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Dealspwn writes: Fuse is considerably more enjoyable than the Army of Two or Kane & Lynch games, but still somewhat lacking by Insomniac’s high standards set in other genres. The weaponry doesn’t quite pull it off this time, with the combined reactions of team-fire failing to live up to expectations. However, play the game in co-op as it was intended and there's undeniably fun to be had. And at less than a fiver, it's worth convincing a few mates to pick up a copy too.

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ArchangelMike1736d ago

Fuse. Now there's a game that went stright to the bargain bin. I might pick it up an see what all the 'hype' was about. There's a lesson to be learned here Insomniac. The grass always seems greener on the otherside, but it doesnt always payoff.

1735d ago
gedapeleda1735d ago

My prediction.
Insomniac is the next dev to back out.

mafiahajeri1735d ago

Insomniac how low have you stooped..,

Evilsnuggle1735d ago

I wish I could by it for 5 bucks

barb_wire1735d ago

You, me and everybody else did too.

Insomniac should have stayed to the original vision of the game when it was announced as 'Overstrike'.

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