18 1080p inFAMOUS: Second Son Screenshots Show Amazing Reflections/Lighting but Won’t Spoil the Game

inFAMOUS: Second Son is less than a week from its massively anticipated release and a few screenshots are leaking out. While some are definitely low quality and dreadfully spoiler-ish, DualShockers selected a few that are high quality and show no spoilers for you to enjoy.

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DeletedAcc1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Imagine what ND will do with Ps4 when SP can achieve this with an openworld game

What the f*** is this? I thought we still play ps4 games, not ps5

GarrusVakarian1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Damn Abriael, you spoil us :P

I can't believe an open world game looks like that within the first year of a new console gen. The lighting/reflections in this game are amazing. Loving the little details in this game like Delsin resting his foot on something that he is standing close to instead of just clipping through it and the steam rising up out of the manhole.

Abriael1497d ago

hey! There are no spoilers there :P

Sammy7771497d ago

very impressive indeed. I would say the best looking next gen game after The Order

Elzer1497d ago Show
Baka-akaB1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Sounds like you're fishing for disagrees anyway . Good luck .

EDIT : i see that your goal is fullfilled anyway and already . Kudos !

Anyway , can't wait for the game . Titan aside everything good for march is literally at the end of the month , so basically April grr

mike32UK1497d ago

@elzer i just disagreed with you because you're annoying :)

Mikelarry1497d ago

ooooo lukas that is some SUWEET GIF

Sammy7771497d ago

Just how shameless can one be? This guy still lives in Wonderland, believing that Direct X12 will somehow make Xbone games run at 1080p and make it as powerful as ps4?

Ninjatogo1497d ago

Cole also did the foot rest. That's not new. If I remember correctly Drake from Uncharted also does this.

GarrusVakarian1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )


I didn't say it was new, lol. GTA4/5 also does it, as of tons of other last gen games, doesn't make it any less impressive.

scott1821497d ago

I love that the troll on their comment section keeps getting told by the moderator :)

dontbhatin1497d ago

@ Lukas

"foot resting" existed back in the jak & daxter series.

webeblazing1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

like i said before in the last infamous article that would be asking for too much with this many light source(even tho i got a ton of disagrees). with him making light, hitting people and they turn to a light source, and light sources in the environment it would be to demanding no matter what hardware. thats the reason ray-tracing is so hard right now. to track every light source and cast shadows dynamically is just to much right.

hope people would at least try to get what im saying instead of blindly disagree because its your beloved console. no platform is doing that. if not oh well. game looks great nuff said.

anybody knows when gdc starts

Boody-Bandit1497d ago

Someone hand me a towel *drool*

thorstein1497d ago

The fact that there is shadowing on his face from a strand of hair is astounding!

Evilsnuggle1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )
your extortion plan worked. write a terrible EPIC FAIL article comparing youtube channel pic's in a story about downgrade comparisons. They get Sony send you true 1080p high definition quality pic's congratulations s:/
awesome pics Infamous SS will be the new king of console graphics when it is released.

cannon88001497d ago


stop trolling you clown. The reason you have two bubbles is because you troll almost every single ps4 article. You don't have two bubbles because you are stating "facts" here in n4g (like you mentioned a while ago) you have two bubbles because you're a douche.

Ezz20131497d ago

Wow just wow
if this what SP can do with their 1st game on ps4
than what the hell ND and SSM will do on ps4 ?!

this is too much for my simple simple mind
damn, Abrial why did you show those pics to me and why i don't have ps4 yet ?! :(

jasonc12131497d ago

Absolutely gorgeous. I want this.

AndrewLB1497d ago

You guys do know that the footage where these stills are taken from came with the following disclaimer:

"Footage provided by Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC is for your unrestricted broadcast use. Broll is for editorial use only and should not be posted as raw gameplay footage. Please incorporate broll in an editorial package with team interviews, media commentary, additional assets, etc. DO NOT feature broll as stand-alone footage."

