Super Mario 64 - Someone Is Remaking It In Blender Game Engine, Looks Incredible

Super Mario 64 is considered one of the best video games of all time. Hell, even Gabe Newell likes it. But let’s all agree on something; the N64 version looks dated. Well, while Nintendo does not plan to remake it, YouTube’s member ‘aryoksini’ is working on a fan-made remake of it, powered by the Blender Game Engine. And while this is still a WIP project, it already looks incredible.

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KingKelloggTheWH1734d ago

Wow....I'm actually really interested in this, I love SM64!

Edsword1734d ago

Too bad cease and desist orders are likely in the mail.

DarkBlood1733d ago

How do they cease and desist something when they can just continue in media blackout?

TheRedButterfly1734d ago

Blender can be used as a game engine? Who knew...

TheLyonKing1734d ago

yeah I recently had to do it for a course, lets jsut stay my blobs were not as detailed as this guys mario.

Activemessiah1734d ago

Nintendo should put him on the payroll

1734d ago
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