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Titanfall is Yet Another Game Rushed Out the Door By EA

CraveOnline: "Battlefield 4, Warhammer Online, Mass Effect 3, and Titanfall all have something in common. Can you guess what it is? Well, not only were they AAA titles published by EA, but they were pushed out to market before they were ready to walk." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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n4gamingm  +   505d ago | Well said
very true i love titanfall but it is very obvious it wasn't fully optimized yet. frame rate drops whenever in a titan down to the 20fps...but i'm still playing the sh@t out of it lol.
XBOTTOX  +   505d ago
dude framerate drops into the 20s WHENEVER you are in a titan is bit exaggerated
n4gamingm  +   505d ago
Saw it in the digital foundry fps test
PERK7NS  +   505d ago
Im not even botherd about frameratr drops! ........STAND BY FOR TITANFALL!
TomShoe  +   505d ago
It works fine on my PC, but here's how it runs on my laptop:

XBOTTOX  +   505d ago
Oh yea, but i mean on the actual console. When your in a titan it doesnt dip to 20 frames every single time. Maybe if it gets too crazy
Septic  +   505d ago
The frame rate is no where near as bad people are making it out.
Razmossis  +   505d ago
I have never played an EA game the felt finished
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HollowedSoul14  +   505d ago
nubes, nubes and more nubes everywhere i look on any xbox article, ms really knows how to suck in the nubes that are dense enough to praise a game with bots and auto aim pistols lol 0_o will never understand how majority of xbox fans support such nube friendly games.

i played the beta for pc and ran it on ultra and it looked garbage lol compared to bf 4. bots made the game feel detached couldnt get into it competitively when 85 percent of the players i was killing were mindless bots and the auto aim pistols such a joke.

id rather die in bf 4 over and over again then to waste time killing mindless bots over and over. game is arcadey and weak. killzone with mechs was way better imo.

enjoy the nubefest when you get you're heads out of ms ass i'll see you in killzone shadowfall and bf4.
Skips  +   505d ago
- "Titanfall is Yet Another Game Rushed Out the Door By EA" -


lol, pretty much...
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buttclown  +   505d ago
I had one instance where the framerate went to crap when about 5 titans all went nuclear at about the same time. Other than that I haven't noticed any big drops that cause me to notice.
legionsoup  +   505d ago
Frame rate drops are one thing, but when a game doesn't have all of the modes it SHOULD have because they wanted to get it out the door faster, that's a problem.

There should be a lot more gaming modes. Now I see why there's no single player. Because there are just the bare bones in terms of multiplayer.

Push games back until they are finished. Killer Instinct wasn't finished. Neither was this.
fr0sty  +   505d ago
Framerate drops in an online shooter can get you killed. It isn't just some minor annoyance, it can actually have a negative effect on the gameplay other than just making the game look like a slideshow.
Ezz2013  +   505d ago
as it seems story,graphics,resolution and frame rate dont matter any more to gaming media
because this game is lacking on every part of those
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Boody-Bandit  +   504d ago
This is why I barely read reviews any more and say they are completely irrelevant. Those of us that own an X1 and don't wear blinders were saying how bad the frame rates and tearing was in the beta. Some of us were willing to give Respawn the benefit of the doubt for exactly that reason. It was a beta.

Now the game is released and it's identical to the beta performance. Now it's either one of 2 things. This game was rushed to market or the X1 hardware is insufficient to handle games like this. You can't have it both ways. Although a certain segment of MS fans will try to have it both ways. "I mean I can't see any of these issues at all / it runs fine for me." Now not all of them are full of it. There honestly is some people that just aren't affected by performance issues / don't notice them.

TitanFall has serious potential. Respawn left Activision because of Kotick and who do they have publish their new franchise? Activisions separated at birth equally evil / ignorant / greedier than all hell twin brother EA.

This game should not have been released until Fall 2014. To the journalist that rated this game and 8.5 or higher? *facepalm* With the exception of Sessler. He would give Hanna Montana a 5/5 if it was an MS exclusive.

When you're a supposed journalist writing a review for a anything you should have the ability to have personal bias, business interest and swag / advertising dollars not influence your bottom line. Most of them do one or all of the above.

