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Hideo Kojima won’t put Metal Gear on Wii U, but Wants Snake in Smash Bros for Wii U

Player Essence place their opinion on Hideo Kojima's recent statement on desiring Snake for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, while not having an actual Metal Gear game on the console. (Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Wii U)

EZMickey  +   503d ago
I tell you what, if Sakurai and Nintendo are considering adding Snake in Smash Bros., I guarantee they're unlikely to be doing so with as childish and spiteful an attitude as this author seems to think they will.

I doubt Kojima was deliberately insulting the Wii U Gamepad when he said he didn't know what to do with it, but I'd like to know how Smart Glass integration features in Ground Zeroes. Publishers more than developers seem to be flocking to create companion apps and tie-in games on tablets and taking that into account, it really is quite surprising that Wii U still sees such a small amount of support and innovation from third parties.
vishmarx  +   503d ago
why so?
its weak hardware ,selling poorly and nintendo and its fans are smug sob's who ddont give a rats ass about 3rd parties
ChickeyCantor  +   503d ago
Neither would you care for bad ports and bad business policies.

A good game is a good game, first party or third party.

"and its fans are smug sob's"
The irony.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   503d ago
The hardware is still slightly better than PS3's and 360's and the FOX Engine is highly portable according to Kojima so I'm sure it could be done.
Eonjay  +   503d ago
With all due respect, if the PS360 can play Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros, so can the Wii U. However, it is completely unreasonable to expect third parties to support systems that may have low or even no return on investment. Its not practical and it is an affront to investors. I think the people who complain about support would think twice if they were responsible for making decisions that impacted more than their own self interest.

Micheal Patcher presented the ultimate rebuttal to Nintendo fans complaining about support. He said, if you want third party support, get out there and buy the console. Show developers that the Wii U is a viable system and help mitigate the risk involved with spending resources on it.
Chrischi1988  +   503d ago
Weak hardware was never a winning factor, funny how far sony brainwashed you. Optimization is happening on all the old consoles, you act like it is impossible and you are unable to understand, that Wii U gamers like to play quality games, games, which are no bad ports, cost full money and get no DLC, what is so damn hard to understand about that? Are you really that naive?

I dont think they have to put MGS on Wii U, just for Snake in Super Smash Bros, would be childish to think that way. I mean, I also understand, that it is somehow dumb to want Nintendo to implement characters of games, to their successful franchises, of games, that dont even come to Wii U, because of bad sales, but then want a piece of the good cake from it. I understand both sides, I just think it wont happen and I think it is not only Kojimas decision to bring a game to the Wii U.
theshonen8899  +   503d ago
He didn't put a game on the Wii and yet Snake still showed up for Brawl.
dcj0524  +   503d ago
But MGS is on PS3 and the Wii U is more powerful than a PS3 so it should be on there.
Metallox  +   502d ago
@dcj0524 But Ground Zeroes is on PS3, and it looks awesome!
Muffins1223  +   502d ago
Maybe its because phantom pain couldent run on it?Phantome pain is not comin out on 360 or ps3.Or maybe he does not want to finacially fuck him over...theres a lot of reasons.
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ritsuka666  +   503d ago
Definitely Sakurai should put Bayonetta. Platinum knows how to support the WIi U and Bayonetta is a much better character than Snake.
vishmarx  +   503d ago
"anything on nintendo>>anything not on nintendo" X 1000

"Bayonetta is a much better character than Snake."

also fyi Platinum isnt supporting nintendo out of love.
theyre being paid to make the game.as simple as that
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Allsystemgamer  +   503d ago
This is true. They're paid to do it. Anyone who doesn't get it doesn't understand business.
kirbyu  +   503d ago
The person above is a fanboy just because they like Bayonetta more than Snake?
DanManDantheMan  +   503d ago

Don't be so quick to act like you understand business yourself. Third parties don't get paid off to support a system (to an extent). Where the hell else are their games going to go if not on Wii U, PS4, or X1? What? Just PC lol?
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RGB  +   503d ago
@ritsuka666 - Don't be ridiculous! Bayonetta will never be a better character than Snake.

@vishmarx - Spot on, you can like Bayonetta but to even say the character is better than Snake is completely laughable. Snake has massive buying power behind it. MS wanted Snake massively, same with Sony. Neither want Bayonetta!

