

MS really has to step into OD and give the studios creative freedom. The first misstep as far as studios are concerned was taking Black Tusk off of a new IP to work on Gears of war.

I hope they can finally change it around. E3 should be good.
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ARESWARLORD  +   536d ago
Titanfall is just so damn good
QuantumWake  +   536d ago
If I don't get any Halo or Quantum Break news I may very well lose it. I want to see more of these games! D:
pop-voxuli  +   535d ago
H5 is the only one that even remotely interests me.
Chaos-Dad  +   535d ago
Microsoft have many Studios but only 4x are AAA and they have no much Teams per Studio, all others are only small Arcade Studios like "Hoursemarqe" or "NipponIchi" from Sony.

AAA Studios

- Turn 10 (1x Team, Working on Forza 6 -> 2015)
- Lionhead Studios (2x Teams, Working on Fable Legends -> 2015, and new IP)
- 343 Industries (1x Team, working on Halo5 -> 2015)
- Black Task Studio (1x Team, working on Gears4 -> 2016/17)

Second Party, AAA Studios:
- Remedy Entertainment (2x Team, 1x XboxOne, 1x iOS -> Agent of Storm)

This is why the Xbox360 have no more exclusive Support 2013/2014 ;)

- SCE Japan Studio (5x Teams, TeamICO, ProjectSiren, Puppeteer Team, Knack Team and 1x PS:Vita Team).
- Sony Santa Monica (3x Teams)
- Guerilla Games (3x Teams, confirmed new IP)
- SCE Studio London (3x Teams, confirmed AAA IP)
- Naughty Dog (2x Teams)
- Media Molecule (2x Teams)
- Sucker Punch (2x Teams, InFAMOUS Second Sun Team, new IP Team)
- Evolution Studios (1x Team, DriveClub)
- Sony Bend (1x Team, PS4 AAA IP confirmed)
- Polyphonie Digital (1x Team, GT7 confirmed)

= 10x AAA Studios with 23 Teams ALL working confirmed(Yoshida, E3 2013) on PS4 Games.

Second Party, AAA Studios:
- Quantic Dream (1x Team, Singularityps4)
- Ready at Dawn (1x Team, Order1886)

So..... i say: Sony have more Studios, more (AAA) Games like last Generation, 2014 is the first big PS4 year with InFAMOUS, DeepDown, DriveClub, Order1886 and Uncharted4 (maybe E3 Suprises) and a lot of Gen/Plattform Exlusive Games like YakuzaIshin, MLB14, FF14, DynastieWarriors8, PuttySquad, Diablo3, Tropico5. Planetside2, MotoGP14.

Not forget the confirmed PS4 Exclusives from:
SanzaruGames(Sly?), Level5, ZindagiGames(Move?), Suda51(LilyBergamo), BluepointGames, NDreams, TeamNinja, InsomniacGames(R&C?), Housemarque, ClapHanz, NipponIchiGames...
DiRtY  +   535d ago
What about Rare? MS Dakota (Project Spark)? BigPark? Good Science Studio? Press Play? Twisted Pixel? Lift London? And the new LXP?

Quite a selective memory sir.
xDHAV0K24x  +   535d ago
Get ur ps4 crap and move it to the ps4 section
Oh_Yeah  +   535d ago
So average, so Microsoft.
kevinsheeks  +   535d ago
nothing about titanfall is average >.> if microsoft are smart they will scoop it up
xDHAV0K24x  +   535d ago
A new Alan Wake plz!

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