Zavvi Deals: Price Crash

Zavvi has some deals on titles you may have missed.

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Reverie9901348d ago

Good site. Still waiting for PS4 game discounts. Probably going to wait for a long while...

pakua1348d ago

These 'deals' are pretty awful. I've picked up a few of these games for less than half of what is being advertised here.

micx1348d ago

Depends on where you are living. I'm sure it's cheaper in the USA. But for me, zavvi is much better solution since customs would probably rip me off if I ordered from the USA.
Europe has much higher prices.

And Beyond, Batman and some other offers are good.

pakua1348d ago

I'm from the UK, I picked up Aliens: Colonial Marines for £1 a few months ago from Tesco. I bought Gears of War 3 for £3.75 brand new also from Tesco. I bought Dragon Age II for £5 from a while back.

I got these on offer obviously but I thought this was meant to be a 'price crash'.

Chrischi19881347d ago

Zombi U is a good Deal, but it is PAL, not NTSC, so if you are from America, better not order.