@kirbyu - No, some people may prefer Bayonetta, but Bayonetta isn't better nor bigger than Snake! Saying so is laughable!

Question is, will Bayonetta spawned a franchise 25 years old and be playable on dozens of systems over 5 generations?... No!
Chrischi1988  +   503d ago
You Sony trolls really are unable to accept opinion, All Nintendo articles are full of you and you really dont get it, that you come here to troll and we defend and then you act like we are the worst, but you are the worst.
vishmarx  +   503d ago
FACT 1:Wii U can run the game better than PS360.
FACT 2:people have all the right to prefer bayo over snake.


Wii u not getting mgs is only due to the fact that its failing commercially and will need optimizations which would need investment,which should guarantee return prior to devlopment.

bayonetta has little to no character.not hating but all she's been in is a quirky bum rush hack n slash game.its foolish to expect much character development in such games
snake is widely accepted to be one of gaming's best and most deep character.
liking bayo isnt wrong,but saying a station wagon is better than a ferrari because youre getting one is just stupid

Both Nintendo and Platinum have straight up said nintendo is paying them to make bayo 2 or else the game wouldnt exist.

because not loving nintendo is trolling
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Chrischi1988  +   503d ago
No, that is not what I said. Being critical is good, but being a hater and making everything bad and always taking the side, that is not nintendos... it is a trollish hater behaviour. I read a lot of your comments and most times, they are more about insulting fans of nintendos plattforms and acting like they are dumb, just because you are not able to fully work in your brain, that people have different tastes, opinions and things they love about gaming. You think because of you owning a PS4, you can be an ass to anyone who doesnt own one, you can insult anyone, you can basically be a gaming nazi, just because of that and if somebody says something good about the Wii U or bad about the PS4, you go nuts over him, like he murdered your child or something.

If Wii U would get the same multiplats, with same DLCs and features, but worse graphics, then 3rd Parties would do much better. Of course, 1 game wont change anything, it would need more then 1 game, most third parties need to think that way.
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Ghost_Nappa  +   503d ago
Exactly, the only reason bayonetta 2 got made is because nintendo payed the developement costs.
truechainz  +   502d ago
he/she never said it was out of love. No 3rd party publisher supports out of love. They support out of cash so all you really proved in your comment is that you are ignorant enough to still use retard as an insult.
CrossingEden  +   503d ago
I'm sorry but did you REALLY just say....that Snake, one of the most fully realized and recognizable characters in gaming....is inferior to Bayonetta? There are no words to describe the sheer amount of fanboyish delusion in that statement.
^ This perfectly describes characters like Bayonetta.
ChickeyCantor  +   503d ago
No it doesn't actually. No matter how sexualized Bayonetta is, with her long legs ( to compensate for reach than anything else ) and her crazy moves ( she is a freaking witch for crying out loud, she is hardly human ffs) anyone playing that game gives a rats ass about it. It's pure combo bliss and her librarian personification is what makes the silliness even better.

But Cthulhu forbids people have different opinions on characters they like.
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MrTrololo  +   503d ago
" Bayonetta is a much better character than Snake "
Nice Joke Bro
InTheLab  +   503d ago
What? Please explain this because....just explain this crazy.
ritsuka666  +   502d ago
accepted to be one of gaming's best and most deep character. '''

Just you opinion dude. Anyways, not need be upset because my opinion,relax bro.
kirbyu  +   503d ago
That really sucks. Snake was such an awesome character in Brawl.
NeoTribe  +   503d ago
It cant run on it.
exfatal  +   503d ago
lol wow classic n4g never cease to amaze keep it up guys
DanManDantheMan  +   503d ago
Wii U is a powerful console. Why MGS isn't on Wii U? Nobody knows and shouldn't act like they do. Chances are it's business related.
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randomass171  +   503d ago
If they had to, they could do a side game. Like how Kingdom Hearts has Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance.
SpiralTear  +   502d ago
It probably is business-related, most likely regarding install base. Ground Zeroes could run fine on Wii U.
pcz  +   503d ago
lets be honest
it would have to be gimped to work on wiiu.
ChickeyCantor  +   503d ago
People really like MGS3. This is a PS2 game. With the WiiU, which btw is far more powerful, you're telling me they can't do a proper MGS game? They don't even have to use their new project. Hell even the gameboy color had a spin-off.
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pcz  +   503d ago
people are sick and tired of getting spin-offs on nintendo consoles.

