You Won't Believe How Amazing GTA IV Looks With Mods

Well, time to see what the GTA IV community has been up to these past few months. As we can see, the modded version of GTA IV looks phenomenal. The imported cars look unbelievably detailed, rivaling those found in next-gen upcoming titles such as Watch Dogs.

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trywizardo1500d ago

PC enjoy your IV graphics and we will enjoy our V graphics .
consoles are the master race ...

Yi-Long1500d ago

Or..... you could grow up and enjoy both...!?

Kraftwerk1500d ago

If this site taught me anything It's that some people go out of their way to be stupid.

AliTheSnake11500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic, Mocking PC elitists.
....Or he's just being Stupid.

vishmarx1500d ago

i totally believe how amazing it looks.
i just stopped caring back in 2009-10 when rdr came out.
i started caring even less when gta v came out

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MelvinTheGreat1500d ago

You do realise that V will be on pc eventually...

totallysane1500d ago

"consoles are the master race"
said no gamer ever!

Magicite1500d ago

atm Ive PC, X360 and PS3 and I can choose any of them for multiplats, but theres no choice for exclusives which make each console unique.
Diversity is great.

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ABizzel11500d ago

GTA IV looks amazing with mods, the problem is the average gaming PC can't run the game at all with these settings.

Some things look like higher resolution last-gen textures (trees, character models).

Some things look like what we should be expecting from todays consoles (building quality for an open world game)

Example: Compare shot 24 to this inFAMOUS shot (remebering inFAMOUS is a year 1 PS4 title)

The only things really wowing in those shots are the car models for an open world game and the lighting.

What I love about modding is that it give you a representation of what these games could and should look like maxed out, and it gives a taste of what to expect for the next console generation.

RegalRocks1500d ago

I dont own a gaming pc but i really hope GTA 5 comes to PC so i can see the mods that appear on it

yezz1500d ago

Can you actually play the story with these mods enabled. Does the cutscenes and stuff work properly and look as good? just curious :O

Bodge1500d ago

I bought GTA IV because of these awesome mods I've been seeing for years. Played through the game and loved it, the mods can give a new life to an old game and make it as awesome as ever.

I'm really looking forward to what Rockstar will bring with GTA5 for PC. Imagine if they gave us legit modding tools with steam workshop support? That would be fucking amazing.

Looking forward to GTA V even more simply because I'll be playing it around launch, unlike GTA IV where I didn't play it for years.

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