You can't go to many sites without having their main pages completely covered with TF advertisement. Do you think these sites put them on the pages for free? No. It's how they get their revenue. But MS even takes it further. They literally open their checkbooks and try to get reviewers to sign waivers to give them favorable reviews and articles.

That is how they get by with rushing games out the door. This is the 4th exclusive rushed to market for the XBOX ONE and it's only been out 4 months.
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XBOTTOX  +   504d ago

are you saying that because the game LIKE ALL GAMES, hase framerate dips it doesnt deserve the score it has?
Hella people complaining framerate this and resolution that, why dont we compare this game to KZSF resolution and the framerate in that? what about how bad the SINGLE PLAYER AI in that game was??
Its really P$ FanBoys on here starting riots over this game because its not on their console.

It really isnt that bad for one and two nobody cares because NO CONSOLE games come with a true locked framerate, so while everybody is bashing this game for dropped frames. Ill be sitting bck enjoying this wonderfully balanced, highly competitive FPS and hang around to rag on the frame dips that will happen in infamous and the order loooool
thezeldadoth  +   505d ago
I've yet to see these mythological framerate drops caused by titans.
thezeldadoth  +   505d ago
^ That is a shame but i play it on PC and haven't seen that happen.
HacSawJimThugin  +   505d ago
Me too and I play 4-5 hours daily.
Flutterby  +   505d ago
That's the thing , you play on pc lol the frame drops are X bone exclusive.
MetaReapre  +   505d ago
If you play it on pc it's fine but on consoles is where all if not most complaints are coming from.
Irishguy95  +   505d ago
Thats not true, even the Beta didn't have FPS drops that bad
JBSleek  +   505d ago
What is your CPU and GPU?
Activemessiah  +   505d ago
How can someone disagree with a question?... never understood this aspect of N4G.
WalterWJR  +   505d ago
Because the question is unrelated. The framerate dips ppl talk about are a custom to Xbox one which can get as low as 5fps.
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Charybdis  +   505d ago
At the moment they said, at the day after release, that they would work on 900 and 1080 p patch it was pretty obvious the game was rushed. It still is a very enjoyable experience but it could have even be better, given more time for both xb1 and pc versions
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Matt666  +   505d ago
it because idiots go when will we be released I hope it soon or I won't buy it geez just let the game developers work on the game at there pace (as long as they don't take the mick) and then the game would be a lot better
dale_denton  +   505d ago
lol if killzone's frame had that much drop, bots would be all over it.
Bigpappy  +   505d ago
There is no frame rate drop problem on the X1 version. The game runs very, very smoothly. Done even try and bring KZ in to this conversation. The is just a far superior game in every way except graphic resolution.
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dantesparda  +   505d ago

All this frame drop son:

"There is no frame rate drop problem on the X1 version. The game runs very, very smoothly."

Congrats, on saying one of the dumbest things here. And KZ has 12v12 (24players) and custom preset modes and no tearing, whereas TF is only 6v6 and bare bone modes and tearing up the ying yang. Also, if you just do a 6v6 game on KZ, it runs at a solid 60fps and as you said, it has better graphics. So no, TF is not superior in every way.
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BX81  +   505d ago
I wanna love it but the screen tears and lag are making me get the same feeling I had with bf4. I'm tired of putting $60 on games that can't fix lag. What is the point of playing when the field isn't level for every one?
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Gozer  +   505d ago
Maybe you should upgrade your internet. Obviously, I don't know your situation as far as the internet goes. But these games have dedicated servers, you are experiencing the most lag free internet environment possible for an online game. Might be time to upgrade.
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BX81  +   504d ago
Lol. My internet is fine it's theses clowns running around with one or two bars popping around the screen and my net won't fix the screen tears.
Eddie20101  +   505d ago
One they use the source Engine, which is a resource hog and is nearly a ten year old engine. Valve is the only developer that has been able to get the most out of the engine, every other developer that used the source engine have had poorly optimized and buggy games. The game was obviously rushed by EA and Microsoft. EA has a hard time letting there developers finish a game and most times the customer pays $60.00 to beta test for them. Another thing it's a multiplayer game where most of your combatants are bots, there is not many game modes, no single player.
Reaks of being rushed to market, EA and Microsoft are both probably at fault for it being rushed. All of Microsoft's Xbox One games seam to suffer the same fate of being rushed to market.
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showtimefolks  +   505d ago
its EA not surprising yet just like BF4 none of the gaming media members have the guts to call out EA
ma1asiah  +   504d ago
Dude where do you get your 20 fps dip (hell someone is even saying 5 fps like WTF), I have been playing the shit out of it over the past 3 days and have never encountered any such dip in frame rate.