we dont want a resident evil on rails shooter, or a dead space on rails shooter, we want the real deal.

likewise, people definitely dont want a 'specially made' (ie inferior scaled down) version of metal gear solid.

such projects should not be encouraged, they do nothing for the console and nothing for the gamer. in fact, its an insult.

its nintendos fault for coming with (lets face it) inferior technology. that was not the case in the gamecube days where we did actually get superior versions of great games like resident evil and metal gear solid.

now nintendo are putting out lame technology, those days of getting the big third party exclusives on par with their counterparts are over.
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vakarian75  +   503d ago

I dont recall a resident evil on rails shooter but I do recall two of the best Resident Evils initially being made on Nintendo consoles Resident evil 4 and Revelations.
ChickeyCantor  +   503d ago
I'm not sure how spin-off relates to on rails. The gameboy color game was still a stealth game. It was a spin-off STORY wise.

There is a huge chance nintendo people havn't even played all MGS games. So it wouldn't even harm them to play a MGS game with a complete different story.

You take the position where it's a dumb downed version even though it doesn't even have to be.

Kojima in this case just wants to promote MGS on every platform. So why ask for a character in smash bros and not just make an actual stealth game?

And lets not forget, PS3/360 play ground zero, so why wouldn't the WiiU. Just sounds like they don't want to build around the controller( they really don't have to, a map would suffice) nor get into the WiiU hardware and use it optimized.
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pcz  +   503d ago
''I'm not sure how spin-off relates to on rails.''

konami brought a spin off of resident evil to the wii... that crap on rails shooter chronicles.

the developer did the same with dead space. instead of bringing the proper game, they just gave us a crap on rails shooter.

maybe we will get an on rails metal gear game for wii u. will you be happy then? or metal gear: cooking with snake etc etc. crap. we need the big projects, not rubbish spin offs which is what we would get.

putting snake in smash bros is great, but its nothing more than a consolation.

''And lets not forget, PS3/360 play ground zero, so why wouldn't the WiiU.''

that would be a great start actually. give us an exclusive game in that style and i think many people would be happy.

nintendo have the sense to secure a game like that lately though
Concertoine  +   503d ago
In response to the gamecube supposedly getting good ports, you sir are wrong. There were tons of games with graphical downgrades, cut content, no online multiplayer (because nintendo didnt support it on a wide scale) and worse resolutions to cram it on that puny 1.4 GB disc. Whether its the third party's fault or nintendo's, weve been getting the short end of the stick since the n64.
Also why would they have to gimp it to make it run on wii u? The wii u is unquestionably more powerful than last gen which are getting GZ, Kojima's team are competent developers with a reportedly flexible engine, it seems possible without gimping to me.
pcz  +   502d ago
''In response to the gamecube supposedly getting good ports, you sir are wrong. There were tons of games with graphical downgrades, cut content, no online ..''

im talking about the resident evil remake and metal gear solid remake.. they were both stand out games. they werent downgraded in any way. and they certainly were not on rail insults.

the gamecube wasnt perfect, but it could at least outdo a ps2 tech wise, so it was at least in the running. it was without doubt in the same generation tech wise.

the same cant be said for the wiiu.


''I dont recall a resident evil on rails shooter ''

i do, if i remember correctly it was called resident evil: umbrella chronicles. while the ps3 and 360 were getting resident evil 5, we were getting a rubbish on rails game.


''that just on their stupid behalf.''

yes, but we need to stop accepting B-side versions of AAA games.
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ChickeyCantor  +   503d ago
"konami brought a spin off of resident evil to the wii... that crap on rails shooter chronicles.

the developer did the same with dead space. instead of bringing the proper game, they just gave us a crap on rails shooter.

This does not mean Spin-off, that just on their stupid behalf.
RGB  +   503d ago
Sour about life Nintendo website getting sour about not having a Metal Gear again!

Playeressence was spawned, in 'essence' to damage control Nintendo's WiiU system.

