Atelier Series Project A16 Announced - Short Trailer Revealed

The Atelier Series' newest project has just been announced, dubbed "A16." Art of the main heroine has also been shown, to be voiced by Kotori Koiwai. A short trailer of the announcement is also now available.

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DanielGearSolid1711d ago

Dammit so no male character?

dcj05241711d ago

Any other game:Dammit so no female character?

DanielGearSolid1711d ago

Are u saying that cause you're a female?

Or a white knight?

Either way, I prefer to play as male characters, sue me

dcj05241711d ago

No, I'm a male.I'm just saying no use getting upset when that 1 game out of 38 has a female as lead instead of male. I mean how weird would it be if a girl went to every single game that has a male as lead and said Dang it no Female character. It'd be futile. I'm not saying you in particular or like that at all. I'm just saying there's really no point in it.

FayeAhomas1710d ago

learn the facts here now
///////////////////////////// /////////

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Hicken1710d ago

That's typical of Atelier games, so I'm not seeing the reason you're complaining, period.

DanielGearSolid1710d ago

I was hoping Escha & Logy was the beginning of a new trend for them

Bhuahahaha1710d ago

a male protagonist in an atelier series is so lame.will turn off lots of fans(including me)i/they would not like to see a guy character who just throws up synthesize items to kill a mob or support the party.

they could make him able to use sword/axe/gun or bow and the ability to use synthesis will just make him too powerful and out balance the other member of the party

so a ditsy air headed female protagonist will always end up to be kawaii no matter what.

nope1111711d ago

What is this series about? i've seen it around so much lately... A bit too Kawaii for me.

Myst-Vearn1711d ago

it's about items synthesizing 90% and the rest normal jrpg stuff like battles towns etc. I have only played two..they make so many of them oO