Also you state that you play yet quote a digital foundry article when hit up about the frame dip. Do you not trust your own eye sight in order to answer the question without quoting another source to back up your point.

From someone that is actually playing the game, the game runs silky smooth on the Xbox One, it is a tonne of fun, in fact I would go as far as saying the best First Person Shooter I have played in a bloody long time.

If I was to critice any thing about Titanfall it would be its tacked on multiplayer campaign or story mode otherwise the game is top notch at least in my opinion.

This is weird, it is like some of us are playing two different games. Some actually agree with the frame dips etc....apart from the odd bit of latency (when switching to a server that places me at one bar compared to the normal five) I am not encountering any dips in frames not even when the action on screen is at its most chaotic.
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-Alpha  +   505d ago
What do the dinosaurs have to do with "rushed out the door"? They are there in the backdrop, there isn't anything to suggest they were supposed to be anything more.

It's a new IP and the focus isn't going to be on making Halo 3-level content. Those things take time and come with sequels. A new IP focuses on getting the core mechanics to work, and that likely takes a lot of time. Not sure why this article is complaining about a lack of co-op, it's unfair to expect that or cite it as a sign of a rushed job.

New modes would definitely be nice, and I'm sure they will be added through the lifetime of the game. You really can take any new IP and ask "Why isn't there more content", but a lot of the times, that potential is realized through sequels or patches, after your core mechanics are already nailed down and you focus resources on other things.

It's very dramatic to compare it to Battlefield 4's rush job. That game is a whole different level of disaster. Titanfall isn't "ready to walk"? I really don't understand the hyperbole.
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porkChop  +   505d ago
The first in-game screen shot that Respawn ever released, that very blurred one, seemed to have a monster/dinosaur in it. And now that I see what the monsters look like, that's definitely what it was. So they were in fact in the game at one point, then were taken out, and are now apparently going to be sold as DLC.

I do agree though that Titanfall cannot be compared to BF4. That game was completely broken on release, and is still broken in many ways.
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-Alpha  +   505d ago
What picture? I think I recall, but that does not mean a) it was ever planned to be a core concept of the game, b) that it wasn't what it already was: a scene in the backdrop of the maps.

Nowhere in development was the game hinted to have dinosaurs play a major role in the game. That only came with the beta leaks, which got hyped by people. I also don't recall any suggestion that they would be DLC.

This does not prove a "rush" job. It's an incredible desperate nitpick by the author.
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N64fan   505d ago | Spam
badboy776  +   505d ago | Well said
EA+Micro$oft= We don't give a Damn
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esemce  +   505d ago | Well said
Yep once they get your money first that is, EA + Microsoft what a beautiful marriage made in hell.

And Xbox one owners do you think you will ever get great polished games when you lap up, praise and defend shoddy workmanship?
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Gozer  +   505d ago
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the X1s worksmanship. The X1 works great and plays great games. I wouldn't even attempt to compare sony and MS or PC and MS. They are all out to make money. You are coming off as a troll.
Rachel_Alucard  +   504d ago

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with the X1s worksmanship."

At least attempt to google or read more before you sit down and decide to write "intelligent" comments like this.
PSVita  +   505d ago
"It's a new IP and the focus isn't going to be on making Halo 3-level content. Those things take time and come with sequels. A new IP focuses on getting the core mechanics to work, and that likely takes a lot of time. Not sure why this article is complaining about a lack of co-op, it's unfair to expect that or cite it as a sign of a rushed job. "

New IP or not that doesn't give you a pass to release a half assed game. Being that it's online only and still $60 it should have everything if not more than a game with a campaign too like halo 3. "Wait for the sequel" "wait for Ryse" "wait for E3" "wait for Halo" "wait for Black Tusks new game" "oh wait nevermind wait for the new Gears instead" "wait for the cloud" "wait etc etc etc"

Frankly I'm tired of waiting.
-Alpha  +   505d ago
So you expect a new IP to somehow match everything an IP that has had 3 iterations to perfect has? And you judge the game on stuff like lack of co-op, when it was never advertised to have such a thing?

