Ninja Gaiden II "a flawed jewel" - EDGE Preview

EDGE writes:

How do you make what is possibly the greatest 3D fighting game engine ever seen, and then get the camera utterly, utterly wrong? Ask Team Ninja. In Ninja Gaiden II it has produced a masterpiece of flowing and vicious combat that is – though not ruined – severely hampered by the most basic of design flaws.

There has never been anything quite like it in the genre. You can obliterate huge numbers of enemies in almost no time at all, cut through defenses with ease, and you will look magnificent while you're doing it. The hybrid aesthetic – high-tech Technicolor Japan mixed with muted feudalist Japan – might sound dissonant but looks sharply coherent. In fact, in the hands of a skilled player NGII looks nothing less than exhilarating, and occasionally surpasses any martial arts movie you might care to name.

And this is why the camera is such a surprisingly big issue. This isn't a problem with it getting caught on a corner occasionally, nor the odd confusing switch of perspective. It is a constant problem: obscuring foes, breaking up combos, losing track of Ryu, and flicking back and forth between positions.

It's worth reiterating that, even at preview stage, the action at the core of NGII stands up to the best in the genre. So if there's any serious development left to go on the project, we have to pray that it's directed towards the camera, because it's currently holding back such immense potential. If not, then Ninja Gaiden II will remain a trial for the dedicated player – and not in the way that Team Ninja wants it to be...

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power of Green 3858d ago

Who fucin cares if the final build is worked on or doesn't change from the preview build. Who cares, the camera always had an issue in NG I just wan't to cut sh*t to pieces.

HI_YA bieeetches

Fishy Fingers3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I care. As probably do everyone else whos serious about NG.

EDGE know they're s**t and they never attack a game pointlessly, if they say the camera is a problem it's a problem. Make the greatest game you want, if you see it right, or orientate correctly its pointless.

Id like to know when the preview build is taken from as its quite close to release and I just prey they have the time to rectify their mistakes and get the camera up to scratch.

You confuse me, this is a game your obviously interested in yet you except the flaws happily, yet you jump on PS3 titles that get criticism in their early stages.
Means I cant take you seriously, are you excepting the flaws because you want the game so much or simply because of the system its running on?

power of Green 3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I can't wait for this Mannnnn. Just seen some new gameplay on Comcast on-demand, Adam S. from Xplay interviewed TI and seen some new gameplay footage. Its just fantastic looking so dam smooth and the animations are amazing.

It looks really rewarding to master and play to be blunt.

Really you see me rag on PS3 games deeming serious problems that will put tons of people off?, with something like a flaw the series is known for anways? Hmm.

I didn't say the game was being attacked I'm use to the camera issues in this franchise its not a big deal to me no. Out of all the people that have played it its just one company's concerned so I don't let it bother me.
I think people with the most concerned about it are nit-pickers and people wanting it to have flaws even going as far as posing as an concerned fan.

""""Fishy Fingers"""& quot ; I'm going to report your comment as spam for you attempt to personal attack me in the gamerzone.

I use to miss the BUS 3 times a week playing NG on the NES.

Asking me if I'm intrested in the game or is it the platform its on is just moronic, Sorry had to say it.

3858d ago
GameOn3858d ago

The camera in ninja Gaiden wasn't amazing but i got use to it. I dont think its gonna be worse than last time and its gotta be better than Devil may cry 4.

power of Green 3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )


Also lol @ FishyFingers with his contradicting attack on me, calling me a a NG fan then going on to say its my console fanboyism thats the reason I'm excited about the game.

WoW talk about PS3 fans personal feelings towards 360 fans.

Kleptic3858d ago

haha would be excited for this if it was on the PS3?...tell me then, what did you think of the camera improvement on Sigma?...if you are such a NG fan, you definitely would have enjoyed the definitive version of the first 3D rendition of the series?...right?...the controls overall? did the feel of the game differ from NG and NGB?...if you really played so much NG as a kid on the NES, you would automatically own ever system you could to enjoy where the series has gone...and being that Sigma is currently the best NG game to date...which PS3 do you own?...

so what did you think?...