MGSV: Ground Zeros is only on PS3/360 to get those same people on PS4/XBO for MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

I wouldn't be surprised if The Phantom Pain become a PS4/XBO game only, dumping PS3/360 for technical reasons.

WiiU only just matches PS3/360, and is nowhere near Xbox One never PS4. There's a reason Batman Arkham Knight isn't coming to WiiU... Think about it!
Ck1x  +   503d ago
If you've been on the site, you would know that Player Essence has PS3,360,PS4 and XbOne news on there as well!
bienio  +   503d ago
Please Please Kojima Pc Version!!!
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   503d ago
The author forgets Metal Gear Solid 3D, The Twin Snakes (All right that one sucked but still), Ghost Babel and the NES port. Snake still has some presence on Nintendo consoles.
Ol_G  +   503d ago
The games you mentioned already earned him a place in brawl for this title that old snake eater port won't do and seeing he has a new game coming and that game is skipping Nintendo hardware i find it a bit too much to even dare to mention this it's like i won't be making any games for your hardware but please use my character in one of your biggest titles to hit consoles this year that way i'll have free advertising for my game in one of the biggest fighters around

He shouldn't have said anything it would be a lot better
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   503d ago
I haven't played 3D but it seemed a hundred times better than Twin Snakes and MGS3 is one of the best entry in the series. Yes, it will do.

Also, I hope you realize what he said was a joke. He knows Snake isn't in the next Smash. They wouldn't add a new character so close to the release. The game is effectively completed and balanced (as far as the word balanced goes for a Super Smash Bros game =.=) He would also contact Sakurai directly if he needed to, not through some interview with Keighley.
RGB  +   503d ago
Don't know what's your problem with The Twin Snakes but it's by far Nintendo's best Metal Gear experience and 1 of my favourite NGC titles.

The Twin Snakes (aka Metal Gear Solid) is probably equal to MGS3 and for me slightly better than MGS4.

MGS: TTS / MGS: PW / MGS3: SE > MGS4 > MGS2.
#10.2 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   502d ago
Blasphemy. MGS1 is IMO far superior to TTS. The cutscenes were ridiculous, the voice acting was poor (especially Jennifer Hale's. I can't believe how good she was in the original MGS1 compared to TTS. She sounded like a robot.)

Even the cutscenes that weren't completely ridiculous were kind of off since they only changed the motion acting but didn't add any dialogue. I didn't like how Snake just totally abused Otacon all the time. He was cold to him but didn't go out of his way to just be an ass and push him around so much.

There was also some lag... it seemed to be because of disc access but a lot of times guards couldn't finish their own sentences before the alert triggered.

I remember this part at the end where you climb REX. In the original AND in TTS, Snake tells Otacon "It's strange, there's no guards" but in TTS THERE ARE GUARDS. So yeah I got caught there the first time. Though I guess there IS a guard in the original too but he's all the way up and alone. In TTS, there's like 3 or 4 (Can't remember.)

I could go on for a while but I think you get it.
RGB  +   502d ago
Yet they improved the gameplay to MGS2/3 level and visuals too.

I've got Metal Gear Solid, but The Twin Snakes make it hard for me to go back.

Like HD remakes do from PS2 to PS3 games or Wind Waker HD to original NGC version.

The Twin Snakes had its issues, but the complete package is better.
sephx22  +   503d ago
Looks like Nintendo fans are getting mad since they can't play mgs5 ground zeroes next Tuesday.
Ol_G  +   503d ago
And you're stupid to think Nintendo fans only have 1 console
And i agree with him even if i can play the game on other consoles i wouldn't accept snake in this game the 3ds game was an old port and it just seems that he want's to use Nintendo and smash to have free advertising for his upcoming game that's not even coming to the hardware he want's this character on
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   503d ago
The 3DS port had new features that weren't in either the original MGS3 or the HD edition on PS3, 360 and Vita.

And no one's stupid for thinking Nintendo fans only have one console. Some do. Some don't.

