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"Titanfall is innovative in many ways, while still sticking painfully close to its forebear’s gameplay. I may have sounded a bit down on the game throughout, but it’s hard to describe in words how good it feels and how easy it is too pull off amazing stunts and survive. The parkour and movement speed of the pilots in Titanfall is a new standard for competitive shooters, and the mech gameplay feels like the perfect arcade counterpart to the old Mechwarrior series that we never got back in the day. For someone who’s already deep into competitive shooters, and for people who dropped off along the way, Titanfall must be experienced, it’s that good. But it’s not going to convince anyone to join in on the fun, and it’s certainly not the grand marshal of the next generation we were all hoping it would be." - Alex Santa Maria of Geekenstein

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Dudebro901736d ago

Never really. Sounds more like the reviewer had a good time with the game, but somehow still thinks its too similar to other games, which somehow =3.5.

Sounds legit