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"Titanfall is an extraordinary multiplayer experience for players of levels of experience, it’s accessible, yet packed with depth and despite a limited range of modes and a completely forgettable campaign, they’re offset by incredible gameplay, a brilliant range of maps and an incredible audio/visual show make Titanfall a must have for next gen gamers."
An extract from AMHNetwork's review of Titanfall. Agree with their thoughts?

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Bigpappy1533d ago

I am told that this game is mediocre. but these reviewers aren't reflecting that sentiment.

Now I really want to see how this game is selling

Gocatters17021533d ago

personally im really enjoying it. Im no multiplayer elite, in fact im quite the opposite and am usually put off by competitive multiplayer because of the ridiculous difficulty, but as the review says, the game caters really well to people like myself who aren't much good making successes possible for me :P

harmundo1533d ago

Same here, I'm really noob at this type of games, but enjoying the hell out of Titanfall. :-) It's not a 90+ game, but I think it's not a mediocre one. Just pure fun, 24/7, I don't want more from my games. ^^

Pandamobile1533d ago

The majority of N4G users would have you believe that Titan Fall should be a 66 on Metacritic instead of the 86 and 89's it's currently holding.

If you're a fan of multiplayer shooters now or have been in the past, it really is a great game. It's got great level design with fluid, dynamic combat and enough action to satisfy even the hungriest of players.

It's not a world changer, but it's a really fun game if you're willing to put in like 50 hours of time and get really good at it.

Smootherkuzz1532d ago

Be careful the the evil ones are lurking, your not suppose to anything nice about Xbox One or MS here. Lol,lol,lol

Team_Litt1531d ago

Oh yeah? you have just awoken the rebel in me, prepare for ultimate rebellion!!
I like Xbox. It is very good!!

Ah man, what a rush.