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Submitted by excaliburps 694d ago | news

Users Accidentally Buy Items on PS4 PSN Store Using DualShock 4 for PS3

Dark Souls II players using the DualShock 4 on PS3 have reported that they've accidentally purchased content on the PS4's PSN Store, and Sony is refusing to offer a refund. (Dark Souls 2, PS3, PS4, Sony)

jessupj  +   696d ago
Poor form, Sony, poor form. I expect this from other companies, not from you. I expect much better.

It's pathetic we can't have refunds on digital content. If this is what we can expect from an all digital future you can count me out.

At least the law in the UK has gotten with the times. Hopefully other countries will follow suite and force these companies to give us our basic consumer rights.
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PeaSFor   696d ago | Bad language | show
Eddie20101  +   696d ago
The Article comes up with two people that this supposedly happened to and one happens to say at the end of his post that he was thinking about trading his PS4 for an Xbox One with Titanfall. Stealth trolling.

Plus Sony does not officially support using a PS4 controller with a PS3. Also Sony has no way of proving, nor does consumer, how the purchase took place. It's not an error on there side.
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Eonjay  +   695d ago
How is this even possible. This has to be fake. I use it on the PS3 all the time. Even if I hit the PS button nothing happens to my PS4. Please go try it now if you don't believe me.
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cleft5  +   694d ago
I actually did this on my PS4 so it's not just an isolated incident. I brought some crap $10 movie on accident. After I did that I make sure my PS4 is in standby mode when I use that controller with my PS3.

This happens because you accidentally hit the PS Button which will change your tv input over to the PS4. If you just switch your input back to the PS3 without putting the PS4 in standby mode or turning it off you are now controlling your PS3 and PS4 at the same time.

Note that I have my PS4 setup so that it will work with my HDTV standard remote. So when I turn on my TV, my PS4 automatically comes up too because of the HDMI link being enabled. This may have something to do with why this does happen. For me, if I am on my PS3 and have my PS4 on I can just hit the PS Button and the input switch over to the PS4.

It's a unique situation, but it does happen. I was lucky what I brought on accident only cost $10, even then I was pissed off about it. So this does happen.
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PoSTedUP  +   694d ago
sony gave me a $60 refund when i bought Grid2 by accident.
and their customer servics is always excellent
thats really all i can say.
theshonen8899  +   694d ago
In the past I've purchased multiple quantities of GT5 DLC by mistake and they refunded me quickly.

I recommend all of you to require passwords for PSN purchases. This and other situations like kids, untrustworthy roommates, etc. are all good reasons to have require a password for purchases.
Nirvana31591  +   694d ago
I paid $70 for infamous second son but found a better deal so I called PlayStation support and they gave me a refund.
TooHigh2Die  +   693d ago
I dont get using a PS4 controller on PS3 for a non FPS shooter? Is the Dual shock on PS3 honestly that bad you have to resort playing on your PS4 controller? Just use the PS3 controller (which is great for action RPG's like Dark souls) and problem solved.

Sure the DS4 is better in some ways but come on its not like your using a N64 gamepad....
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Mikelarry  +   696d ago
This is just as bad as the guy who paid for the xbox one photo on ebay. This guy made a judgement call and chose to use his ps4 controller even though it has been stated by sony the ds4 is not supportrd on the ps3.I don't mean to offend anyone but don't expect others to pay for your mistakes
diehardmetallicafan  +   694d ago
exactly right! there are too many idiots out there that think they're entitled to reimbursements when they stuff up. and that fool buying the xbox one photo came to my mind also.
nukeitall  +   694d ago
Although I understand Sony, and the consumer, this is an engineering mistake by Sony. The controller should never control two devices at once!

That is common sense.

The sensible thing here by Sony is offer a refund on customer first call despite the ToS in my opinion. It would go a long way to put customers at ease.

Customers definitely do NOT expect to control two devices at once.
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parentoftheyear  +   696d ago
Sony's fault or stupid people? I'm going with stupid people.
Yahdaree  +   694d ago
Sony would be wise to give a refund here.. That's why I think this story is BS.

There are probably circumstances that are not being told. It's likely that this is not the first time for these idiots or something. Sony has always gone out of their way to make customers happy.
Kidmyst  +   694d ago
Exactly, but now days people are not responsible for their own actions, it's always someone else fault they messed up.
Customer service wise Sony could still give a one time refund, though I don't agree with that.
RIP_Cell  +   696d ago
even EA "the worst company in the world" give refunds
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DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   694d ago
In my opinion, this IS at-least partly the fault of Sony.

I think it's reasonable to assume that if you sync your DS4 to your PS3 then it should un-sync from your PS4... Basically it should ONLY be able to sync to ONE device at a time, and if that's not the case then they should make that expressly clear to avoid issues like this.
biglittlesps  +   694d ago
Does Sony support PS4 controller for PS3 to provide support for PS3 Sync?
biglittlesps  +   694d ago
Does Sony officially support PS4 controller for PS3 to provide support for PS3 Sync? Also DS4 works in wired mode in PS3, so still DS4 has wireless mode free and its supposed to work with PS4 if its on. Its the mistake of the people to turn off PS4.
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theshonen8899  +   694d ago
1. Sony does not officially support using the DS4 on PS3. That it works is a happy coincidence. Sony is not responsible for overseeing every single detail about unofficial uses or their hardware.