I don't know why you are even allowed to look at this zone...let alone post in it...

power of Green 3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Whats with the stupid ass attacks?, If I owned a PS3 I would have purchased it considering I'm a big fan. What you're saying doesn't even make any sense.

WTF are you talking about?, I said I'v been a fan for a long time and mentioned the bus comment because he said I just liked it because it was on 360 sheeeh!.

Obviosly 2d games didn't have a camera system lol. PS3 fanboy attacks are getting more moronic by the day. Hot Dam!!!.

You think Sigma is the better game because one company says the camera's a issue from a preview build?, you think I'd buy a $500 console to play an overhaul of an Xbox game(with some sh*t added).

I don't understand you child-like debate.

How in the fuc did saying basically *I'll live with NG's camera system* end up being a full attack from PS3 trolls questioning me being a fan of the franchise?. WTF is wrong with PS3 fans?.

What do these trolls wan't me to say?, do they wan't me to say that NG2 sucks this and I'm not buying it now?. Good lord.

Kleptic How did you get so many bubbles?, shouldn't be allowed to visit 360 threads let alone post in them. Yet you're almost maxed out whsn the other people with no bubbles basically say the same thing attacking people as you do?, Strange.

Willio3858d ago

To be fair, I dont think NG2 wants to be typecasted as the only company that produces an insane difficult game because that becomes a niche market. It may not affect die hard fans but buisness is about money, if there is a fault, theres no happy ending.

Alexander Roy3858d ago

Actually, bad camera can kill games. It did with Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, for example. That game was almost unplayable because the camera was stiff as wood and alway changed when you were jumping or in the middle of a transition.

Witty Comment3858d ago

the camera in Ninja Gaiden was effing horrible. I'm playing it to sharpen up my ninja skills in preparation for NG2.

g3nkie3858d ago

Well MGS3 was considered to have a bad camera but it came out to be one of the best MGS games to date.

HateBoy3858d ago

I care, as a HUGE fan of the NG series I really hope they work on improving that camera. It's not gonna keep me from buying, its day uno for me, but it might have negative effects on the state of my TV which will probably be punched several times (I actually did that to my old tv when playing NG black on the xbox).

AuburnTiger3858d ago

What about the camera angle on the original NG on the NES, it was terrible. All you got was a side-scrolling view.

Legend3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

As long as there is still the "center camera behind Ryu button" I'll be fine. The camera won't be any worse than it was in Black.

And AuburnTiger: LMFAO!

n to the b3858d ago

although I prob believe them on this one that the camera can be annoying. but in general I much prefer the other British gaming mag I've run into: gamesTM. highly recommended.

otherZinc3858d ago

The bottom line: he cant friggin play Ninja Gaiden, period!

Tmac3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

As far as Camera angles go, NG is as bad as Genji, if not worse sometimes.

Although I enjoyed Sigma for the most part.

dragunrising3858d ago

Ninja Gaiden as a series is known for its camera issues. Surprisingly enough, I NEVER had an issue with it. Disorienting is a better term for these apparent "issues." The camera in the NG series has progressively gotten better; Ninja Gaiden Black improved upon NG Original. Likewise Sigma has an arguably better camera than Black. Fans of the series shouldn't worry about this game.

samfk3857d ago

i had ninja gaiden sigma on ps3 ! GUESS WAT camera was flawed .for as long as i can remember the cam on this type of game has been an issue!like it or lump it .if this game gets released on ps3 (which i doubt)then wat smooth cam na people .common sense plz

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InMyOpinion3858d ago

I hope that's from an old build, cause this preview is not featured in the latest issue(May) of Edge(MGS on the cover). Let's hope it's sorted in the final build.

ppp3858d ago

hahahah ps3 is the best

Montrealien3858d ago

So much negative opinion for a preview. It is almost bad gaming journalism imho.

I mean, you can address the fact that the camera will need some work in a preview, but to flat out trash it in a preview is wrong and like I said, bad journalism, it should be saved for the review.

