Online Haze reviews embargoed till May 23 in UK

VG247: According to British press sources, online Haze reviews in the UK are being strictly embargoed until May 23, the game's release date.

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PirateThom3857d ago

Another sign the game is God awful.

Reviews are being held back.

If you're in America, pick up Singstar.
If you're in Europe, Call of Duty 4 GOTY Edition.

Yaster3857d ago

Or wait for Race Driver: Grid the following week, it's not all FPS on PS3 you know

CBaoth3857d ago

Considering the internet circumvents this "review embargo". I'm having a hard time wondering how Rob Yescombe still receives a paycheck from FR. The absolute worst script and voice acting ever in a military video game. Maybe he should apply to KOEI.

Closing3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Exactly what I was wondering. How does this Rob hack even have a job?

MediaStream3857d ago

"Another sign the game is God awful. "


Ubisoft should have done this for all reviews and just let the gameplay footage and demo speak for themselves. They were naive in not recognizing the fanboy hate for the game being a PS3 exclusive that was canceled for the 360. Their marketing types, if they had been doing their jobs, should have long ago seen the giant red flags of the 360 fan rage against the game and desperate desire to see the game fail as revenge for Ubisoft snubbing their platform.

actas1233857d ago

The fact that IGN gave this game a 4.5 proves again that no reviewing site is perfect. I truely believe that the reviewing process at big shot web sites like IGN and gamespot should be done by more than one person. Also, i think the final score must be approved by a manager or something. Game reviewing is not a joke anymore, this is not 2-4 years ago and IGN and the rest of the gang should act responsibly.

sonarus3857d ago

Lol i really can't believe this game is that bad

misterssippi3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Yu guys can try to blame 360 fans for the bad reviews, but you can't tell me that this game isn't doo-doo after seeing that terrible actual in game footage. Craptastic! This game is bad, really bad. But hey, buy it and find out for yourself that you just wasted 60 bucks.
Sorry to you folks, but there is no real innovation here. This game is like FarCry leftovers.

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Lucreto3857d ago

I say it will fair better in the UK as this shooter seems to have multiply layers of understanding which Europeans get more than the US does.

kosha3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Lol ye ive got an american mate and i told him this joke.
What do u call a man with no shins?


and he didnt get it.

i Shank u3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Im american, got that in a second (toe-knee). generalizing a nation makes you sound no smarter

BeaArthur3857d ago

Lucreto...or maybe people in the UK are more tolerant and more willing to play crappy games. Enjoy.

LJWooly3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Lol BeaArthur... I can tell you, I'm from the UK, and I'm not sure there's any nation full of as many moaners as us... if anything, we're far pickier than you guys (both a good and bas thing, for both nations).

I don't think what Lucreto's saying is true either, though. I think the degree of "understanding" Haze would garner from the player is more dependant on the individual, rather than their nationality.

Ju3857d ago

Well, not jumping the gun here. But I get the feeling, for the US market this goes a bit against the political correctness here (or maybe not). But using drugs and then switch sides to team up with the rebels ( = terrorists ?) - and they even speak spanish, quel misere! - is something which will have a hard time to be marketed in the US in these times around. And, well, in addition it isn't hyped (and not on the level) like say Resistance, MGS or KZ2. That doesn't help either. That said, I haven't seen any good European reviews, either (except the Italian PSN one).

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jones smokey3857d ago

the ign review alerday made me make up my mind about the game, ign gives good scores to good games and bad scores to bad games, check their review list and u will see what i mean,....not every exlusive is going to be good, but still i bet haze is nothin more than an average fps, il say 6.5 or 7/10 overall.

m-s-8-23857d ago

IGN gave Godhand a 3.0. They arent always accurate. Besides, it's entirely based on one persons opinion.

PR0NE3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

what?! Godhand was a blast to play, the first i played it was in japanese and didn't understand what the heck is going on yet i had a wonderful time with it...
reviews are becoming more like pieces of opinions and fanboys rants

update: yeah you're right, they were the only tards to give it a 3 it was a very decent game, it deserved an 8

MediaStream3857d ago

God Hand an 8? No...

God Hand is the pinnacle of fighting games last gen. Maybe it should have gotten 9.5s instead of 10/10s for the austere graphics.

Asking someone their opinion on God Hand is the quick and easiest way of separating the true fighting fans from the pretenders.

PR0NE3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

yeah maybe you're right, maybe it deserves a nine or a ten(depending on the ratings standards: 10 doesn't equal not perfect but equals must buy) , but my only problems with it were that i played it for the first time in japanese and some obvious texture tearing every now and then, but it was a blast to play nonetheless

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Marty83703857d ago

Same happened too GTA IV, was that a bad game. Exactly no.

RAF-TECH3857d ago


Haze sucks!!! 4.5

Snukadaman3857d ago

face it..the game sucks...the ps3 is a bust.

juuken3857d ago

Sad, sad xbabies. They have to go that low as to use a bad game as a way to bash the PS3. 'Oh noes, the PS3 has one bad shooter so now it must be a really baaaaaaad console! All of our shootas are perfect!~111'

How sad indeed.

Swiftfox3857d ago

This, unfortunalty, is S.O.P for Ubisoft. Many would arugue that reveiws don't entirly matter on such things. If they didn't, then publishers such as Ubisoft and Take-Two wouldn't place embargos on what they believe are "less favorable" reveiws.

This saddens me.

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