High Quality inFAMOUS: Second Son Gameplay Screenshots Appear; Show Lovely Graphics and No Spoilers

The lastest inFAMOUS: Second Son screenshots leaked from various streams were quite spectacular, but they were also rather low in quality and definitely spoiler-ish. Luckily not all of them are like that, and today there are a few more, grabbed directly from the console (and as such showing much better graphics) and free of any spoilers.


Added four more screenies :D

Update 2: and 4 more.

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MaxwellBuddha1229d ago

JPEGS suck, but those shots are still nice.

Abriael1229d ago

Wish they were PNGs, but the JPG compression is very low on these :D

MaxwellBuddha1229d ago

The first shot looks the best to me, quality-wise, but that last one is just rife with artifacts.

Abriael1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Funny, because it's the one with the lowest compression. 616k

Much better than livestream screencaps, anyway.

hulk_bash19871229d ago

LOL @ the claims of downgraded visuals. This game looks so good. Longest 6 days of my life.

Razmossis1229d ago

My girlfriend wants this game, therefore, I shall also have it

1228d ago
GribbleGrunger1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Ok Abriael, I have one last shot to wake you up:

Did the trick, yes?


NewMonday1228d ago

that's what I'm talking about!

now withes screens the blur is gone and the images are more crisp, you can clearly make out the detailed textures depth of field.

time for some people to eat Crow

mkis0071228d ago

@ Gribble

Oh Sweet Sweet satisfaction...Downgrade my BUTT.

I love knowing that now when I read those trolls they are crying behind their words. Wish I could savor this moment...Oh wait I can! comment history!!!

GribbleGrunger1228d ago

Not the best quality gif but still looks fantastic:

webeblazing1228d ago

the gfx in this game is crazy.

skept3k1228d ago

With all that talk of the changes from E3, those screenshots look amazing! The only problem I have is I got Dark Souls 2, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero, Diablo 3 RoS, Titanfall and InFamouos!

March is just loaded with great games!

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Irishguy951229d ago

I was totally wrong the other day :P

Never been so happy to be wrong.

GribbleGrunger1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Just look at this beauty:


Now THAT'S next gen folks.

Abriael1229d ago

had to add that one, because it's that awesome :D

Bathyj1229d ago

I was out and about last night a saw a bright neon sign, and all I could think of was inFamous.

mafiahajeri1229d ago

Wow, so atmospheric so beautiful...

EXVirtual1229d ago

My god, that looks awesome.
All of that at native 1080p. And this is just the beginning of this gen.

BitbyDeath1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Yep, previous shot of the same scene without delsin

Ezz20131228d ago

Dat downgrade though /s


This is really the best screen so far and looks completely next-gen.

Conzul1228d ago

Um...Sure looks like he's casting a shadow to me.
Unless that counts as a reflection.

kenshiro1001228d ago

Holy crap this game is a beauty. I really want a PS4 now.

BG115791228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

It's this kind of graphics people were expecting in Watchdogs.
I've seen these pictures before, but still get amazed each time I see them. Amazing, day one.

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El_Assenso1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

The lighting system is amazing! Wowzers!

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hulk_bash19871229d ago

Yup I remember when we saw the announcement trailer. The pain of waiting was killer and now that it's only a week away that pain has not gotten any better, lol.

EXVirtual1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

This looks amazing. Especially for an open world game.
I wonder what other powers you have access to.

I do find it funny how people jump to conclusions. In this case, people thought that inFamous: SS was downgraded by comparing screens from a compressed YT video to direct feed from E3 (not adressing the author btw).

On a side note, I see shadows, pretty good ones at that.

karl1229d ago

holy ...

i dont think it looks to short from amazing compared to the order, and that was amazing..

i thought it look good, not this good

EXVirtual1228d ago

It'll look even better on your 1080p TV.
Don't forget this is just the beginning of the gen, so I look forward to this game and the future.

webeblazing1228d ago

i think infamous looks better than the order

Bathyj1229d ago

I love the difference in the shadows in the second and third pics. One is dark and sharp from a bright spotlight, the other is stretched and soft from the setting Sun. Why would anyone be worried about visuals on this game. It's setting the bar rather high. Probably to an unattainable level for years to come for openworld games.

amnalehu1229d ago

Are those shadows i see?

Abriael1229d ago

Nah. They're ashes left behind by those Delsin disintegrated.


CrossingEden1229d ago

Only certain light sources create shadows.

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