Any game that doesn't have a set list of features is "rushed"? "Unfinished"? Just curious, because a number of games would fail to reach this arbitrary list of demands. If a complete list of features like Halo 3 is your standard, then nearly all games fall short.

These articles that criticize co-op, dinosaurs, and whatever else are really grabbing at straws. I can understand complaints about a lack of modes or not feeling the overall package is worth $60, but it seems really silly to call the game rushed and compare it to Battlefield
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Kribwalker  +   505d ago
Funny how it's 90% PS4 fanboys in here complaining about it. Not many xbox fans insight. Prolly cause we are all to busy playing Titanfall. I'm only on here because I am on the can, back to titanfall once I'm done 😉
PSVita  +   505d ago
@-alpha- my complaint is about it being $60. If it had been $30 I wouldn't expect as much from it as I would a full priced game. Not saying it a game bad or anything like that but it should be top notch. The gameplay honestly looks great but overall its not worth $60 IMO. It doesn't matter what system it's on I'd say the same if it was a PS exclusive or multiplatform. As next gen title it has no excuses seeing as they were able to solely focus on multiplayer and had plenty of other game to go off of and improve on.

Same goes for KZ:SF it's a great looking game, has a fun multiplayer but GG needs to talk to ND about their storylines because it was a mess and that killed it for me personally same with KZ3. Those games have so much potential...

@kirbwalker- check your facts I'm nothing near a fanboy. Maybe next time you reply to a comment you can actually put something that contributes to the conversation.
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Kribwalker  +   505d ago
Not calling you a fanboy, or anyone, just said sony fans, and it was just a general reply to the article and everyone, not just you.
-Alpha  +   505d ago
Fair enough, I can understand the $60 complaint and can side with you on that. I just don't think it's fair to call it rushed, or pick the game apart for not having something like co-op.
mydyingparadiselost  +   505d ago
That's why I wait for price drops, wait for reviews, wait to hear other people's experiences, wait for GotY editions, wait for the patches to be released, wait, and wait to see what's bullshot. I'm tired of waiting too, the industry does nothing but hurt itself when it cuts content or pushes games out early for the sake of profit.
corvusmd  +   505d ago
I don't like it when people write reviews without playing the game. "Xbox On...go to Titanfall"
Summons75  +   505d ago | Well said
So because they don't like it and point out it's faults and how it's a bad game....you know the TRUTH. They clearly didn't play it, great logic /S

Take off the rose colored glasses and see the game as it is, a mediocre rushed game.
kevinsheeks  +   505d ago
it isn't mediocre at all still a great game put on your glasses and go read some reviews instead of taking one article and trying to push your own agenda
Summons75  +   505d ago

I have played the beta and rented the full game. It's mediocre, it's not a bad game but it's too easy taking no skill to accomplish anything and it's just rehashed boring COD controls. It gets boring after a few hours because you don't get a sense a sense of accomplishment having everything nearly done for you.

I don't need to read reviews because most feedback from sponsored sites is fake and a lot of people are disappointed in it because of the 'making it easy for casuals'.

I'm not saying it's a bad game, it's perfect for the COD crew who don't understand how to play real games and can learn to get better, but because they have poor design choices for that reason it makes it much less than a great game.
Flutterby  +   505d ago
The lack of interesting modes makes it average at best , and that's ignoring all the other issues such as frame drops ,awful graphics and worst A.I I have ever seen. I really don't understand all the hype , this game will be forgotten within a couple months and all the zone owners will go back to cod and bf.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   505d ago
Lmao a bad game. The whole fuxking internet disagrees with you. But thats ok because the media is paid off so its all an illusion. Lol the only person hiding fromthe truth is you my friend. We all know you didn't play the game so shuuut upppp.... Lol
moparful99  +   505d ago
@kevinsheeks Face the facts that this game isn't the world stopping "omg" exclusive that Microsoft has hyped it to be.. Its currently sitting at an 86 on Metacritic..