Thoas3858d ago

The same problem was in Ninja Gaiden on Xbox 360 and in Ninja Gaiden Sigma. It's going to be the same game as ninja gaiden sigma but with a different story. Not a AAA game

LenHart3857d ago

I expect a 6/10 for NJ2 from EDGE

haha poor Itagaki

Hatchetforce3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )


That type of negativity is great for journalism and gaming. Why? Look at what the standard method is. Take Haze. A game with reviews yesterday that started a huge war. Now Haze may very well suck. I don't know but will buy it anyway. But it may suck. IGN gave it a 4.5. But you would never know this from reading the prior 3-4 previews that occurred in early May. If a game is so bad it warrants a 4.5, the issues that glaring, where are they in the preview? Not a word.

I prefer that journalists identify issues up front. First of all it is more honest. Second, when such an issue is identified it galvanizes the public and can often force the publisher and dev team to fix the problem before release.

Anything beats the two faced attitude from these sites like IGN and those vampires from 1up.

As far as the article, that better be a very old build. However I am telling people to prepare for the worst. Itagaki likes to put on a good show. He is very much about image. The odds are that is a current build. And here is where the news gets bad.

Take the release date - June 3. Now back off 3 weeks for reproduction. Now back off another two weeks minimum to allow Microsoft to QA the product. You are in April. You can bet the version played was almost a final build. Besides, major changes to cameras in such games are not going to be done within a few final months of release. It isn't a quick fix either.

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Vojkan3858d ago

Look i know there is group of people that likes NG series a lot, but honestly this looks like NG 1.5. What is new about this game?What is next gen about it? It is so linear (looking at vids and reading previews), graphics are not on same level as gears of war for example. It just looks like little more handsome NG Sigma.
DMC4 looks better and is more fun to play, NG games are always hard and frustrating to play.
And worst of, it seems camera is destroyed. Japanese and their camera angles, just look how westerners do it

bababrooks3858d ago

you believe what you choose to believe, this game will look and play great, that is if your biased!

BeaArthur3858d ago

Vojkan...are you serious? Devil May Cry is a series that should have been updated or died with the last PS2 installment. I mean I like the original as much as any one but it's an incoherent story and repetitive gameplay. I mean I understand the comparison because they are in the same genre but Ninja Gaiden smokes Devil May Cry any day of the week. As far as it being too difficult, I bet you still play your games on easy and don't bother to challenge yourself at all.

On another note I did not have any issues with the camera angles in the original and I have yet to see a gameplay video that demonstrates what this article is talking about. So for me this article changes nothing at all.

sonarus3858d ago


Lol @ NG being linear lol that was pretty funny. Camera angles or not, NG is the best 360 game this yr

Legend3858d ago

Awwwww. Sounds like someone didn't like having to wear the pink Ninja Dog ribbon. Stick to DMC then. It sounds like the automatic combo mode is right up your ally. Leave the real combat to the big boys.

poopface13858d ago

I rented dsc4 and it was fun/funny. Over the top characters and a HORIBLE resident evil 2 camera. The camera in ng1 wasnt good but was also really easy to adjust with the rt trigger. DMC wasnt a challange at all. The enimies just stood there and barley ever attackesd you. NG is one series that is actually still a challange. Especially with similiar looking games like dynasty warriors and DMC.

sounds to me like this game is too challanging for you. I just replayed the original for xbox and the camera isnt great but I have no problems with it. the game make me flip out tho. Climbing up that tower or fighting the hellicopter on very hard isnt fun.

BeaArthur3858d ago

Legend...ahha, exactly my thoughts.

devilhunterx3858d ago


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FCOLitsjustagame3858d ago

I thought the camera was always a problem in NG. Are they saying the problem is WORSE this time? Or has someone finally just gotten over the cool ninja factor and realized "hey this camera is sht"?

power of Green 3858d ago

NG has always had issues, I don't let it bother me because out all the previewers that have played the game not all of them felt the need to mention it?; thats assuming there's more than just Edge MAg that has said anything so far. I think its very truthful with a dash of sales or hit earning flavor.

dogseye_deadhorse3858d ago

ninja gaiden is shiit anyway imo.

no fanboyism. its just shiit

KidMakeshift3858d ago

I don't how the camera could really work for Ninja Gaiden
Even if it was a fixed camera like early Resident Evils I don't think it would work any better

It's practically impossible to play the harder difficulties because the enemies are always coming at you off screen