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Submitted by typoknight 624d ago | opinion piece

Five Diverse Post-Apocalyptic Games to Look Out for on PS4 and XBOX One

GamerFitnation: Whoever said the post-apocalyptic theme has run its course is wrong. This year and next have some upcoming heavy hitters in the popular cult theme which are unique in their own distinct way. (Destiny, Dying Light, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Mad Max, PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Xbox One)

Hazmat13  +   624d ago
i love post apocalyptic games. all because i watched the TV show Life After People. haha
OpieWinston  +   624d ago
Totally forgot about Class4...The State of Decay sequel.
Zombie MMO that has a lot of potential because Undead Labs did a great job with State of Decay and had a nice prototype stage with it.
Redinfamy  +   624d ago
Will so check that out. I think I heard of it. A zombie MMO ? I'm in !
OpieWinston  +   624d ago
Undead Labs has been developing the game for a few years now and has just signed a multi-year contract with Microsoft so the game will have funding.
Evilsnuggle  +   624d ago
The Division is my most anticipated NextGen game so far hoping that it releases in 2014. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tom Clancy’s The Division and The Crew Still Slated for 2014 Release
Redinfamy  +   624d ago
I cant wait !
Meltic  +   624d ago
Techland doesent even give us any info about dying light... cant wait for that game. Horror game

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