Madden NFL 25 Free Agency Roster Update Version 1.0

GoodGameBro writes, "Our roster is available through the Madden Share feature on both Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. You’ll want to go to the Madden Share feature on the main menu in the game."

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Oh_Yeah1498d ago

What, I thought madden stopped updating rosters after the Super Bowl, when did they start doing this? Either way, I'm not complaining. Glad to have darren sproles on my eagles, we're taking it next year.

stickskills1498d ago

EA stops after the Super Bowl, but we've hand-crafted a roster to allow people to have the updated version. :)

ForgottenProphecy1498d ago

That's actually really dope. I'll have to download it next time I'm on

1498d ago
Wescyde1498d ago

Yah the share files are such a great addition to be able to provide things like this by dedicated fans and groups. I am hopeful to see some NCAA rosters next year for those of us who don't buy both

Funky Town_TX1498d ago

I think NCAA football 14 will be the last CFB game because of the lawsuits against EA.

Funky Town_TX1498d ago

I have not purchased Madden in years. If there player created rosters being shared then that cool.

LexHazard791498d ago

About time!

2KSports been doing it for yrs!

Skate-AK1497d ago

It's a fan made roster. EA didn't do anything.

LexHazard791497d ago

Of course they did! Theyre letting you download user tweaked roster. 2K has been doing that for years.