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Beyond the controversy, we can say that the expected end of the first Metal Gear Solid V. And finally ...

Trying too hard to make, Hideo Kojima has spawned one of the campaigns most unnecessarily complicated we've seen to date for Metal Gear Solid V. Beyond Pain Phantom of the mystery that the creator has drag three months while fans had discovered the Schmilblick in three minutes, it is especially the ambiguity that Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain or were not a single game that has amused edgier more for one year. The formalization of the prologue took place, bringing with it an outcry on a practice far from unanimous especially considering the price (30 € on average, 20 in dematerialized the old generation). And any deductible, after returning the "beginning of adventure," was like the feeling that if Ground Zeroes took so long to acquire its status prologue is perhaps Kojima himself wondered how he could sell that has everything a demo luxury.

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christocolus1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Huh? Lowest score ive ever seen for a metal gear title...well ill wait for gamespot, cvg,ign, joystiq, eurogamer, gameinformer and edge to give their reviews before making a deceision..

Benjammin251711d ago

I can't wait personally. I don't know why everyone is complaining that you can complete the main mission in 2-3 hours. You can complete most MGS games in that time. Also, how many people bought Zone Of The Enders just for the MGS 2 demo?

ritsuka6661712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Ouch. Really not suprised this score since campaign may only take you two hours.

LOGICWINS1712d ago

Awesome. I'm ELATED that this game got a bad review. Charging $30 for a 2-3 hour game is a slap in the face to gamers that work hard for their money, regardless of how good those 2-3 hours are.

Heisenburger1712d ago

If this had been priced anywhere from five to ten dollars I would have happily thrown my money at them. It's just such a disappointment that they decided to go this route.

Idc how much I love Metal Gear(Metal..Gear?!?) I ain't biting.

SnotyTheRocket1712d ago

2-3 hours is for the main Ground Zeroes mission. The Side-Ops are 45 mins to an hour, and there are 5 of them. Do some research before commenting stupidly.

Spenok1712d ago

So how about gears of war 1? Took me and my cousin on the second hardest difficulty our first playthrough 3 hours... that was a $60 game.

LOGICWINS1712d ago

I wouldn't know or care. I've never owned Gears 1. My only experience with it was a drunken night at a friend's house. Even if it was 20 hours long, I still wouldn't have bought it as I'm not into the "dude bro" genre of games.

Dirtnapstor1712d ago

3 hours really?!? If that is really true, you must have blazed through the game, skipping everything supplemental without any real involvement or engagement. Checkpoint to checkpoint. Too bad for you. Your they type that burns through a campaign in a few hours and then complains about it having a lackluster story, right?
The Gears series is a grand one. If you get a chance, play them.

NBT911711d ago

Yeah I am a huge MGS fan and for me spending money really isn't that big a deal, I mean I'm not rich but if I want something and can afford it then I'll buy it so I was ready to buy Ground Zeroes based on that. However I thought about it from the perspective of others who don't have that money to throw away on a demo, have bills to pay etc and I mean, I'll be there one day too and I definitely would not want to see this shady business tactic become a staple in the industry so I'm thinking about just waiting to get it in a sale or something.

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die_fiend1712d ago Show
PirosThe4th1711d ago

FFS I played it in 30 minutes. Its not two hours for the main campaign unless you really suck at the game.

TheFutureIsBlue1711d ago

I really don't see what Kojima was thinking when he decided to make this separate from MGS5. This will be talked about alllll year and maybe even longer. Not surprised by the score. I think some reviewers might even make their score lower just because of how much a ripoff this is.

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WitWolfy1712d ago

Played this on my JTAG and its def not worth its asking price. I finished the campaign in like 25 minutes... Plus there arent even codec conversations. What a load of BS!!!

ArchangelMike1712d ago

What's a JTAG? Did you play the side missions?, how many were they and how long did it take you to complete them?

THank you.

Patrick_pk441711d ago

JTAG is a modded Xbox that allows one to pirate games and play them on that JTAG Xbox. There are 5 side ops missions.

WitWolfy1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

A JTAG is a glitched 360 that can run unsigned code and play games of an external hdd which comes quite in handy when gaming companies pull a quick move like this.

The side missions are basically carrying prisoners to the extraction points, call the chopper then putting them on and finding those XOF emblems ... then Find PAZ.. end of mission...

Then a message pops up "Congrats Konami raped your wallet" ;)

Saying you can get 4 hours from this game is like saying you can get 200 hours from Red dead redemption if you keep on finishing the campaign over and over again.