More Than An Hour Of inFAMOUS: Second Son Gameplay Leaked

With screenshots, new gameplay videos started to appear on various Youtube channels. Surprisingly, they weren't taken down yet.

Considering it's just the first or so hour of the game, there aren't big spoilers, but still there be careful.

Please, refrain from posting spoilers of any kind in the comments section.

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ZodTheRipper930d ago

Probably full of spoilers, NO THANX

micx930d ago

It' near the beginning of the game. They aren't huge spoilers since it's pretty much just the first hour of the game.

Unreal01930d ago

I caved and watched a bit. Oh my god, that power he has is just amazing. Can't wait to play this now.

Rickgrimes95930d ago

Agreed even if it is only the beginning of the game shown I still don't want to see I would rather experience it myself

Alexious930d ago

Nah, it's not that bad. Join the Dark Side...And watch! ;)

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Boody-Bandit929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

I'm going in.

The video was removed by user.
I wonder why it was pulled? Sony, Sucker Punch, You Tube or all the above? Oh well in 5 more days I will see it on my own display.

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micx930d ago

We all try to fight it :(

ramiuk1930d ago

i so want to just click.

Alexious930d ago

The Force will be with you.

ArchangelMike930d ago

Exactly, my man. No chance. I've come this far and only 6 days left.

GribbleGrunger930d ago

Just one click away from ruining the game ...


TheFutureIsBlue930d ago

People who got it early are streaming it on PS4 if you wanna watch it!!

GarrusVakarian930d ago

Yeah, i watched about 5 seconds and turned it off in fear of spoilers. Ive already seen more than i wanted to of this game.

TheFutureIsBlue930d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus Same, lol. I watched him do something awesome then I clicked out.

showtimefolks930d ago


can't wait to play this, this time it sounds like shooting will have some real heavy feel on impact

next gen has started with Titanfall and Infamous 2nd son

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XiSasukeUchiha930d ago

No thanks but still the game is going to be awesome

Alexious930d ago

Less than a week now. Can't wait!

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jegheist2014930d ago

here biggest spoiler of them all when friday comes game is gonna so big your gonna feel like your man in game itself graphics be so unltra realistic imagine playing this on sonys vr headset if they announce it tuesday

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