2. These people used the controller to purchase the games with their own hands. Even if they didn't know it, Sony didn't do anything wrong, they did. Giving a refund would be nice, but it's not their responsibility. The same way it isn't their responsibility if you go on a drunk shopping spree.

3. Turn on "Require Password at Checkout" in your account settings. Right now.
SoulSercher620  +   694d ago
First off Sony does not "officially" support PS3 play with the DualShock 4. It just happens to work on there.

Second the PS4 came with something called an off button. Why are they leaving their PS4 on if they're playing their PS3? It's no one's fault but their own. Sony doesn't have to give a refund.
geddesmond  +   694d ago
Yeah poor form not offering people a chance to get refunds for mistakes they made in purchasing stuff even though the store gives you 2 chances to confirm purchase before charging you. But stupid people for not checking to see if the controller still controls the PS4 when using it on the PS3.
jocomat9  +   694d ago
Sony gave me a refund for accidentally buying killzone 3 multiplayer(15.99) when i pre ordered GTA5. Thats my story.
hkgamer  +   694d ago
well, tbh you cant expect people who work in a call centre to know whats going on. im not protecting Sony, just protecting the guys who answer the phone.

They have a few scripts and if they are not told about this controller thing then they would never in a million years give a refund. I mean how ridiclous does this story sound.

im sure that once they find out about this they will give refunds.

I've gotten PSall stars and FFXIV:ARR for free because I complained about not being able to play on the day i purchased it.
Wizziokid  +   696d ago
Don't you have to confirm a purchase?? How can you do that by accident.. but now i don't get there tale they where using the ps4 pad on the ps3 and ps4? I wouldn't give them a refund either
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Sephiroushin  +   696d ago
I was once using the PS4 controller on Steam, my PS4 was turned off at the that time and I noticed that my PS4 turned on and every time I pressed a button both the PS4 and Steam registered the command at the same time, so probably this is what happened, i don't know since then I only use my PS4 controller only on PS4... So yes it can happen by accident if you don't notice it on time!
Flutterby  +   696d ago
You can accidently input your account password and agree to the purchase ?? I call complete BS
Wizziokid  +   696d ago
1] Put the purchase security on the account if you feel you're accidentally going to buy something

2] Unplug the PS4 when using the remote on another device
Sephiroushin  +   696d ago

You don't need to put your account password to buy stuff if you have money on say account and remember that not everybody has turned on the purchase security setting so yes it takes just the press of "X" button twice to accept... So I stand correct sh** can happen, especially if your account is not protected...


1- I have my account protected, it ask for pass every time anyone try to make a purchase, that is VERY unlikely to happen me, just saying it can actually happen!
2- Nah I went back to use the PS3 controller on steam it works, I hate plugging and unplugging stuff might get a PS4 controller later for Steam only though! But yeah the purchase security setting is a most, especially if you have people that come over and use your PS and stuff!
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fr0sty  +   694d ago
User chose to use the PS4 controller in a manner inconsistent with what Sony advertised the controller to be able to do.

User neglected to put the PS4 in a state where it could not be turned on accidentally.

User error. Twice. End of story.
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k2d  +   694d ago
BS or Darwin award.
Sephiroushin  +   694d ago
I don't even care if it was mistake or w/e, I go to a store buy a junk game and can come back and I can ask for a refund the same day even if it was not a mistake, digital stuff should be easier to handle... As much as I love Sony and many of their stuff this is something that should be added, stupid not to do it, they could lose a potential costumer for some miserable $USD that they won't even lose ...
Bad business is bad business - Nuff said!
ramiuk1  +   694d ago
yes u add to basket,then confirm in checlout.
same as the idiot who bought the paper xbone.
muppets and deserve it
dboyc310  +   696d ago
I play the last of us always with my ds4 nothing like this has ever happened. I mean when I have my ps4 on Stan by and I connect the controller to my ps3 in no way does it turn on the ps4. Maybe it's just a bug for a few people
jocomat9  +   694d ago
same and i agree its never turned on my ps4 while connected to ps3
Kayant  +   696d ago
Sony have a case here tbh because they have never said anything about officially supporting the DS4 on PS3 so if you go about using it you do so with the full knowledge it's not a supported controller on the system.

Having said that it's interesting what happened but really there's no fault on Sony side. I it will be hard for them to prove the legitimacy of the error.

Sony is only at fault here if they said it was officially supported and iirc I don't think they have ever said so.
I guess if this blows up enough they may be inclined to do it for good will. The thing is if they do people could abuse the method.
Flutterby  +   696d ago
It would be near impossible to put in your account password accidently it's just scammed I can bet you
jackanderson1985  +   696d ago
You don't need to put ur password in... you can turn off (or forget to turn on) that setting in the account security
XiSasukeUchiha  +   696d ago
Hmms this is just debatable that's all!
ArbitorChief  +   696d ago
Even EA offer refunds on Origin, EA people, EA! Wow Sony, time to change your policies on the PS Store.
Ps4marksthespotnotX   696d ago | Trolling | show
Benjaminkno  +   695d ago
Where's N4G?
hmmmm.... will it be approved?

