The Top 7 Most Frustrating Games

Bradey McManus guides us through the 7 games that may have shaped his very personality. Controller breaking is a dead cert here.

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thorstein1372d ago

I don't understand the Guitar Hero Fire and Flames frustration. It was difficult but fun.

Raining Blood on the other hand...

TomShoe1371d ago

Uuuuuuuugh Dark Souls II is hard as unholy hell.

The Last of Us on Survivor is pretty nasty and intense as well.

You want a challenge though: Play a little something called Penn and Teller: Desert Bus. What an F'ing marathon.

guitarded771371d ago

I haven't played it, but if it's like the rest of the list, I agree. There is a difference between challenging and frustrating. Frustrating to me is cheap deaths with no way around it. The games on the list (that I've played/most of them) are challenging, but not cheap. CoD can be cheap on the hardest modes, but you can still memorize and get through. I'm always up for a good challenge, if the game is worth it.

BradMcMoon1372d ago

Raining Blood. I think I've erased that pain from my mind...

snarls2001371d ago

guitar hero would have been frustrating for me due to poor reflexes same with fighting games.

Geobros1371d ago

Why ghouls n ghosts? Or even super meat boy?

BradMcMoon1371d ago

G&G was a personal thing. It's the game from my youth I just couldn't do, no matter how hard I smoshed the controller.
Meat Boy is on that list for a reason. It is very hard. I don't think they are cheap deaths at all. Still very frustrating though!

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