I know a few people that have played the game some love it the rest had meh reactions to it.. There is a lot of shooter fatigue anymore and aside from the Mech/pilot mechanic this game literally does nothing new or exciting.. Once the awe of seeing the Titan fall from space this game becomes tedious very quickly.. If this game had a single player or co op component I would be thrilled about it but an online only competititve shooter that is lacking features and having framerate issues despite "the power of the cloud" is dissapointing..
Gunstar75  +   505d ago
I've been playing games for 30 years and Titanfall is far from mediocre
EZMickey  +   505d ago
Titanfall had minimum 3 years in development, that game wasn't rushed. It was a new studio building a new, engine building and a new game- it was badly optimized, not haphazardly put together in an unreasonably short amount of time.

If you open up a studio and get a publisher like EA to fund your game, 3 years is more than reasonable especially considering they're taking on all the financial risk. Any longer and your game just isn't going to earn what it cost to make.

People must seriously get over thinking EA is this literally evil corporation that loves pushing out flawed products almost as much as it loves killing kittens, 'cause at the end of the day we're still left with an extremely playable and highly rated game.
stuna1  +   505d ago
TitanFall was in development for 4 years, the engine is a modified engine, not a new engine. And we're talking the makers of Call of Duty 4 here! At least that is the reason so many were saying why Respawn should automatically be considered trustworthy and infallible. There are thing about the game that weren't achieved that should have been achieved! Especially after all the hype surrounding it, and now there are some out there giving the full picture of how things really are.
DevilishSix  +   505d ago
I find it concerning that it took 4 years to come up with multiplayer only game with 15 maps and 5 game modes and it has some frame rate issues. I am fans of these developers from their COD days, but the time in development vs the content received doesn't add up. Something happened during development we are not being told. I know Jason West left half way thru development, which makes me wonder if original development on this game was scrapped and they restarted.
Hellsvacancy  +   505d ago
Ouch, it hurt me reading that, someone actually DEFENDING EA?

Besides you lost me when you said Respawn built a new engine, I knew then you don't know what you're talking about
#4.2 (Edited 505d ago ) | Agree(30) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
djplonker  +   505d ago
Titanfall uses a heavily moddified source engine that is from 2004 so it was never going to be a graphical powerhouse or have a high player count like bf4

Surley if titanfall had used frostbite 3.0 then it could have been epic!
Pandamobile  +   505d ago
Try 2011. It's using the Portal 2 version of Source, not the Half-Life 2 version...
Eddie20101  +   505d ago

You have seen portal 2 not a graphics powerhouse by no means, In fact Half Life 2 looked much better than portal 2. If you are trying to make an excuse it's a poor one. If you are saying it's updated version (Not a completely new engine in 2011) and you think it still looks sub par, then I would agree. Although compared to portal 2 (A last gen game) Titanfall slightly looks better.
#4.3.2 (Edited 505d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Pandamobile  +   504d ago
Lol, are you seriously implying that Half-Life 2 looks better than Portal 2?

Christ, some of you guys are seriously out of touch.
Z_-_D_-_3  +   505d ago
I dunno about that one there, Freddy. Don't get me wrong, EA did a good thing scooping up the core CoD team and funding their project, but the way they handled it was just annoyingly seedy, deceptive, and downright dumb on their own part. Their little exclusivity deal with Microsoft was just wrong, and the entire industry knows it. The fans, other developers, media publication, EVERYONE - has voiced their distain with the exclusivity. EA even shot their own damn selves in the foot, losing a massive amount of profit that could have been gained on Playstation platforms.

This in-turn forced Respawn to prioritize the X1 as its flagship version which we all know had botched dev kits thanks to Microsoft along with terrible ES ram. They limited their reach, wasted marketshare, signed a deal behind their backs and f*cked it up for everybody except Microsoft and their fanboys. It's actually pretty hilarious they did all of this to these guys after they had just been stiffed by Activision.
moparful99  +   505d ago
"extremely playable and highly rated game."