And by the way, I don't think Hideo Kojima or Sakurai care if you don't accept Snake in the next Smash ;p
hduce  +   503d ago
I'm a Nintendo fan and I can play MGS5 Ground Zeroe on Tuesday. Unlike most fanboys on this site, I am the proud owner of more than one console. I am a unbiased gamer.
Activemessiah  +   503d ago
Metal Gear on Wii U makes sense, the gamepad could be of use specially with maps of compounds etc...
#12 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Malice-Flare  +   503d ago
i'm surprised Konami haven't re-released Twin Snakes for the Wii-U...
InTheLab  +   503d ago
Probably one of the few games that makes sense to be on WiiU but isn't do to Nintendo's poor decision to selfishly create a console for their own 1st party devs instead of considering the needs of 3rd party devs. Really explains why 3rd party has left the WiiU.

The other issue is how the game probably won't sell enough copies to justify the effort needed to port the game over.

I lost a bubble and got my first trolling comment since I came to this site for saying that last line and you can take them all....won't change the truth. These types of games just do no do well on Nintendo consoles....
CharlesSwann  +   503d ago
3rd party doesn't sell on the WiiU.
Ck1x  +   503d ago
What it all comes down to is the character roster and whether Snake would be taking a spot from someone else that would fit in much better. Snake was ok to me in Brawl, but he c felt like an afterthought in the game.
brewin  +   503d ago
Metal Gear should have died a long time ago. The series is stale and just plain dumb at this point. Kojima is a one-trick pony. Just make a movie on it and let it die.
scissor_runner  +   503d ago
I'd rather have tmnt arcade sequel in 3d. Man was that great!

The photoshop there is hilarious. Gamers are so mean, but it is true. Plus kojima is in a bad place doesn't sony own stock in his company?
blockdu   503d ago | Spam
Geekman  +   502d ago
Even if it was on the Wii U, it wouldn't sell too well because 3rd party games on the Wii U became inferior the second the PS4 launched. Even if Kojima read this and decided to make a Wii U version, it'd cause a long delay.

At this point you buy a Wii U for its exclusives, of which it has good ones.
corvusmd  +   502d ago
MGS games are usually really good, however they aren't alone anymore. It used to be that they were leaps and bounds above other games...now they are still great games, but surrounded by many other great games...so skipping a MGS game isn't as unheard of as it used to be. Kojima seems to be getting a little TOO cocky in his old age. Yeah you make very good games dude, but not so good that you are a god among game makers.
il-JumperMT  +   502d ago
Why is MGS not in Wii U
PS3 and X360 have MGS: GZ so specs are not the problem.

The problem is install base. You need to invest an X amount of money to port game to Wii U. The question is if the investment will return with profit. Considering the small install base, there is a huge risk that the investment to port MGS on Wii U will not even break even let alone be profitable.
TruthbeTold  +   502d ago
You know what's interesting in reading this conversation? If the MGS fans truly felt so strongly about the franchise, and about Snake, and feel that it's absurd for someone to claim that Bayonetta is a better character, then they'd be advocating that the Wii U get MGS5, and trying to be part of the Wii U 3rd party solution instead of the problem. But they aren't just MGS fans, they're console specific fans, on a thread not about their console, talking down to people. If you want Wii U owners to know how great Snake and MGS is, then rather than just talking crap, communicate healthily rather than coming in only when there is contention to be had. And if where you're coming from is a that this franchise shouldn't exist on Wii U at all, but you're here anyway, then yes, you are the problem here.
kopicha  +   501d ago
well playeressence.com is like one of the worst site ever. not just the viewers there. but that includes the owner of the site which I have "sorta" debated him before. Why are Nintendo fans even complaining that 3rd party games not appearing on the platform when in the first place they dont even buy 3rd party games.


Putting aside hardware specs and etcs. It is not about the system capable of running the game or what not. But their attitude shows they dont deserve 3rd party support. They need to realized they were the ones who made things worst than it should have been. Not saying Ninty have done a good job in that department. But the least Wii U had a pretty decent start. And the outcome just proves Nintendo drones ruin it themselves. And yet they sit there and bitch all day. Saying Bayonetta is a better character over Snake is so damn LOL. Okay maybe as a character in a fighting game i would agree. But as a whole? That makes me laugh so hard seeing how pathetic they are.
sirnintendo  +   502d ago
I enjoyed Snake in Smash. *shrug*
AJBACK2FRAG  +   502d ago
Screw Kojima.
#25 (Edited 502d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rofl! Dat picture

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