Titanfall is Yet Another Game Rushed Out the Door By EA

CraveOnline: "Battlefield 4, Warhammer Online, Mass Effect 3, and Titanfall all have something in common. Can you guess what it is? Well, not only were they AAA titles published by EA, but they were pushed out to market before they were ready to walk."

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n4gamingm1256d ago

very true i love titanfall but it is very obvious it wasn't fully optimized yet. frame rate drops whenever in a titan down to the 20fps...but i'm still playing the [email protected] out of it lol.

XBOTTOX1256d ago

dude framerate drops into the 20s WHENEVER you are in a titan is bit exaggerated

n4gamingm1256d ago

Saw it in the digital foundry fps test

PERK7NS1256d ago

Im not even botherd about frameratr drops! ........STAND BY FOR TITANFALL!

TomShoe1256d ago

It works fine on my PC, but here's how it runs on my laptop:

XBOTTOX1256d ago

Oh yea, but i mean on the actual console. When your in a titan it doesnt dip to 20 frames every single time. Maybe if it gets too crazy

Septic1256d ago

The frame rate is no where near as bad people are making it out.

Razmossis1256d ago

I have never played an EA game the felt finished

1256d ago
HollowedSoul141256d ago

nubes, nubes and more nubes everywhere i look on any xbox article, ms really knows how to suck in the nubes that are dense enough to praise a game with bots and auto aim pistols lol 0_o will never understand how majority of xbox fans support such nube friendly games.

i played the beta for pc and ran it on ultra and it looked garbage lol compared to bf 4. bots made the game feel detached couldnt get into it competitively when 85 percent of the players i was killing were mindless bots and the auto aim pistols such a joke.

id rather die in bf 4 over and over again then to waste time killing mindless bots over and over. game is arcadey and weak. killzone with mechs was way better imo.

enjoy the nubefest when you get you're heads out of ms ass i'll see you in killzone shadowfall and bf4.

Skips1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

- "Titanfall is Yet Another Game Rushed Out the Door By EA" -

lol, pretty much...

buttclown1256d ago

I had one instance where the framerate went to crap when about 5 titans all went nuclear at about the same time. Other than that I haven't noticed any big drops that cause me to notice.

legionsoup1256d ago

Frame rate drops are one thing, but when a game doesn't have all of the modes it SHOULD have because they wanted to get it out the door faster, that's a problem.

There should be a lot more gaming modes. Now I see why there's no single player. Because there are just the bare bones in terms of multiplayer.

Push games back until they are finished. Killer Instinct wasn't finished. Neither was this.

fr0sty1256d ago

Framerate drops in an online shooter can get you killed. It isn't just some minor annoyance, it can actually have a negative effect on the gameplay other than just making the game look like a slideshow.

Ezz20131255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

as it seems story,graphics,resolution and frame rate dont matter any more to gaming media
because this game is lacking on every part of those

Boody-Bandit1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

This is why I barely read reviews any more and say they are completely irrelevant. Those of us that own an X1 and don't wear blinders were saying how bad the frame rates and tearing was in the beta. Some of us were willing to give Respawn the benefit of the doubt for exactly that reason. It was a beta.

Now the game is released and it's identical to the beta performance. Now it's either one of 2 things. This game was rushed to market or the X1 hardware is insufficient to handle games like this. You can't have it both ways. Although a certain segment of MS fans will try to have it both ways. "I mean I can't see any of these issues at all / it runs fine for me." Now not all of them are full of it. There honestly is some people that just aren't affected by performance issues / don't notice them.

TitanFall has serious potential. Respawn left Activision because of Kotick and who do they have publish their new franchise? Activisions separated at birth equally evil / ignorant / greedier than all hell twin brother EA.

This game should not have been released until Fall 2014. To the journalist that rated this game and 8.5 or higher? *facepalm* With the exception of Sessler. He would give Hanna Montana a 5/5 if it was an MS exclusive.

When you're a supposed journalist writing a review for a anything you should have the ability to have personal bias, business interest and swag / advertising dollars not influence your bottom line. Most of them do one or all of the above.

You can't go to many sites without having their main pages completely covered with TF advertisement. Do you think these sites put them on the pages for free? No. It's how they get their revenue. But MS even takes it further. They literally open their checkbooks and try to get reviewers to sign waivers to give them favorable reviews and articles.

That is how they get by with rushing games out the door. This is the 4th exclusive rushed to market for the XBOX ONE and it's only been out 4 months.

XBOTTOX1255d ago


are you saying that because the game LIKE ALL GAMES, hase framerate dips it doesnt deserve the score it has?
Hella people complaining framerate this and resolution that, why dont we compare this game to KZSF resolution and the framerate in that? what about how bad the SINGLE PLAYER AI in that game was??
Its really P$ FanBoys on here starting riots over this game because its not on their console.

It really isnt that bad for one and two nobody cares because NO CONSOLE games come with a true locked framerate, so while everybody is bashing this game for dropped frames. Ill be sitting bck enjoying this wonderfully balanced, highly competitive FPS and hang around to rag on the frame dips that will happen in infamous and the order loooool

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thezeldadoth1256d ago

I've yet to see these mythological framerate drops caused by titans.

thezeldadoth1256d ago

^ That is a shame but i play it on PC and haven't seen that happen.

HacSawJimThugin1256d ago

Me too and I play 4-5 hours daily.

Flutterby1256d ago

That's the thing , you play on pc lol the frame drops are X bone exclusive.

MetaReapre1256d ago

If you play it on pc it's fine but on consoles is where all if not most complaints are coming from.

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JBSleek1256d ago

What is your CPU and GPU?

Activemessiah1256d ago

How can someone disagree with a question?... never understood this aspect of N4G.

WalterWJR1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Because the question is unrelated. The framerate dips ppl talk about are a custom to Xbox one which can get as low as 5fps.

Charybdis1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

At the moment they said, at the day after release, that they would work on 900 and 1080 p patch it was pretty obvious the game was rushed. It still is a very enjoyable experience but it could have even be better, given more time for both xb1 and pc versions

Matt6661256d ago

it because idiots go when will we be released I hope it soon or I won't buy it geez just let the game developers work on the game at there pace (as long as they don't take the mick) and then the game would be a lot better

dale_denton1256d ago

lol if killzone's frame had that much drop, bots would be all over it.

Bigpappy1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

There is no frame rate drop problem on the X1 version. The game runs very, very smoothly. Done even try and bring KZ in to this conversation. The is just a far superior game in every way except graphic resolution.

dantesparda1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


All this frame drop son:

"There is no frame rate drop problem on the X1 version. The game runs very, very smoothly."

Congrats, on saying one of the dumbest things here. And KZ has 12v12 (24players) and custom preset modes and no tearing, whereas TF is only 6v6 and bare bone modes and tearing up the ying yang. Also, if you just do a 6v6 game on KZ, it runs at a solid 60fps and as you said, it has better graphics. So no, TF is not superior in every way.

BX811256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I wanna love it but the screen tears and lag are making me get the same feeling I had with bf4. I'm tired of putting $60 on games that can't fix lag. What is the point of playing when the field isn't level for every one?

Gozer1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Maybe you should upgrade your internet. Obviously, I don't know your situation as far as the internet goes. But these games have dedicated servers, you are experiencing the most lag free internet environment possible for an online game. Might be time to upgrade.