First and foremost there were widespread issues logging into the game on launch. Secondly there have been a lot of users claiming framerate issues sometimes dipping into the single digits! Even digital foundry confirmed this.. Third the resolution is only 792. Very very poor for a game dependent on the "Power of the cloud" to run and is a multiplayer only game with 15 maps and 5 play modes.. So much hype and very underwhelming in reality... Oh and as far as "highly rated" its sitting at an 86 on metacritic, thats above average but not "highly rated"...
Pandamobile  +   505d ago
Christ, what world do you live in where an 86 meta rating isn't considered "highly rated"?

What happens when Infamous: Second Son comes out and lands at an 86? Is that still only going to be "Above average"?
bababrooks  +   505d ago
Metacritic scores are duff pulled down by people with agendas! The only folk that should comment are the ones that pay and play the game. The word from fellow gamers that have actually played is positive and good times are had by more or else all. The sad thing is many green eyed gamers don't get what upset the false criticism does for individuals that have spent many hours trying to make a game to give guys like you and me enjoyment.

Down with the fanboys....long live the gamers!!!!!
AutoCad  +   505d ago
Titanfall is an amazing game and despite some of the framerate drop sometimes, it still is one heck of a fun game to play.

carlingtat  +   505d ago
This is why I choose to wait a week or 2 before buying. To see if it was going to be another BF/Warhammer con job.
xJumpManx  +   505d ago
Its not its a great game most of the negativity comes from this sites anti Microsoft and EA agendas.
Dudebro90  +   505d ago
This is yet another crappy article with a flame bait headline. Not even gonna click through.
whybag  +   505d ago
Baby steps to the innovation...
solidworm  +   505d ago
game is repetitive as hell...sorely disapointed,
Gunstar75  +   505d ago
BS. You're a Sony fanboy. Who U trying to kid?
SegaGamer  +   505d ago
So because he doesn't like it it makes him a Sony fanboy ? that's ridiculous logic.
Eddie20101  +   505d ago
Couldn't be a Microsoft fan, The Microsoft hive would have killed him before he or she had the chance to say they didn't like something involving Xbox or Microsoft.
HurstDarkStar  +   505d ago
I feel like it's weird for a multiplier heavy game not to have co-op in it, just seems like it would be a lot of fun.
Saithraphim  +   505d ago
Titanfall is obviously an awesome game, frame rate issues or no. I didn't even read the article. its a bit mean to say this but...the current game is like a warm up to the "real" version that will no doubt make its way to the PS4 :)))
Ginesis  +   505d ago
If Titanfall was rushed then Infamous is being rushed since they were announced not too far from each other early last year. Given more time they could of accomplished realistic lighting like in the E3 trailer and in turn done a better job with shadows.

See what I did there...you can make an excuse that just about any game is rushed.
stuna1  +   505d ago
Totally different machanics for starters! Then we have one single player focused, while the other is muliplayer focused!
Ginesis  +   505d ago
What difference does that make??? They still could make it better given more time. How is my first statement not true?
stuna1  +   505d ago
TitanFall was in development for a little over 4 years for a multiplayer game, but as far as content goes, it doesn't even deliver half of what games with both single/multi games are delivering in half that time! Plus these games are doing it with more fps and better resolutions.
Ginesis  +   505d ago
You're still not explaining how that makes my first statement false. What I'm saying is that regardless of the game more development time equates to more being done. Its as simple as that! Couldn't infamous be considered to be released half passed since it's lacking the original fidelity that was intended???
#12.1.3 (Edited 505d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
Eddie20101  +   505d ago
Infamous was supposed to be a launch tittle but Sony gave them extra time to finish and polish the game( this was said by SuckerPunch in an interview) plus it's an established franchise, they probably started work before the second game was finished. Sony may delay games often or cancel them, but when they release a first party game they make sure that it is finished.
Ginesis  +   504d ago
So you're saying the difference from the E3 trailer to now (mainly lighting and shadows) is where it was when they first showed footage of it?!? You don't think with more time they wouldn't of been able to achieve more???
Hicken  +   504d ago
A game is rushed when is launched before it's ready. A game isn't rushed because it was announced around the same time as another game that WAS rushed.

That's just stupid.
Ginesis  +   504d ago
What's stupid is your answer! Read it again...the games being release at the same time is me "framing" the circumstances! Good shot, try again.
BG11579  +   504d ago
The game is an exclusive fof the PS4. No PC port or ps3 port.
The PS4 is an easy console to developped.
If they actain an excellent level it's all because of those factors.
Hicken  +   504d ago
And that's stupid because it's an arbitrary frame. Frame of time is no fixed determinant of whether or not a game has been rushed. Some games don't need as much time. Some games need more.

