The Decline of Final Fantasy Part III: Can Final Fantasy Return to Glory?

In the final entry of this mini-series about the decline of Final Fantasy, Stephen from Leviathyn looks at how Final Fantasy XV and a VII remake could revitalize the franchise.

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kalkano1589d ago

"Given Square Enix’s penchant for making combat more action-oriented, they may seek to mix up VII’s battle system. Most fans I’ve spoken with are directly opposed to that."

"All in all, though, I will place my hope more on Final Fantasy XV to reignite the franchise’s waning popularity."

Those fans are no less opposed to action-oriented combat in ANY Final Fantasy, including "XV".

clide881589d ago

On a much older article I had written about a VII remake, I purported making the battle system more action-oriented wouldn't be the worst thing. The response was quite rabid, to say the least. Maybe they don't like action-oriented RPG combat, but it seemed more like they didn't want something "sacred" to be touched. There are some hardcore VII purists out there!

Irishguy951589d ago

I hope it lives up to my personal level of hype, which is pretty damn high I have to say. I just want it to be like FF1-9(I preferred open worldish to 10), disregarding the battle system I would like everything else back. The story seems good so far, but thats just trailers. Either way so far it looks to have an excellent:

Cinematics(As per usual in an FF, this time though they are part of the gameplay)

We've been told more but haven't seen it yet. Open world is returning, Chocobo's, vehicles including airships, summons(Leviathan in the trailer was actually one) and more. The game is said to be like FF7 gameplay wise(except battle system being KH like). Which is a good thing to me.

clide881589d ago

I think the entire tone of the game looks great. The setting, characters, all of it. At this point, though, I can't help but hold some reservations. I seriously hope they're laid to rest when XV releases.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1589d ago

It'll get there. Square just have 1 rule to follow.

"Everything we did last gen do this gen. Just completely opposite."

OrangePowerz1589d ago

FF 14 ARR is quite good.

In regards to offline FF, they need to get back to the roots of making a JRPG instead of doing a FF RPG that tries to be western.

clide881589d ago

Not trying to toot my own horn here, but that was a focal point of Part I of this series. If you missed it and care to read it, here's a link:

As far as XIV, I haven't played it (or XI). Not a big MMO guy, but I hear it's great.

fonduktoe1589d ago

I'm so in love with ff14 since playing the beta...they've still got it

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