I'll abstain.

If this was Nintendo or MS, I bet it would've been approved a long time ago.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   694d ago
Yea, I accidentally "changed lanes, without using the blinker" one time, the girl didn't buy my story either.

*Attention Astro Turfers,, I have something in the Oven,.. and it should be done baking this weekend,, you shall f3a5t.

(I got a refund for BF Premium,,, No Prob.)

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gigoran  +   694d ago
They have absolutely no case at all. Nothing. The controller is designed for a completely different console. The fact that it has some function-ability on the previous console is coincidental. Officially (an legally) the device is designed for and only for the PS4.

Argue all you want. There is absolutely nothing that anyone can present that would put Sony at fault legally.
admiralvic  +   694d ago
Not only that, but the story seems pretty hard to believe. Like seriously, how many "lucky" presses in a row would that take to make something like this happen? If it was my PS4, I would most likely accidentally load a game, but we're talking...

Main page, up, scroll to the Store, open the store, open a bunch of menus without backing out, end up on a game, push X on confirm (instead of moving the selector elsewhere) and finally purchase something.

I mean, it reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld.
gigoran  +   694d ago
Absolutely this. There are steps for purchasing things to make it more difficult for accidental purchases. This xbone sure is going a long way to troll this time.
It's like trying to drive an old car with premium gasoline, if something breaks because of it, you can't get a refund from the gas station!
MasterCornholio  +   694d ago
True or not at least its easy to avoid. I'll just unplug my PS4 when I use my DS4 on my PS3 just to be safe.
Feldman9000  +   694d ago
If it means anything, i've used dualshock 4 on pc while ps4 was on and had no issues.
sgtGanGreen  +   694d ago
This is funny :D
ground_beef  +   694d ago
Well all I can say is that one time I wanted to purchase dragons crown for ps3, and I ended up purchasing dragons crown for vita by mistake. I contacted Sony for a refund or an exchange. They offered me the refund and I was able to purchase the correct version. This whole ordeal took 2.5 days since the first time I called. Keep in mind that I live in Egypt not the states. All in all I had a great freakin experience with them.
MegaRay  +   694d ago
Thats happened to me too, i bought a 150$ item.
Sony refund me please xP
1nsomniac  +   694d ago
How do you accidentally buy something from PSN!?

You have to go through about 4 confirm screens!

How have these people survived this long amazes me surely they should of been phased out by now by natural selection!
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WeAreLegion  +   694d ago
So, you're saying I can control my PS3 and PS4 at the same time? Awesome! I'm going to platinum everything twice!
feraldrgn  +   694d ago
Playing your PS3 with your PS4 controller while your PS4 is ON??
Come on now, what did you think would happen?
AnEwGuY  +   694d ago
I can leave my XB1 on, switch to 360, and not have to worry about any weird cross-platform control issues, because the 360 and X1 controllers don't recognize any other consoles. THAT is what SHOULD happen. Likewise, my PC's 360 wireless controller won't work with a 360, and vice versa.

I never have my PS3 and PS4 on at the same time, so I know I'll never have to worry about this happening...but it's still stupid that Sony would allow this to be possible.
The people who say "Sony doesn't support DS4 on PS3" are idiots. If they didn't, it wouldn't be possible. PERIOD.
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bigtrucknd  +   694d ago
I would love it if they released a firmware that would allow DS4 to be used with PS3 wirelessly.
StevenvEekeren  +   694d ago
Password protect PSN purchases. That's what I did after my two nephews went into the store on my account and bought a bunch of DLC for games I don't even own just because they liked the picture on the DLC icon.

Also, trophy hunters would love this. Getting platinums on both platforms at the same time with a single playthrough would be awesome.
AntsPai  +   694d ago
Trying this right now on DS2 and it's just not true, even leaving my ps4 on it only controls the ps3 if it's plugged in to the ps3. When plugged in to the ps3 the light turns orange and only works on the ps3, it can only connect to on thing at once, when you press the ps button nothing happens but if you unplug and press it then it connects to the ps4 and turns blue.

Seriously, this just isn't true unless he accidently unplugged... Either way, he should pay for his own mistakes.
jocomat9  +   694d ago
thank you it doesn't work like that. It only works on one console at a time.
ShadowL9  +   694d ago
Though I can imagine this being annoying, I kinda figured out you could control both right away. Just put it in a game you don't care about like a game demo or something and you are good if you want. I use the ps4 party system while I play ps3 with buddies.
snarls200  +   694d ago
under the law no company is required to give a refund
xtheblackparade  +   693d ago
In some countries they are required.
snarls200  +   693d ago
in canada and america there is no requirement
Flames76  +   694d ago
Wow sony you guys didnt work that out before you shipped the PS4?Damn thats just sad and pathetic

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