The time itself is irrelevant. The final product determined whether it was rushed or not. Cuz if a dev can put out the same quality in less time, that doesn't make it rushed as a game that should have spent more time being worked on.
shmeedy24685  +   505d ago
I've had a lot of fun playing it, put in over 9 hours since Tuesday and I'm loving it so far.
TristanPR77  +   505d ago
Titanfall is good, but not a next gen game. Let's hope Destiny introduce us to a real next gen shooter.
Dudebro90  +   505d ago
You mean that game that's also on 360 and ps3.
SliceOfTruth888  +   505d ago
The only thing wrong about titanfall is that I can't get enough of it and every Sony pony is starring at their ps4 foaming at the mouth for infamous...not that they shouldn't be because its a great game its just they are still waiting for one good exclusive to come out for it.
SandraCGupta   505d ago | Spam
stuna1  +   505d ago
One bubble to say absolutely nothing, factually or otherwise! And I bet you're one of those who can't understand why they get disagrees or reduced to 1 bubble, for future reference just refer back to your own comment for as many times are needed.
aragon  +   505d ago
pity you got so many disagrees because titanfall is fun, and i think some people are jealous, i wanna see how many articles dissing infamous will get approved. Its a shame this could be a good website if not for the double standards.
Benjaminkno  +   504d ago
Good one!!

It is funny that Sony fans aren't talking about what they're playing, because there isn't anything to play. I would trade in KillZone if I would get more than 15 dollars for it.

All this Titanfall bashing just makes me want to play it even more, considering the source.
DJ  +   505d ago
I don't think it was rushed. But using the old Doom/Source engine has obviously held the game back on a technical level. Design-wise it seems great. The biggest complaint is that it's a 30 dollar game packaged as a 60 dollar game.
Eddie20101  +   504d ago
No offence, but Doom used id tech, not Valves Source engine (Half Life 2, Portal, portal 2)
pakua  +   505d ago
God forbid anyone saying Titanfall is half decent on n4g. A game that is released on Xbox and not Playstation is instantly a terrible game.
josephayal  +   505d ago
Jonathan Leack
I enjoyed reading your article, Titanfall is definitely over hyped
mochachino  +   505d ago
So they gave a came a 9/10 then decide several days after the review to criticize the lack of game modes, content, and server problems.

How in the world does that not effect the the initial review score?

In gaming media, if a game is hyped it automatically rate highly.
jessupj  +   505d ago
Yeah, it's quite sickening the corrupt state of gaming reviews.

I think it also has something to do with journalists not wanting to look like complete utter fools.

When someone's been hyping up a game for months, when they come to review it they're not going to embarrass themselves and give a low score.
DJ  +   505d ago
Even minus the hype, Titanfall is a good game. 3 years of development was ample time. I'm just surprised there aren't more maps or game modes since they didn't have a campaign to build.

I'll get it when it comes out on PS4.
overlord23  +   505d ago
I am really enjoying this game (picked up the Titanfall bundle on Friday with trade ins at GameStop) but I've had a PS4 since launch and there is a HUGE gap between the Xbone and the PS4 graphics.
TheTowelBoy  +   505d ago
It really isn't though. I've seen my friends play it for hours without even a hiccup. The only problems on X1 I've seen is with the interface and Kinect functionality. Tf itself looks solid, have yet to play it though. No x1 either
Erudito87  +   505d ago
WTH ea are just the publishers respawn have been apparently working on this for years! and on an old engine! any technical problems should be directed at respawn!
T1125P  +   505d ago
They should have looked for a different publisher, not the dick heads at EA. I wish they would take the id Software approach, release date: When its done! Also ditch that crap Origin and go with Steam, or better yet neither just have the in game browser for multiplayer just like how the original Modern Warfare was.
bababrooks  +   505d ago
How much do you think in this day and age it costs to start a studio??????? I'd have. Been at it for years bud.... We all have to start somewhere.
pakua  +   505d ago
This article is another article rushed out the door to obtain clicks.
RVanner_  +   505d ago
Ive found the game gets old fast, its needs more
sAVAge_bEaST  +   505d ago
Gaming Media, -Perfect scores, Flawless buttery frame rates.