And the usual suspect PS4 fanboys did EXACTLY what Sony told them not to do. You guys are great.

If anyone is interested in seeing the actual 900mb UNCOMPRESSED 1080p BullClip, you can find it here:!KRNzRD...
Or here:

ObiWanaTokie1497d ago

I am excited to be wow'd
Killzone was the closest but still didnt wow me.

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kazuma9991497d ago

Lol at the mountains. Doesnt really look like that in seattle and I live their btw.

GarrusVakarian1497d ago

I don't wanna tell you you're live there.....but, *google* says you're wrong :)

Bearing in mind, Infamous SS isn't a 1:1 scale identical representation of Seattle.

kayoss1497d ago

Hahaha... If it doesn't look like that, How come google map is saying otherwise? Guess google map is making up stuff now. I've been to Seattle a few time for personal and business and the last I've check Seattle does look like that. Even the mountains.

Dee_911497d ago

Yea i doubt you can see the mountains from the sewage system you and your fellow trolls live.

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Bennibop1497d ago

Am playing titanfall for x1 great fun but looks like dog crap! Hoping that infamous SS plays as good as it looks as I am super hyped for this game! Bring on Friday!

Venemox1497d ago

"What the f*** is this? I thought we still play ps4 games, not ps5"

you're over exaggerating.

That was from a year ago.

SniperControl1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

That's PC, SS is a console game and it looks amazing, this coming from a guy who games mostly on a high end PC rig.

MRMagoo1231497d ago

I wasnt aware crysis 3 was open world or had destructible environments that stayed broken, guess i must have played a different blander more linear version of crysis 3 on pc than you did.

thereapersson1497d ago

Terrible trolling attempt, Venemox. Just absolutely subpar all around...

Venemox1497d ago


Did you guys even look at when I was replying to?

He said this was some next level PS5 shit, that's the over exaggeration. I'm not saying SS is a bad looking game, I'm just saying if you think this is beyond anything we've ever seen before, you're an idiot. It really isn't that impressive.

Dee_911497d ago

The irony of calling someone an idiot for having an opinion.

I love the internet

SniperControl1497d ago

It's quite obvious to everyone(well apart from you)that Sackboy is talking about consoles and not PC's, we all know that PC's can produce astounding graphics, You are in the comment section for a PS4 game, as of right now, Second Son has the best graphics on any console.

ITPython1497d ago

Wow, simply amazing!

Somebody needs to hold a "Welcome to next-gen" party on Friday, because this is truly the first real next-gen game on any console, and will be a glorious day to behold!

And sorry xbox folks, this party is Playstation exclusive. When you eventually get a next-gen game you can join in too. So perhaps in 2015 or 2016. But don't complain when all the boose runs out before you arrive.

lesrima881497d ago

its impressive but saying it looks like ps5 is a bit of a stretch....

BallsEye1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

It does look good but I'm not seeing the OMG everyone here are talking about. While main char looks quite nice the enviroment is empty and with low poly models. I mean look at the car on 14th screenshot. Looks like a box with a texture on it..While game probably will be great, I think you guys gotta stop boasting about it's graphics, because it does not look all that great at all.

LordMaim1496d ago

"It does look good..."
" does not look all that great at all."

Trolling should at least be internally consistent.

DigitalRaptor1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Of course you're not seeing the "OMG everyone here is talking about". You're an Xbot with an agenda, who complains about the things PS4 fanboys said about the Xbone games, but still does the same thing with PS4 exclusives.

But it's not just on here that people are saying Second Son looks mindblowingly good. Those with early copies are confirming this, and the gaming media will also confirm this.

"because it does not look all that great at all."

Go and see a specialist. I'm serious. You're DELUSIONAL!

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iceman13461497d ago

Oh my God I just got the biggest boner in my life

Meltic1497d ago

cant wait. Im getting so lonely here