Real World, Screen Tearing when frame rate drops, Seems Rushed.

Attention all Gaming Media.. You are a Joke. This game should have gotten no higher than an 8/10, or 4/5.... AT THE MOST.

LOLYGON marked .5 on ps4 Ghost's, because of supposed F/S issues.

EA must be boycotted, because this is their MO.
KellyVanmeter447   505d ago | Spam
DJ  +   505d ago
That's why i trust user reviews, not media reviews. Too much bribing going on. We've seen it time and again. If the publisher fronts advertising dollars, the review scores are intentionally raised.


This is what happens when a reviewer doesn't follow the rules.
Bigpappy  +   505d ago
Yep. PS4 only users on N4G are the perfect people to verify that Titan Falls is loaded with problems especially if you get it on Xbox one.

This is why I come here too: To get all the great insightful info on all things M$ and Xbox. Not a fanboy with and agenda in sight here.
Dan_scruggs  +   505d ago
Or you could say its a new IP made by a new company that has never shipped a game before and has a unique and fun play style. It also happens to be a wonderful start to a new franchise that will surely grow into greater things with further iterations.

Or you could just be a narrow minded hater that believes that screen resolution and frame rates are what makes games great and not innovative gameplay ideas.

Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   505d ago
Uh, well you could look at it that way...or you could not be biased and open minded and admit that it should be far more optimized than it is? How about that for a start? Giving a free pass for a new studio (that has YEARS of knowledge and pedigree to them) is pretty off base. Resolution is idiotic but accepting frame rate dips such as the one it suffers is the reason gamers get this crap. It isn't acceptable regardless of platform, developer or publisher. Sorry, but you couldn't be more wrong in every single facet.
aragon  +   505d ago
u this angry about kz shadow fall fps dips? did u write an article about kz shadow fall mp fps dips? is tf more fun than killzone? is halo more fun than killzone? are u angry? is it a fun shooter despite all the hate on here? is it that tf should have been on ps4? or is it cod with mechs?
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   505d ago
Well, considering I don't HAVE an xbox one or a PS4 I'm not the slightest bit angry. Secondly, considering I've never heard a peep about killzone FPS dips, that seems oddly out of the equation. Thirdly, no I do not waste my time writing "articles" about gaming. I have many things in my life to attend to and the 5-10 minutes a day I spend on here is more to relax than argue with someone so nonsensical. Preaching to the wrong choir buddy. I stand for good gaming and bad performance isn't good gaming. Sorry, you're so up in arms and angry over the truth.
Dan_scruggs  +   505d ago
Seeing as how you are bitching about a game you haven't even played and are getting all your information from second hand sources on N4G. I am choosing to not pay any mind to your inane ramblings.
Summons75  +   505d ago
Sure, it may be a new IP from a new company but the devs in that company are NOT new to the industry. These are devs that always took shortcuts before making Call of Duty, how can you honestly be surprised or in denial they took shortcuts this time?

Next Titanfall, if there is another after this mess of a game, won't be much different. Some tweaks to the engine to make it look 'new' maybe a new mode, different designed robots but nothing that makes it a NEW game... this is Call of Duty 2.0. There isn't anything innovative in this game, COD controls, robots have been in games before, freerunning has been in games before, jetpack have been in games before, bots have been used in games before except as replacements for players until they came NOT an easy kill for idiots.

You're right resolution doesn't have anything to do with this games failings but it doesn't run smooth, which is crucial for a game especially one that requires you to only play online against other people.
aragon  +   505d ago
just like every other platformer copied mario and sonic? so the thousands of other platformers are mario ripoffs?all fighting games are mk ripoffs? mess of a game? all my friends having fun with it.
and apparentl at least 500 thousand other people.
Jag-T1000  +   505d ago
I want some solo missions. I just want to roam around and shoot some enemy grunts and titans. I'm tired of running around and getting killed by snipers.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   505d ago
Whoa. Saw the digital foundry video. Yikes those are some massive dips, even went as low as 20! That's pretty bad, I can't believe they couldn't make it more stable than that.
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